Watch a ‘Doctor Who’ trailer for new showrunner Chris Chibnall’s eps so far

With Steven Moffat’s final season as Doctor Who showrunner set to air next spring, fans are already getting excited about what to expect from his replacement.

Broadchurch creator Chris Chibnall will take over as showrunner in 2018 and a Doctor Who fan has put together a great trailer featuring footage from the five episodes he’s written so far.

Chibnall is the writer of ’42’, ‘The Hungry Earth’, ‘Cold Blood’, ‘Dinosaurs on a Spaceship’ and ‘The Power of Three’. His other writing credits include Torchwood, The Great Train RobberyUnited, Law & Order: UK and Life On Mars.

Gallifreyforever97 commented: “So with Chris Chibnall set to take over Doctor Who in 2018 for Series 11, I thought what would be a better time then to make a BBC One-style trailer that looks back at his four Doctor Who stories before he takes over.”

Watch the video…

Season 10 begins filming soon, with Pearl Mackie joining Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as new companion Bill.

> Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Which of Chibnall’s Doctor Who episodes so far is your favourite? Let us know below…

  • Dr. Moo

    Some *VERY* questionable episodes in there. The Power of Three is good but the ending is a rushed cop-out, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is good but has some uncomfortable tonal shifts and silly moments, The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood has no reason to be two episodes and comes across an inferior version of The Silurians while 42 is a trainwreck in every possible sense. At least he got a few good Torchwood episodes under his belt with Countycide, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Fragments and Exit Wounds, just don’t mention Day One (sex gas?!) or Cyberwoman. And the less said about Broadchurch 2 the better!
    Am I looking forward to Chibs taking over? No. Maybe he’ll deliver something good next time but his current track record is not exactly encouraging.
    Cautious optimism, open mind and lowered expectations – that’s the way to go forward here. In the meantime let’s enjoy the final season of The Golden Era Of Doctor Who as series ten continues to raise the bar like series nine did before it and series eight did before that.

  • russell

    Regularly reading posts on these pages,and taking on board the different views, I have to wonder when some contributors started watching the programme. It has often been observed, that a person’s favourite Doctor, tends to be their first; likewise, their impression of what constitutes good Dr Who, is the period in which they were first attracted (originally fell in love).Though I don’t personally subscribe to such views – it has to be said that they are not without foundation. I say this, because at times I find myself hard pressed,to understand such fervent positivity of The Moff’s era. For me- thinking of the entire history of the show as a whole- for everything he has done well, there has just as often been something else to dislike. It might come as a SHOCK to some- to realize, but there are many people (casual viewers certainly), who simply don’t care for his version.This is not a statement from a Moff hater…far from it, but from someone, perhaps, a little more objective. I think it would be fabulous, if Steven were to give us his BEST EVER YEAR in 2017; but whereas some are already in mourning at his imminent departure, I for one am looking forward to fresh and different ideas and thoughts. Characters, who don’t express themselves in the often repetitive way, Steven thinks they should :” Shut up”,for example. It IS time, for somebody else to have a go…And yes, I do love The Time of Angels…Listen…and many others which The Great Grand Moff penned, or commissioned on his watch ( Flatline, etc ).