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The first 7 episodes of ‘Black Mirror’, ranked from worst to best

Five years ago Charlie Brooker unleashed the dystopian future-tech world of Black Mirror onto our the screens. With no new episodes since Christmas 2014, the anthology series has jumped ship from Channel 4 to the international streaming shores (and bigger budgets) of Netflix. As we prepare to have our minds blown by six brand new episodes this Friday, … >

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‘Happy Valley’ Season 2 Episode 2 review: More tension than we can handle

Well, that’s a shame – Vicky didn’t last long… It’s the day of two matriarchal funerals: the passing of Ann’s much-loved mother and colleague of Clare who was battling cancer during her daughter’s kidnap last season contrasts cleverly with Tommy Lee Royce’s murdered mummy. Whilst the Gallaghers have a full and joyous turnout, Royce only … >

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‘Cirque du Soleil’ review: ‘Amaluna’ wows the Royal Albert Hall

For over thirty years, Canadian company Cirque du Soleil have been wowing audiences around the globe with their stunning acrobatics and modern take on the travelling circus. Celebrating twenty years of performances at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall, Cirque du Soleil bring 2012’s Amaluna to the UK for the first time. Based loosely on Shakespeare’s … >

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National Theatre’s ‘’ review: A feast for the eyes

Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has long been ripe material for modernisation and adaptation, from horror action video games and graphic novels to more faithful television and film renditions. The most recent of these is this new musical from Blur frontman Damon Albarn, writer Moira Buffini and incumbent National Theatre creative director Rufus … >

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