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‘Luther’ Season 4 Episode 2 review: Eventful, exhilarating and unhinged

Although this fourth run of Luther is criminally short, no one could accuse writer Neil Cross of stinting on content. Last week’s first episode was a mind-boggling rush of introductions, deaths, departures and returns that saw DCI John Luther’s perennial love interest Alice Morgan murdered off-screen, new arrival Theo Bloom blown up on-screen and the … >

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5 big questions that ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’ will need to answer

THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS PLOT SPOILERS FOR STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS. WE STRONGLY ADVISE NOT READING ON UNTIL YOU’VE SEEN THE MOVIE. When the credits rolled at the end of The Force Awakens, with Rey holding out a lightsaber towards Luke Skywalker, the question on most people’s lips – when they got their breath back … >

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10 hints for the return of ‘Luther’

Idris Elba is back this month as murder detective DCI John Luther in a brand new two-part Luther special. Haunted by tragedy and dead-set on payback, Luther juggles a personal revenge mission with the pursuit of a killer more brutal and horrifying than any he has encountered in the past. > Read our spoiler-free preview. … >

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5 realistic contenders to play James Bond next

The dust has barely settled on Spectre’s theatrical release and yet speculation on who will replace Daniel Craig as 007 is already rearing its head. To be honest, it never really goes away and probably started the day after Craig was announced as Bond in October 2005. Yet many of the actors whose names are … >

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Luther series 5

‘Luther’ Season 4 Episode 1 spoiler-free review: Long may the show last

Given that he was last seen strolling into the Southwark sunset, arm-in-arm with a fugitive murderer and his famous coat sailing seaward down the Thames, fans could be forgiven for thinking they’d seen the last of John Luther (Idris Elba). The seasons were getting shorter, the storylines were growing ever more outlandish and – perhaps … >

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Rewind: 1978’s BBC drama ‘A Traveller in Time’ revisited

History and time travel collide in the classic BBC adaptation of Alison Uttley’s acclaimed novel, A Traveller in Time, finally out on DVD this month. > Buy A Traveller in Time on DVD on Amazon.   What was it about? Twentieth century London teenager Penelope Taberner Cameron is sent to stay with her aunt on … >

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The (double oh) seven best James Bond cover versions

‘Nobody does it better,’ Carly Simon sang over the opening titles of The Spy Who Loved Me – and few would argue that the original version of most James Bond theme songs in invariably the best. That said, there’s a whole library of fascinating remakes, remixes and reinterpretations in existence, and here we highlight seven … >

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‘Kill Your Friends’ movie review: Has the power to amuse, shock and repulse

In 2008, Scottish writer John Niven published his first full-length novel, Kill Your Friends: a hilarious, horrifying satire on the music business during the Britpop-saturated 1990s. Based in part on the author’s experiences working in the industry – although to what degree is between him, his conscience and his lawyer – the book chronicles the … >

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The (double oh) seven worst James Bond cover versions

‘We have all the time in the world,’ sang Louis Armstrong for On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, but even 007 super-fans like us have to admit that life’s too short to endure Geri Halliwell’s take on ‘Live and Let Die’. Here are seven cover versions of James Bond themes that went horribly awry…   Paul … >

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