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Lucifer showrunners talk season 5 ending and tease season 6

The Lucifer showrunners have given several interviews recently, and discussed both the season 5B ending and season 6 — we bring you the highlights First off, we suggest you find the original interviews (we’ve seen at least three). The first we found was on Collider, but there are others. We’ve not cross-checked them (yet), but there … >

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WandaVision earworm Wanda Elizabeth Olsen jpg

WandaVision earworm gets official release following [SPOILER]

[SPOILERS] Following the big new villain reveal in WandaVision episode 7, Marvel releases that WandaVision earworm WandaVision continues to impress and surprise, and last weeks’s Breaking the Fourth Wall gave us big hints about a forthcoming new superhero and a villain who’s been hiding in plain sight. They’ve even got their own, unforgettable song. Warning. SPOILERS follow. Yes, get ready … >

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Chris Chibnall confirms Mary Shelley Doctor Who episode

In an interview in the March 2020 issue Pilot TV magazine, Doctor Who showrunner Chris Chibnall confirmed what we previously reported, that an episode of Doctor Who Series 12 will feature Frankenstein author Mary Shelley. When asked if he keeps a list of historical figures he’d like to feature in Doctor Who, Chris Chibnall stated: … >

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