Doctor Who ‘The Devil’s Chord’ cast list contains a “Twist”

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The cast list for the second 2024 Doctor Who series episode The Devil’s Chord was released on the BBC One listing for the programme.

In the episode, the Doctor and Ruby meet The Beatles at Abbey Road Studios but discover that the all-powerful Maestro is changing history. London becomes a battleground with the future of humanity at stake.

The most notable mysterious character on the list is a returning face, Susan Twist as Tea Lady. Twist previously appeared in the Doctor Who specials, playing Sir Isaac Newton’s housekeeper Mrs. Merridew in Wild Blue Yonder and the hippie lady who heckles Ruby’s band in The Church on Ruby Road. Twist will appear later in the series as Susan Triad.

The Doctor: Ncuti Gatwa
Ruby Sunday: Millie Gibson
Maestro: Jinkx Monsoon
Timothy Drake: Jeremy Limb
Henry: Kit Rakusen
Tea Trolley Lady: Sherinne Kayra Anderson
George Martin: Ed White
Paul McCartney: George Caple
John Lennon: Chris Mason
George Harrison: Philip Davies
Ringo Starr: James Hoyles
Studio Producer: Chan Shoker
Cilla Black: Josie Sedgwick-Davies
Tea Lady: Susan Twist
Vinnie: Simon Jason-Smith
Elderly Woman: Laura June Hudson
Murray Gold: Murray Gold
Shirley Ballas: Shirley Ballas
Johannes Radebe: Johannes Radebe

The villainous Maestro is part of a pantheon of gods.

Timothy Drake is a composer.

The Beatles actors George Caple, James Hoyles, Philip Davies and Chris Mason all hail from the Liverpool area.

Former Doctor Who costume designer Laura June Hudson plays an elderly woman victimized by Maestro.

Playing themselves are current Doctor Who composer Murray Gold and Strictly Come Dancing celebrities Shirley Ballas and Johannes Radebe.

Ed White was The Beatles producer. Cilla Black was an English singer and television presenter.

Chan Shoker is a well-known Emmerdale actor. Kit Rakusen is a twelve-year-old actor. Actress Sherinne Kayra Anderson is a talented dancer. Actor Simon Jason-Smith is a musician.

Doctor Who, starring Ncuti Gatwa and Millie Gibson returns on 11 May 2024 midnight, 00:00 BST (10 May 7:00pm ET) streaming on BBC iPlayer and Disney+ with Space Babies and The Devil’s Chord. Both episodes will broadcast on BBC One in the UK and Ireland on 11 May immediately before Eurovision with Space Babies at 6:20pm and The Devil’s Chord at 7:05pm. The remaining six episodes will stream at 00:00 BST on the six subsequent Saturdays.