Lucifer season 6 episode 3 Yabba Dabba Do Me

Yabba Dabba Do Me — spoilers (mild) for that Lucifer episode

Since the Lucifer season 6 trailers, there has been a lot of fan speculation, with Yabba Dabba Do Me gathering more than most The Lucifer season 6 trailer has plenty of WOW! moments, but perhaps one of the biggest is the animated section (see above, or just rewatch the trailer!) When the animated segment appeared, and fans began … >

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Lucifer final season trailer

Lucifer final season trailer promises another huge story

The Lucifer final season trailer is here and we’ve taken a look (several times). There will be spoilers for the trailer Here’s the Lucifer final season trailer. While you take in what you’ve just seen (several times), we thought we’d share our observations. Long story short — Wow! We get the lightest of summaries with this: … >

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Global Wellness Center

Global Wellness Center advertises on Vought News Network

More teasers for The Boys fans as we all wait for season 3 (and news of Homelander) — maybe we should seek help from the Vought Global Wellness Center The latest Seven on 7 video from the Vought News Network brings our monthly tidbits, teasers and timely reminders as we wait for season 3. With this instalment, we get some … >

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Lucifer season 6 rumour

Lucifer season 6 rumour round-up — one month to go

Time for a Lucifer season 6 rumour round-up — there’s one month to go Technically Lucifer season 6 arrives on Netflix on September 10, and it’s only August 8, but as the Devil (aka God) says Don’t overthink it. We’ve pulled together gossip and part-informed speculation from a number of places, some are even facts. Let’s do this! Lucifer … >

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