Doctor Who – The Trials of a Time Lord audio drama announced

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Further celebrations of Colin Baker’s four decades playing the Sixth Doctor at Big Finish productions.

It’s been 40 years since we first met the colourful Sixth Doctor, as played by Colin Baker,

Big Finish Productions, Doctor Who‘s audio drama producers, do love an anniversary – March’s The Quin Dilemma brought together four iterations of the Sixth Doctor, plus companions, for a comic caper. Now the punning continues with the follow-up – another six-part tale titled The Trials of a Time Lord.

Colin Baker
Colin Baker (c) Big Finish

Playing out across three hours, this latest box set will feature companions Mel (Bonnie Langford) and Peri (Nicola Bryant). Plus, it promises and encounter with the 1980s Cyber Leader himself, David Banks.

The Cyber Leader (David Banks)

All together now… “Excellent!”

The Trials of a Time Lord

The Sixth Doctor’s fortieth anniversary celebrations continue, courtesy of LudoSphere Incorporated, with the greatest adventure ever streamed…

Responding to a distress call from an old friend, the Doctor and Mel find themselves in ‘Cyberia’, a prison camp run by an even older foe. But this time, the Cyber Leader’s machinations are just the tip of one very sinister iceberg, one that will test the Doctor to his very limit, and beyond…

We hope you’re hiding behind the sofa, because ‘The Trials of a Time Lord’ are about to begin!

Producer/director Jonathan S Powell said:

“The Trials of a Time Lord is the ultimate celebration of all things Sixth Doctor: an epic three-hour fight for survival against foes old and new, with both of Sixie’s television companions Peri and Mel brought along for the ride.

Bonnie Langford and David Banks
Bonnie Langford and David Banks (c) Big Finish

“It felt important when planning this anniversary special to capture the spirit of the Classic Series, but also to make something bold and expansive that speaks to the world we live in today. So while Trials will treat you to a host of familiar themes and faces, it’s also full of surprises, catapulting our hero into the far future to face a uniquely 21st century crisis…

“The title is obviously a play on Colin’s final story just as The Quin Dilemma was a play on his first, but Trials takes its lead from Season 22 just as much as 23. And there isn’t a court scene in sight! The scripts themselves have been beautifully written by the dream team of Rochana Patel, Katherine Armitage and Stewart Pringle.”

Doctor Who – The Sixth Doctor Adventures: The Trials of a Time Lord is available to pre order now from Big Finish. It will be released on Collector’s Edition CD with download, and digital download only, in August 2024.