Doctor Who Series 13 and 2022 specials: directors and casting news

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Doctor Who Series 13 consists of six episodes. The premiere episode of the series will air in Autumn of 2021. Principal photography on all six episodes is complete.

Jamie Magnus Stone is listed as the lead director of the series. Stone directed Episodes 1, 2 and 4 of the series according to editor Joel Skinner’s CV.

Azhur Saleem, who is listed on his CV as directing three episodes, is in charge of Episodes 3, 5 and 6, according the editor Cat Gregory’s CV. Saleem was seen directing Series 13 scenes in Liverpool in March of 2021.

The CV of producer Pete Levy, who is producing Saleem’s episodes, states that at least one of Saleem’s episodes is 60 minutes long, most likely Episode 6. The remaining episodes, likely Episodes 3 and 5, are 50 minutes long.

It is likely that all Series 13 Episodes are 50 minutes long with the exception of the premiere episode, which will likely be longer, and the finale episode at 60 minutes. Series 13 script editor Caroline Buckley has 50-minute episodes on her CV.

In addition to the six Series 13 episodes, principal photography is complete on two additional 60-minute specials to air in 2022.

One special will air on New Year’s Day of 2022 and is likely to feature Daleks as seen in the first two New Year’s specials Resolution and Revolution of the Daleks. A Dalek prop was spotted during filming for the special at A Bond Warehouse in Bristol. It is not known who directed the 2022 New Year’s special but a tweet from his agency strongly suggests lead director Jamie Magnus Stone.

The second 2022 special will air sometime in spring. This special is rumoured to feature Chinese pirates. According to her agency, Haolu Wang directed the 2022 spring special.

The tweet from Independent Talent Group also indicates that one more of their clients, actor Steve Oram, will have a role in either Series 13 or one of the specials.

A third special, a Doctor Who BBC centenary special, will air in autumn of 2022. The centenary special has not yet been filmed. It is speculated the centenary special will begin filming this month.