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‘Doctor Who’ writer Moffat confirms what was real in ‘Last Christmas’

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Steven Moffat has confirmed which parts of this year’s Doctor Who Christmas special took place in a dream and which parts were real.

Written by Moffat, ‘Last Christmas’ aired tonight on BBC One and featured Spaced actor Nick Frost as Father Christmas.





Doctor Who Last Christmas Peter Capaldi

Speaking at the press launch for the special at London’s BFI earlier this month, the showrunner stated: “Everything except the very last scene is a dream.”

Moffat added: “The [last shot of the] tangerine represents the fact that Santa Claus obviously stage-managed the whole thing to get the Doctor and Clara back together.”

Doctor Who Last Christmas old Clara

Discussing Clara’s old-age look, for which she was in make-up for four hours, Jenna Coleman revealed: “Everyone started to act quite differently towards me and with a lot more respect. I’ve got some brilliant selfies!”

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