‘The Split’ and ‘The Salisbury Poisonings’ actress spotted filming ‘Doctor Who’

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Actress Annabel Scholey was seen with an infamous Doctor Who monster, a Weeping Angel, during filming in Barry, South Wales on Monday, January 11.

Scholey can be spotted in front of an Angel in a photo taken by a Barry resident Oliver Williams.

By Oliver Williams

Posted by Barry Nub News on Monday, January 11, 2021

Scholey was also photographed on location by the Huw Evans Agency.

The Angel was photographed touching Scholey unseen, which is the typical way the time-energy-hungry creatures send their victims into the past.

Lead actress Jodie Whittaker was also photographed at the location playing the Doctor.

By Oliver Williams

More photos from the filming can be found here and here.

Posted by Barry Nub News on Monday, January 11, 2021

Sontarans were also spotted during the same first filming block, which is directed by Jamie Magnus Stone, in an episode which seems to be at least partly set during the Crimean War. Filming blocks typically contain two episodes, though director Azhur Saleem is slated to direct three episodes.

Eight episodes are planned for Doctor Who Series 13. The introduction clip for companion Dan (John Bishop) revealed the series is scheduled to air sometime in 2021, likely late autumn.