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Star Trek: Lower Decks, Strange New Worlds & Prodigy recommissioned

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Star Trek series Prodigy Season 2, Lower Decks Season 5 & Strange New Worlds Season 3 are in the works.  

Two live-action Star Trek series, Picard and Discovery, are coming to an end. The former is currently enjoying its final season, while the latter’s fifth and final outing airs in 2024.

However, Paramount+ have just confirmed the future of the three other active shows in the Star Trek universe.

The streamer has ordered a third 10-episode season of Strange New Worlds, as Akiva Goldsman recently revealed, as well as a fifth 10-episode run of the animated Lower Decks. Plus, the kids animated show Prodigy has scored a second series too.

We already knew that the highly anticipated second series of Strange New Worlds was “coming soon” – it’s start date is Thursday, 15th June 2023.

One of the most anticipated stories of the upcoming run promises involves a crossover with the animated Lower Decks (somehow!), in an episode directed by Jonathan Frakes.

Star Trek: Lower Decks

Meanwhile, the entertaining Lower Decks itself lands a fourth season in late summer….

… and Prodigy‘s second season will arrive this winter.

There are further details on the official Star Trek website.

Another live-action show?

With Discovery finishing and Picard bowing out, there’s been plenty of talk about a potential legacy show using some of the cast from Picard. Plus, enduring chatter about a Section 31 show or a Starfleet Academy series.

In addition to that, executive producer Alex Kurtzman has hinted that a mini-series approach might be taken to showcase individual characters.

Naturally, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled for any further Star Trek news.