The Boys

The Boys tops the IMDB top 10 TV shows of 2020 list

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IMDB (the Internet Movie DataBase) has published its top 10 TV shows of 2020 (and other charts). Number one show is The Boys.

December is the time for lists and charts of the year, and our attention is very much focussed on IMDB’s ranking of top TV shows. Several of them would make our own list of favourites, and there are also some interesting differences. First things first, here’s the top 10:

The Boys

Money Heist



The Mandalorian

The Queen’s Gambit

The Umbrella Academy


The Witcher

The Crown

Award yourself a point for each one of these you watch, lose a point if you’ve not seen it yet, and five points if you’ve never heard of it! More seriously it’s a good list, though we had expected to see shows such as Lucifer, Stranger Things and maybe a Star Trek to appear.

If you’re wondering how this list is generated, it’s all explained in the press statement (thanks to Business Wire). It’s based on actual page views from more than 200 million viewers per month world wide. We’ve no more details on the demographics, but it’s a bit number! We would be intrigued to see how well certain countries are represented (eg India, South Korea, China) and understand any systematic bias. Putting that aside it’s still fascinating, as is the list of popular New Series in 2020 from IMDB. This list has a lot of Amazon Prime shows for example, and includes such shows as The Outsider, Avenue 5, Devs, Snowpiercer and Locke & Key.

IMDB has also treated us to a list of The Top 10 Stars of 2020. This ranges from #1 Ana de Armas, up from #87 and starring in Knives Out and the new Bond movie No Time to Die. Anya Chalotra is straight in #3 for her part in The Witcher, Erin Moriarty down from #2 to #5 (Starlight in The Boys) and Henry Cavill at #10 (The Witcher). Anya Chalotra also make the IMDB breakout stars list.