Dark Gallifrey The War Master Part 3 cover art crop

Big Finish unveil Dark Gallifrey: The War Master

Across the trilogy, Sir Derek Jacobi’s Master will encounter Bernice Summerfield, David Warner’s Unbound Doctor, the War Doctor and Torchwood’s Captain John Hart.  Audio producers Big Finish have revealed the second trilogy from their epic Dark Gallifrey series featuring Doctor Who villains. Following on from Morbuis, the second set of stories focus on Sir Derek … >

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The War Master: Hearts of Darkness cover art

The War Master: Hearts of Darkness audio review

The War Master: Hearts of Darkness is the fifth boxset to chronicle the exploits of Derek Jacobi’s Master. Set amid the Time War, the storyline here steers clear of the Daleks in favour of a battle of wits between the Eighth Doctor and the Master. As with most of the sets in this range, the … >

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Cover for The War Master: Anti-Genesis

The War Master: Anti-Genesis audio review

The War Master: Anti-Genesis is the latest boxset of audio dramas to chronicle the exploits of Derek Jacobi’s Master during the Time War; the temporal conflict between his own people and the Daleks. The problem with a concept so unfathomable, however, is that us mere mortals can really only handle a small slice. Luckily, this … >

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The War Master 3: Rage Of The Time Lords review

Derek Jacobi is back in another four-story War Master set, and this time only the Doctor can save the day, if he ever arrives! This time Big Finish has set Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor in the way of events, but can even he stop the Master’s plans this time? It’s a strong set of stories, … >

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The War Master: Master Of Callous review

In their latest War Master boxset, Master Of Callous, Big Finish gives us a story given plenty of time to breathe and develop. Possibly driven by Derek Jacobi’s availability, the War Master is a continual presence through the set of four stories, despite only being a major part of two of them. It’s a masterclass … >

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The War Master - Only The Good

Doctor Who: The War Master – Only The Good audio review

Over the years Big Finish have told some great stories with the wonderful Geoffrey Beevers – one of the emaciated “crispy” Masters – as well as their own inspired casting of Alex MacQueen. Setting stories in the Time War era however offers the chance for a slice of dream casting, with Sir Derek Jacobi returning … >

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Taskmaster Series 18 lineup announced

Five more victims contestants face the judgment of the Taskmaster.  With series 17 wrapped, the mighty Taskmaster juggernaut is already rolling on towards its 18th run. Channel 4 has announced the lineup and it’s the usual mix of comics and famous faces. They are… ●  Comedian, host of The Bugle Podcast and cricket statistician Andy … >

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