Doctor Who series 10 enters Emmy race as a TV movie

Doctor Who series 10 is in contention for an Emmy, but the Beeb’s sci-fi show won’t be entering the race as a series. Instead, Doctor Who will be competing in the Best TV Movie category, which is arguably a less hotly-contested field. The show has been entered into the ballot for consideration from the Emmys academy, with particular focus … >

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Class now on UK Netflix, Doctor Who series 10 following

June 2018 is a good month for Whovians with access to UK Netflix, as both Doctor Who series 10 and the spinoff series Class are coming to the immensely popular streaming service next month. Class, which ran for 10 episodes on the BBC iPlayer back in 2016, is available right now on Netflix UK in fact. The show … >

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Doctor Who series 10 boxset to include deleted scenes

We still don’t have the official announcement of the UK boxset, but the extras listing for the full Doctor Who series 10 DVD release in the US has now been unveiled. And it’s been confirmed that we’re going to be getting deleted scenes as part of the package. The full confirmed list of extras is as … >

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Doctor Who

Doctor Who series 10’s surprise ending was filmed very late

Spoilers for The Doctor Falls. After the transmission of Doctor Who series 10’s penultimate episode, World Enough And Time, Steven Moffat appeared in a Q&A where he revealed that the finale, The Doctor Falls, hadn’t been finished. That was in spite of the fact that it was due on TV seven days later! Following the … >

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Doctor Who series 10 episode 12: The Doctor Falls review (spoilers)

Spoilers There’s two types of Doctor Who: one intended to make you think, and one intended to make you feel. It’s a popular consensus that the former is Steven Moffat’s style, defined by intricate puzzle-box plotlines and mind-bending hard sci-fi concepts, and the latter is Russell T Davies’, defined by grounded and relatable characters and … >

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Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls

Doctor Who series 10 episode 12: The Doctor Falls dialogue teasers

Deliberately light on spoilers, here are ten dialogue spoilers for this weekend’s Doctor Who finale, The Doctor Falls. Without further ado… “What do you remember?” “Ten years you spent up there, chatting.” “It’s the scarecrows. New ones.” “People plus technology, minus humanity.” “I found this in the loading bay.” “This isn’t work, it’s war.” “He’s … >

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