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The Game is BBC Two’s new spy thriller series from Being Human creator Toby Whithouse.

Set in the secretive world of 1970s espionage, the six-part drama stars Tom Hughes (Silk), Brian Cox (The Bourne Supremacy), Paul Ritter (Quantum Of Solace), Shaun Dooley (Misfits), Chloe Pirrie (Black Mirror), Victoria Hamilton (What Remains), Jonathan Aris (Sherlock) and Judy Parfitt (Little Dorrit).

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The Game will tell the story of the invisible war fought by MI5 as they battle to protect the nation from the threats of the Cold War. When a KGB defector reveals the existence of a devastating Soviet plot, the charismatic but paranoid head of MI5 assembles a secret team to investigate.

Each episode will see the team uncover a new traitor to investigate, another piece of the jigsaw and another mission into the unknown. With Cold War tensions at a terrifying peak, how far are they prepared to go to keep ahead of the great game?


Episode 1

Thursday 30 April 2015, 9pm

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London, 1972. When a defecting KGB officer reveals the existence of a devastating Soviet plot by the name of Operation Glass, the charismatic head of MI5 must assemble a secret committee to help protect Britain.

As the Soviets awaken sleeper agents to carry out the plot, the new team are faced with an unidentified and invisible threat.

The first agent reactivated is a civil servant, bullied and blackmailed into working for the KGB. As MI5 scramble to identify his role in Operation Glass, Joe Lambe becomes obsessed with the reappearance of his nemesis, the Soviet agent codenamed Odin.


Episode 2

Thursday 7 May 2015, 9pm

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Tom Mallory is a respected employee of the MoD – and a sleeper agent working for the KGB. Tom’s got high level access to state secrets, and discovers a top secret letter: if he reveals its contents he could leave the UK vulnerable to a nuclear attack.

Daddy and the team must find him, turn him and stop him before he shatters the precarious peace of the Cold War.

Meanwhile Joe is haunted by events in his past, his lover is killer is in London and is deeply embroiled in Operation Glass. Can he put his personal vendetta to one side or will it jeopardise his part in the investigation?


Episode 3

Thursday 14 May 2015, 9pm

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The team discover a sleeper agent with terrifying connections in the US military, but they need to find out her mission.

With her access to US bases, Kate (Rachael Stirling) could be poised to carry out a devastating attack.

Back at the Fray Bobby and Wendy are monitoring Soviet activity. While spending time with Wendy, Bobby spots an opportunity to rescue his bachelor reputation. When Joe and Jim track Kate down, it turns out she is playing a dangerous double game. Whose side is she really on? And can they finally get to the heart of Operation Glass?


Episode 4

Thursday 21 May 2015, 9pm

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When they discover that the KGB is one step ahead, the team must work out who can be trusted and what the KGB has really been planning.

Arkady is their only hope, but he’s got secrets of his own. What is he hiding and who is he really working for? Running a double agent is a perilous game, and Joe must convince the team to trust his instincts about Arkady. But with a dangerous assassin at large, will Arkady risk his life to help them, or are they on their own?

Compromising gossip about Bobby threatens to destroy everything he has worked for. Can he prove himself to Daddy, or will this spell the end of his career?


Episode 5

Thursday 28 May 2015, 9pm

The team is reeling after their shocking discoveries but there’s a new name to investigate and it’s down to Wendy to go in undercover to suss him out.

The team hopes she’s ready for the challenge but when Philip turns out to be a tricky target, will she hold her nerve?

When Philip is found to have connections to both the IRA and KGB, the pressure is suddenly on. Wendy needs to buy the team time to get to the bottom of this terrifying relationship.

Joe meanwhile has trouble of his own, as their mission’s security is under threat from a mole inside MI5. And as leaked information threatens the ongoing investigation, lives are being put at risk. Can Joe discover the mole’s identity before it’s too late?


Episode 6

Thursday 4 June 2015, 9pm

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The team is reeling from the KGB bombing and Alan’s confession, though they finally have a promising lead in the investigation.

While Bobby, Jim and Wendy investigate, Joe is convinced that Alan still isn’t giving them the whole story. But will Joe be able to prove his suspicions are correct when his investigations place him in a compromising position?

Bobby and Wendy make a crucial discovery which could have implications at the highest levels of government. But with Operation Glass hurtling towards a shocking climax, Daddy and the team are running out of time to piece the puzzle together and avert disaster.


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