Doctor Who Season 25 The Collection

Doctor Who Season 25: The Collection Blu-ray range announced

Sylvester McCoy’s penultimate season as the Seventh Doctor is the next release in the Doctor Who Blu-ray collection. A special trailer containing archive footage from Season 25 and special features from the release was released to mark the announcement. The stories also feature Sophie Aldred who plays iconic 80s companion, Ace, who joins the Doctor … >

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Bernice Summerfield: Treasury audio review

This year, audio producers Big Finish celebrate two decades of stories starring Bernice “Benny” Summerfield, the futuristic archaeologist and sometime companion of the Doctor. As well as releasing The Story So Far, two volumes of full-cast dramas set in Benny’s various eras, Treasury draws together short stories from all over her timeline which have been … >

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