Dalek Universe 3 boxset cover art

Dalek Universe 3 – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Dalek Universe 3 concludes the Tenth Doctor’s sojourn in a pre-Time War, Terry Nation inspired universe. After being drawn back, sans-TARDIS, the Doctor has been seeking a way to his own time. He has been aided in this quest by Space Security Service agent Anya Kingdom, with whom he has a complicated history. However, at … >

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Dalek Universe 2 boxset cover

Dalek Universe 2 – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Dalek Universe 2 continues the Tenth Doctor’s series of adventures trapped in a pre-Time War, Terry Nation inspired universe. Separated from his TARDIS, he has found two allies in Earth’s Space Security Service, agents Anya Kingdom and Mark Seven. While the Daleks themselves again take a backseat, it begins by exploring Mark Seven’s backstory; the … >

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Doctor Who Dalek Universe 1 cover art

Dalek Universe 1 – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Dalek Universe 1 draws David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor back to a time before the Time War. Without his TARDIS, he hooks up with the Space Security Service, in the first of three boxsets which comprise the Dalek Universe series. Buying Time & The Wrong Woman Abducted by an unknown force, the Doctor finds himself in … >

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Doctor Who – The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 8 Vol. 1 review

After seven years’ worth of stories paired with television companions, the Fourth Doctor and K-9 have a new friend in tow: WPC Ann Kelso, played by Jane Slavin. This eighth season of audio adventures mirrors a idea from the Doctor’s onscreen adventures; just as season sixteen brought us a quest for The Key To Time, … >

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Callan Volume One review

Running on ITV for four series between 1967 and 1972, as well as spawning both a movie and an 80’s TV special, Callan was a hard-hitting spy drama which followed its hero, played by Edward Woodward, in his missions for The Section – a covert government department handling enemies of the state by the most … >

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ATA Girl cover art

Big Finish: ATA Girl review

As part of their twentieth anniversary, Big Finish has commissioned a range of new drama, the first of which to be released is ATA Girl. It’s set in World War II, and is the creation of Louise Jameson (Doctor Who, Tenko, Eastenders, Doc Martin) who also directs. During World War II, the Air Transport Auxiliary … >

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