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First look: Jason Isaacs as Captain Lorca in Star Trek: Discovery

With a confirmed premiere date of September 24th in the US, new details about the upcoming small screen revival of Star Trek – Star Trek: Discovery – are coming to light. And in particular, we’ve now got our very first look at Jason Isaacs as the latest starship Captain.

The best of Rachel Talalay

Rachel Talalay will be directing the final two episodes of Doctor Who season 10. She is pretty much universally loved by fans of the show, and here’s why. 

Neighbours: the infamous Bouncer dream sequence

With over 7,500 episodes clocked it, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that the majority of instalments of the Australian soap opera Neighbours have been consigned to history now. That, or someone somewhere has an enormous boxset sat in their garage, that they need a forklift to transport. But of all the episodes, perhaps the...

Judge Dredd TV series is aiming for 2019 launch

One of Britain’s most famous comic book creations is set to find a new home on the small screen, with the recent confirmation that a Judge Dredd television series – Judge Dredd: Mega City One – is in the works.