‘Class’ pays tribute to former ‘Doctor Who’ companion

New photos from the filming of BBC Three’s Class reveal a lovely tribute to one of the original companions in Doctor Who.

Created by YA author Patrick Ness, the latest Doctor Who spin-off began filming in Cardiff earlier this month.

Set in contemporary London, the eight-part series follows four students with “hidden secrets and desires” and has been described by executive producer Steven Moffat as “dark and sexy and right now”.

Photos posted on Twitter feature a sign for ‘The Barbara Wright Building’, a reference to the First Doctor’s companion. A teacher at Coal Hill School, where Class is set, Barbara was played by Jacqueline Hill from 1963 to 1965.

Other photos also reveal that Coal Hill School has apparently become an academy!

Class will premiere later this year on BBC Three in the UK and on BBC America in the US.

The show’s cast includes Greg Austin, Fady Elsayed, Sophie Hopkins and Vivian Oparah as four Sixth Formers, with Katherine Kelly (Coronation Street) playing a “powerful” teacher at Coal Hill School and Doctor Who actor Nigel Betts reprising the role of Mr Armitage.

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  • Dr. Moo

    Barbara has got a namecheck. Good. Now make it so that we have WILLIAM RUSSELL return as Ian, please!

    • russell

      I couldn’t agree more Dr. Moo! Though, my preference would be for William to appear in an episode of WHO itself.
      Yes- the modern audience might not know who he is. Yes- his appearance might have to be limited somewhat…But what a gift/gateway to a story. An old man with PREVIOUS, of a mysterious time traveller…..An elderly gentleman, greater in years at face value, than the strange old man he used to know himself. What price-for the knowledge he might have? Did he take anything back with him, in his pockets, from that Dalek ship all those years ago?

      • meghan august august


    • meghan august august

      I Agree this needs to happen!

  • Shinka95

    It’s an academy… Tory propaganda in a BBC show. Who ever would have guessed it?

    • Andrew Middleton

      Or speculative fiction? Schools are gradually being absorbed into the scheme, it’s realistic to assume this school could also fall prey to it.

  • Andrew Middleton

    As if they’ve not got enough problems with likely alien invasions, Coal Hill has to cope with the evil schemes of Nicky Morgan!