‘Doctor Who’ actor to reprise role in new spin-off ‘Class’

Another piece of casting for BBC Three’s Class has appeared online.

Set in contemporary London at the fictional Coal Hill School, the eight-part Doctor Who spin-off begins filming this month.

It was revealed last week that actor Greg Austin, best known for playing Gordon Selfridge in ITV’s Mr Selfridge, will play a character named Charlie in the show.

Today it’s also emerged that Nigel Betts (Boy Meets Girl) will be appearing in Class.

Doctor Who Nigel Betts Mr Armitage

The Emmerdale actor will be reprising the role of Mr Armitage.

Betts previously played the Coal Hill School staff member in 2014’s ‘Into the Dalek’ and ‘The Caretaker’, followed by a voice-only cameo in ‘Dark Water’.

Doctor Who Nigel Betts Mr Armitage

Class writer Patrick Ness has confirmed that official “announcements” are on the way very soon.

The official synopsis for Class reads: “Incredible dangers are breaking through the walls of time and space, and with darkness coming, London is unprotected. With all the action, heart and adrenalin of the best YA fiction (Buffy, Hunger Games), this is Coal Hill School and Doctor Who like you’ve never seen it before.”

Class will premiere later this year on BBC Three in the UK and on BBC America in the US.

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Season 10 is expected to begin filming next month and will air on BBC One in spring 2017.

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Thanks to @Ruther2 for spotting this!

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  • MurrayFutterman

    Darn, I was hoping for William Russell. Eight episodes, there must be room for a Chesterton cameo.

    • Tina Marie DeLucia

      I was thinking the exact same thing! He’s the only cast member from the original ‘Team TARDIS’ who hasn’t returned for a cameo or another role!

  • I am so over the Capaldi reign. David gave us Sara Jane, Torchwood and Matt gave us minisodes and Reindeer Days and tons of extras. Capaldi gives us a billion years of fist pounding and now this as a filler to Christmas. Pitiful. Just pitiful.

    • TimeyWimey

      You are rating the Capaldi era purely based on the quantity of content released?

      ‘Tad ridiculous, if you ask me.

    • Edward Delingford

      Umm, the decisions by the BBC about scheduling or spin offs or DVD extras have got nothing to do with the incumbent actor in the role. Also, some of us happen to think Peter is the best incarnation in the role since 2005, regardless of whether there are any Doctor Who related spin offs and the episode about ‘fist pounding’ one of the greatest of the last 52 years.

      Also, Class looks to be quite an exciting program in its own right and one aimed at a young adult audience and written by one of our finest British novelists working for that readership. It would be wonderful if Peter (or indeed William Russell appears) but its success or otherwise isn’t reliant on the main show.

      I am happy to wait a little longer for series 10 simply based on how outstanding series 9 was and that it will give everyone a chance to bring us an even better series in 2017. Oh and the wait is totally down to the delay the BBC management had in selecting the showrunner to replace Moffat. Based on your logic, we should ‘blame’ David Tennant for the delay as he will be appearing in the show (Broadchurch 3) to which Chris Chibnall had committed prior to the BBC getting their act together and selecting him to replace Moffat.

      • Dr. Moo

        Never let the facts stop a Capaldi Hater.

    • Allison Green

      Not exactly fair to blame Capaldi – he doesn’t write the show or decide on the extras. Personally, I think he’s awesome and his portrayal of The Doctor is way better than Eccleston or Tennant. Matt Smith I love but I feel Capaldi, whilst completely different, is his equal. Given some good writing, he could be better.

    • Wizza

      At the risk of looking daft, what in the actual hell is Reindeer Days??

  • Lemmy Koopa

    You know who also has to reprise their role: William Russel. They KNOW we want it. And William Russel, I believe, has said he would love to return. There’s no way to tell how much longer Russel will be with us. Better sooner than later.

    • I’m on record as saying I will pre-order the DVD if Russel appears as Ian.

    • Douglass Abramson

      It would be a natural fit. His name appears on a sign as one of the school’s governors in one of the Coleman episodes.

  • Liana

    And where’s Ian?

  • Dr. Moo

    This isn’t really news. It’s probably the single most predictable thing about this series. Still, looking forward to seeing what Ness has planned.

  • Wizza

    “Staff member”? Isn’t he the head? At any rate, good to see Class is respecting its link to Doctor Who and not just taking the easy option of an all-new cast. Early indications are good!