‘Doctor Who’ exec Moffat promises ‘surprises’ with Missy’s return

Steven Moffat has confirmed that Missy will still be evil when she returns in the new season of Doctor Who.

Michelle Gomez began filming Season 9’s two-part opener, ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’ and ‘The Witch’s Familiar’, last month and the Scottish actress was spotted filming in Tenerife. It has been speculated that Missy could be the titular “Magician’s Apprentice”.

Discussing the casting of Gomez as the latest regeneration of The Master, Moffat commented: “Michelle was such a hit. And that was such a big thing to do, almost a tricky thing to say ‘are people going to go for this beloved yet hated character when we change the gender?’. But they didn’t blink, they’re perfectly happy.”

Hinting at why Missy is back, the showrunner teased: “There are certainly surprises, but she’s still the same evil Missy she was last time.”

Doctor Who 9 Missy

Moffat recently discussed why he’s chosen to increase the number of two-part stories in the new season.

Season 9 began filming in Cardiff in January and will air on BBC One this autumn.

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Why and how do you think Missy will return? Let us know below…

  • Mr. Eyebrows

    Thats great to hear!

  • Edward Delingford

    Series 8 was such a huge improvement over previous series of New Who with only series 5 being close to the same quality. I love that Steven Moffat has gotten this huge creative flow from working with Peter Capaldi and together they have created not only the greatest of the new era doctors but one who after only one series is right up there with Tom Baker. It helps that they have finally found someone who is not only a talented actor but who can also play comedy and drama and who is completely comfortable in this character. Capaldi simply IS the Doctor. Add in the superb Michell Gomez who had such thrilling chemistry and Clara 2.0 who is also now the best of the new Who companions and the recipe is very strongly for this series to reach even beyond series 7. Moffat is such a tease but boy oh boy has he ever delivered with bells on since Capaldi pushed aside his shrill and ineffective boyband successors to claim the role he was born to play. Just loving Doctor Who over the last year in a way I haven’t since mid Tom Baker years.

    • Ella

      I am glad there are more people who see it that way. I have only a mild thing to add that I was not really a fan any of Matt Smith´s season or his Doctor. But I kept watching because I am a fan. Now, it is great. Peter and Jenna have a great chemistry and Michelle was great, too.

      • Alan T

        No fan of either Tennant or Smith. I am firmly in the camp that RTD peaked with Eccleston’s first and only series and Moffat has had two high points creatively – Smith’s first and Capaldi’s first. Last year was the first time I have really enjoyed Doctor Who unreservedly since Eccleston left. Disliked the entire RTD Tennant soap opera run and Tennant’s awful shouty overacting and only really enjoyed the first part of Smith’s run simply because he was such a fresh breath about the Tennant era and Moffat’s writing in Eleventh Hour, Flesh and Stone two parter and Pandorica two parter were so good. After that, I became a bit tired of Smith as the character was a bit too wacky for me and I felt as though Moffat took his eyes off the show (maybe too much concentration on Sherlock or BBC interference?).
        Peter and Moffat seem the perfect pair to me at last. Clara is great too the best pairing since Rose/9. I love Peter’s snarky comments and that Clara gives as good as she gets. Helps that Jenna is the best actress in the companion role since Billie in series 1 of New Who (Billie is series 2 had to work against the huge drop in quality of the overall writing and the strong clever Rose of series 1 being rewritten as a soppy love sick teenager to match Tennant’s emo doctor) I am really looking forward to what Peter and Moffat will bring this year as Peter has now clearly set out who is Doctor is and the writers should be able to fine tune this into their writing. Who has never been greater.

        • alford

          Completely agree with you especially re Tennant’s scenery chewing performance. Eccleston is head and shoulders above Tennant and Smith but I’m looking forward to Capaldi bedding into the role.

      • Helles

        Another Clara-12 fan here. I gave up watching during Tennant’s time as he got on my nerves and although liked Smith in 5, hated River bloody Song and turned off again. 12 is a return to old style Who but with new Who quality of writing and production. Loved, loved, loved last year’s Dr Who. Jenna is a fantastic actress and Peter’s not too bad either!!

    • Micah Mahaffey

      Oh how I love Series 8! Its hands down the best series since the reboot. Capaldi is amazing! Moffat is amazing! Jenna is amazing! Gomez is amazing! I’m so glad the show is where its at right now! 😀

  • Barry

    Yes… I bet there will be surprises concerning Missy, if the wording of her dialogue in Dark Water was a hint. And is the clue to the Raison d’être in the title? Magician… Mandrake… alliterates neatly to… And what sort of apprentice would HE nurture? If so then very clever, Mr. Moffat. You really had us all taken in.

  • Mat Greenfield

    I have a feeling that the whole story is going to revolve around Clara (yaaaay… ¬_¬) in a story where Missy – who, as we found out, “chose” Clara as the Doctor’s companion, but we don’t really know why yet (unless I missed something last season) – will try and recruit Clara as HER companion.

    Remember the references to Capaldi’s costume as “magician” last year? I think the Xmas special had a good setup for Clara becoming a full-time TARDIS inhabitant, but going further by effectively abandoning her old life. So I think she’ll pledge herself as the Doctor’s “apprentice” but Missy wants to kidnap Clara for her own ends and – if Missy is the Witch to the Doctor’s Magician – become her “familiar”. It’s a little contrived, I admit, but this is Steven Moffat we’re talking about.

  • Brizvegasgal

    Moffat got his mojo back last year and with Capaldi more involved in developing his Doctor’s character, series 9 should be a cracker, particularly with the wonderful Michelle Gomez also on board.

  • Evil Lynn

    The surprise would be a decent story, last season was the worst since the reboot. No fault of the cast. Just the lame stories.