‘Doctor Who’ writer Moffat explains why the TARDIS disliked Clara

Steven Moffat has explained why the TARDIS disliked Doctor Who companion Clara.

The storyline is one of many mysteries from Clara’s era that was left partially unsolved.

It was first established in 2013’s ‘The Rings of Akhaten’ and ‘Hide’.

The minisode ‘Clara and the TARDIS’ on Season 7’s box set further developed this relationship between them.

Asked in the new issue of DWM about the reason behind the TARDIS’s treatment of Clara, Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat responded: “The TARDIS, being aware of all time simultaneously, was also aware that Clara was the precise motivator that would drive the Doctor to an extreme that was dangerous for all time and space.”

He added: “She knew, that although the Doctor loved her very much, she was bad for him and that the coming of the Hybrid would be the result of their association.”

We still don’t really understand what the heck the Hybrid was all about, but there you go.

Doctor Who Hell Bent barn

Season 10 began filming in Cardiff in June and will launch on BBC One in April 2017.

Here’s everything we know so far about Season 10.

Why do you think the TARDIS disliked Clara? Let us know below…

  • Charlieboy

    Moffat, still having to explain his writing! It’ll never end!

    • Emcube

      Well, people keep asking.

      • Lawrence

        Because they keep needing to.

        • Emcube

          That’s on them. I mean, this is obviously just a minor thing that doesn’t really matter but a lot of the stuff that people ask about (and keep on asking about for years) is already stuff that’s explained within the show itself. It’s not always explained in exposition, but a lot of it is there and just needs a little figuring out. Sometimes it’s because the fans build up something in their head that the show was never gonna deliver (because it wasn’t the point).

          • Lawrence

            This might be a minor thing, but the shoddy way he wrote Amy and Rory out wasn’t. There were plot holes in that you could drive a truck through, and he had to explain himself after that too.

          • Emcube

            That wasn’t a very good episode, no, but I found the whole “hotel run by Angels” thing far more confusing or befuddling than the ending, which I thought was pretty clear. It’s just another bootstrap/predestination paradox.

          • Dr. Moo

            Nope, no plotholes in that episode. If the Doctor rescued them then there’d be a paradox regardless of how he did it.

    • timmy

      It didn’t have to be explained, it was a minor element that didn’t have to be cleared up at all (and had actually been resolved by ‘Day of the Doctor’ as she closed the TARDIS doors with her finger click.) So it has ended. He was just being kind. Glad I could clear that up.

      • timmy

        Bye thread

    • MurrayFutterman

      I thought it was obvious really. I don’t need someone in the show to come out and say “the TARDIS didn’t like Clara because…” in order to put two and two together.

      • Emcube

        something something plot holes

  • Joe Cogan

    Because she was an annoying Mary Sue who hijacked Season Eight to the point where the show could have been called “Clara Oswald And Her Alien Friend”.

    • Emcube

      Not really. They were more like co-leads and not lead and supporting.

    • timmy

      Well, no. But I have some advice for you. 1) Don’t regurgitate old, inaccurate whinging that was embarressing when season eight was on, and has just become even more comical in time. 2) Watch season eight, where ten of the twelve stories are either about The Doctor, or about her and The Doctor equally. 3) Look up what a ‘Mary Sue’ is. 4) Try not to use that term outside of the troll-ridden wasteland of youtube comments, because people will just laugh at you. Hope they help. Bye thread.

      • Emcube


      • Joe Cogan

        Let me guess: you’re 15, right?

      • Rusty Fender

        Rose was the ultimate Mary Sue (look it up) as was Martha in a way, but Rose was the absolute WORST!

    • Dr. Moo

      I’m guessing you’ve not seen the same series eight that the rest of us did?

      • Joe Cogan

        I’m delighted to meet someone who speaks for all Whovians.

        • Dr. Moo

          Pleased to hear it. Happy to help. 🙂

    • Brian

      As opposed to The Rose Tyler Show, or The Donna Noble Show.

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat

        Don’t forget The Amy Pond Show and its sequel: The Ponds Saga.

      • Zoedragon90

        Yeah except we actually liked these companions.

        • Brian

          Speak for yourself. Rose was only good with Eccleston, after that she became a love-starved twit, and Donna, Donna was just plain toxic in her attitude.

  • Nightwing Grayson

    The only thing annoying are knee jerk know it alls who just cannot stand any companion who might function even near the same level as the Doctor. She wasn’t a weepy, helpless tosspot of a companion so OMGHATE. Idiots.

    • Michael Timms

      Judgemental much? I have loved all the companions, dating back to the originals. I am sure that most Whovians like them all, just to a different extent. Remember the wheel of Whovianism, I hate (insert name), Eh, they are growing on me, I love (insert name) so much, Regenerate, repeat.

      • Spuddie

        Even Dodo, Tegan, and Adric?

        • Aura Willow Hazel

          Adric was doctor who’s Wesley, but at least Adric had the decency ta get killed.

          • Spuddie

            Well it was certainly more dignified than Dodo’s departure. She gets laid up with a psychic headache and the Doctor just kinda dumps her there. Then he runs off with the cool kids Ben and Polly.

            Tegan’s was just, “I just survived a dalek episode!!! Run Away!!!!!”

        • J__o__h__n

          Tegan was great. And Janet Fielding is very entertaining in the DVD commentaries.

          • Spuddie

            I am not a big fan of the crowded Tardis of Davison’s first season. She didn’t have enough to do in most episodes. I found her a little too screechy. The big sister dynamic with Nyssa and Adric wasn’t developed enough. Her final exit was a bit undignified.

            Janet Fielding and Mark Strickson both give great commentaries and interviews.

    • Emi Hirst

      Nor were Ace or Donna

    • Balesy®

      Did you ever watch the Classic Series when Leela was knocking around with the 4th Doctor?

  • Annabella G

    Seems an after thought. The whole time stream thing was a bit much or rather, impossible.

  • J__o__h__n

    Maybe the TARDIS watched the show.

    • Elizabeth Slough-Mills

      Let me guess: You prefer bleached-blonde, tatty little shopgirls who hang on the hero’s every word.

      • J__o__h__n

        No, I like River, Leela, both Romanas (esp the first one), Dr. Jones, Liz Shaw, Journalist Sarah Jane Smith, Donna and Kate Stewart. I’m looking forward to the new companion. And your use of tatty shopgirls is demeaning to people who aren’t rich.

        • J__o__h__n

          I forgot Barbara and Tegan.

      • MargaretL

        ….And who find twu wuv. Vomit. St Rose of the Powell Estate is by far the worst companion in the Tardis. Nothing to do with being rich or poor, to do with being so badly written. Give me Sarah-Jane, Liz, Leela, Amy or Clara any day. Resourceful, intelligent and they have a life outside the Tardis. 4, 11 and 12 didn’t need a young girl to repeatedly tell them how awesome they were and fawn all over them. The show was finally able to grow up once it got rid of the Chav companion and the Mockney doctor and hopefully most of the awful fandom filling their journals full of fan fiction. Good riddens!

        • J__o__h__n


        • J__o__h__n

          “Nothing to do with being rich or poor” – yet you call her a “chav.”

        • Spuddie

          Although there were young girls with 2, 5 6, they were hardly fawning over the Doctor. Polly and Victoria were kinda stuck with him. More being fawned over by their male companions than anything else. 2 was fertile ground for inter companion shipping.

          Zoe treated the Doctor as an intellectual inferior at times. Nyssa was a Zoe-lite with not really looking up to the Doctor.

          Peri and 6 barely put up with each other. Probably the most abusive relationship between Doctor and companion ever.

        • Rusty Fender

          Rose was the ultimate Mary Sue (look it up) as was Martha in a way, but Rose was the absolute WORST! SO glad to get rid of her and RTD’s idiotic soap opera nonsense.

        • Christopheeeer

          *Riddance. Idiot.

  • Namnoot

    What is there to not understand about the Hybrid? The Hybrid was the Doctor and Clara. It is NOT difficult to understand. At all.

    • Linda Duncan

      Quite possible, I’ve considered both that and Lady Me since she was a human with alien technology inside her, keeping her alive. I’ve also considered the TARDIS was jealous because 12 and Clara were so close.

      • Liam Reford

        I had considered the meta crisis 10th doctor more than anything since there was a scene filmed where he gets a TARDIS coral to grow his own TARDIS and Donna tells him how to accelerate the growth of it.

        • Linda Duncan

          I don’t remember that…

    • Christopheeeer

      Well seeing as the hybrid wasn’t the doctor and Clara at all, you’ve very easily misunderstood. Idiot.

    • Zoltán Buka

      What about not having a single solution for everything? I like the poetry of this.

  • Dr. Moo

    In my opinion Clara was one of the best companions to the Doctor that there’s ever been precisely because she was self-confident without being self-entitled. Bill has the bar set ludicrously high for her, but early signs are good.

  • Jessica_Dwyer

    I still liked my idea the hybrid was actually Clara who managed to garner Dalek DNA while connected to one. That whole hybrid story turned out to be nothing.

  • Sue_DeNimm

    So Mr Moffat, that’s the reason then – right… So, when Jenna Coleman was leaving the season before and wasn’t going to be in those stories, what was the reason then?

    • Wizza

      Steven’s said that Clara’s exit plot in series 9 was his “plan A”, you know.

      • Sue_DeNimm

        Fair enough.

  • Laurence Wells

    I thought it is simpler than that. You know how you meet some people, and without saying a word, or doing anything, but one look, and you instantly dislike him or her. I love Clara, and I like the TARDIS, but I would certainly smack the TARDIS round the head for misbehaving around Clara if I could. Clara has not mistreated the TARDIS in any way, so any animosity is unjustified.

    Of course, the TARDIS has demonstrated insight when it senses some kind of anomaly. Clara is one such anomaly. Remember back to when the TARDIS tried to shake off Captain Jack Harkness as it journeyed to the end of the universe with the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones. There may be an element of that.

  • Laurence Wells

    By the way, I am still not over Clara’s unjust execution. The TImelords must be made to right that wrong. I refuse to believe that raven business is fixed. Somebody has to be lying.

    • Spuddie

      But it was entirely an expected way for Clara to “die”. Belief in a plot armor she did not have.

      • Laurence Wells

        Merely disgust and sorrow at her fate.

  • timmy

    He never needed to add this, though I don’t mind it. The original situation was an obvious, wry ‘resentful, insecure old girlfriend’ gag. That was about it.

  • tarantulus

    Possibly also because Clara Oswald, unlike the Doctor who exists in multiple times (like a timeline arachnid), exists through time via various manifestations of herself … allowing the same entity to paradoxically exist and not exist simultaneously given the lack of linear graphability … even with the time travel factored in.

  • Doclo

    I always thought it was because the TARDIS took the Doctor to all his previous companions but that Missy was the one who got the Doctor and Clara together. Oh well. I still don’t get the hybrid story line either.

  • Shaylee Bell

    i happen to think that Clara was in a way a part of every companion of The Doctor, so who is the longest companion of the doctor who has help him out and gotten him to where he needs to be…….. The TARDIS.

  • Deb W

    Clara was even bigger on the inside than the TARDIS. The blue box was just jealous.

    • 42upside

      what a great answer

  • Joseph Weir

    Say what you want, but the Statue of Liberty being a Weeping Angel was a prime example for the world to see of STUPID writing. Sometimes Moffat is really, really good. But MAN, when he’s bad he is top-of-the-heap bad.

    • Rusty Fender

      Compared to the ridiculous, soap opera tripe spewed by RTD?

  • Linda Duncan

    I think the Hybrid might possibly be Lady Me, since she’s a human with alien technology keeping her alive. I also think the TARDIS was jealous of Clara because she was so close to The Doctor. I don’t know, I’m kind of a Souffaldian, myself.

  • Thanks for the Clara on Clara selfcest masturbation fantasy idea

    • Spuddie

      You make that sound like a bad thing!

  • Andrew Bird

    I still wonder if Clara some kind of Timelord, the watch thing, I.E: the came-lien Circuit, thingy. What if other timelords did the same a the Master and used their watches to disguise themselves as humans and like the Master forgot that they had ever been Timelords

  • whofan

    How come the TARDIS later allowed Clara to not only open her doors with a snap of her fingers but also pilot the TARDIS at times if the dislike for Clara was about the Hybrid? Did the TARDIS resigned herself to Clara’s presence after Name of the Doctor?.
    I think a better reason for the TARDIS’ dislike would have been Clara’s initial impossibility that resolved itself when she escaped the Doctor’s time stream.

  • Ayden

    Rose tiler was amazing so was Martha, Donna, amy and clara

  • Enzo Fiore Feitosa Baldinotti

    always though that was because clara made the doctor go into his own timeline and change de events of the time war

  • Cassy Casandra Evelyn

    I didn’t like Clara because she was flat-out boring. Just a pretty face with the most basic, boring, run of the mill personality ever. After companions like the sassy, intense Rose, the powerful independent Donna, the absolute warrior who still opened her heart to the Doctor Martha who saved the world through her hard work and never gave up… Little miss “Hi, Doctor, I want to travel with you because that’s just a thing that’s happening would you like to come to Christmas dinner also how dare you regenerate into someone I can’t bang” and her antics just weren’t amusing to me at all.

  • Cindy

    Moffat’s like a butterfly. He flits.

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