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‘Atlantis’ Series 1 DVD review

We entered the doomed city of Atlantis with high expectations. Its links to Merlin were much vaunted, coming from the same creative team. While their hard won experience has benefited the show immeasurably, Atlantis still suffers the same tonal issues that beset its predecessor, occasionally veering towards broad comedy at the expense of the drama.

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‘Doctor Who’: ‘Harvest of Time’ by Alastair Reynolds book review

As the book’s dedication makes clear, ‘Harvest of Time’ is a story that is as much about the Master as it is the Doctor.

After his capture at the end of ‘The Daemons’ the delightfully evil Time Lord has been kept under lock and key. However, he has been periodically released from his unique Nuclear Reactor prison and coerced into assisting with a new submarine communication system.

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‘Line of Duty’ Series 1 DVD review

From the pen of Jed Mercurio (Bodies), Line of Duty takes place inside the complex, high-stakes world of a police internal investigation. First broadcast in mid-2012, this highly successful drama is finally coming to DVD ahead of its upcoming second series.

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‘Joss Whedon: A Creative Portrait’ book review

David Lavery’s book was originally intended to chart Joss Whedon’s successful television career and then ponder over his failure to translate it into big screen success. Fortunately, with his abortive Wonder Woman project now career footnote, it revels in the triumphant box office success of Marvel’s The Avengers.

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