Max, Showcase and Peacock — changes at Sky

Max, Showcase and Peacock — recent changes at Sky explained

Max, Showcase and Peacock — three changes at Sky announced this week In a mix of channel realignment, name changing and content changing, Sky has tweaked and improved its channel content. We explain just what’s going on. Sky Max and Sky Showcase On Wednesday, Sky revealed two new/rebadged channels: Sky Max and Sky Showcase. These … >

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ITV celebrates interim results six months

ITV celebrates improved half year figures, what next?

As ITV celebrates its half-year figures, we have a cautious look around to build a bigger picture You can see all of ITV’s results and their analysis / statements on their corporate site. We won’t just cut and paste, but will give their top level conclusions: A strong financial performance in the first half of … >

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CNN Plus

CNN Plus is coming — what is it and why do we care?

CNN Plus launches in the first quarter of 2022. It’s big news for CNN, but is it big news for us? CNN chief digital officer Andrew Morse shared details on the Strictly Business podcast of what he considers the brand’s biggest launch since the network began in 1980. We have the details thanks to Variety. What … >

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Channel 4 HQ

Channel 4 to be privatised? What is the channel’s future?

Channel 4 has good results for last year, but the government is considering privatisation. Is change inevitable? We’ve reported often on changes afoot at the BBC as it responds to declining audience and the rise of digital services. This week focus has turned to Channel 4, the other public service, though advertising funded, unlike the … >

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Stephen Spielberg

Spielberg deepens relationship with Netflix in new deal

Amblin Partners, the global film and television studio led by Steven Spielberg, and Netflix have announced a partnership that will cover multiple new feature films per year This is yet another example of a streamer adding a content string to its bow, in this case future content, rather than any deepening of its extensive back-catalogue. … >

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BBC complacency

BBC complacency slammed by the Public Accounts Committee

BBC complacency is the summary of a slamming report on the publicly funded broadcaster If you’ve yet to work you way through the various reports noted on the UK Parliament website, you may not picked up on the report of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), slamming the BBC complacency. The full list of points noted is damning; … >

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