BBC complacency

BBC complacency slammed by the Public Accounts Committee

BBC complacency is the summary of a slamming report on the publicly funded broadcaster If you’ve yet to work you way through the various reports noted on the UK Parliament website, you may not picked up on the report of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), slamming the BBC complacency. The full list of points noted is damning; … >

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Netflix shares plunge — armageddon

Netflix shares plunge, the boom is over. Don’t Panic! This too shall pass…

Netflix shares plunge. It’s a statement of fact — following their quarterly investor update, the share price took an 11% hit. So what? Cultbox is about content rather than business, though for most streamers, their business is content. It matters, hence our fascination with global trends and ratings. If you’ve paid any attention to entertainment … >

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Netflix and Sony deal

Netflix and Sony sign deal to stream Sony feature films from 2022

Netflix and Sony have signed a deal to bring Sony’s films to Netflix from 2020 Where other film studios are launching their own streaming service (eg Paramount+) or being bought by existing studios (Disney acquiring 21st Century Fox for Disney+, Sony has instead signed a deal with Netflix (as StudioCanal has with Sky). Regular CultBox visitors will know, we’ve been doing … >

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BBC Blueprint for transformation DG Tim Davie

BBC blueprint for transformation launched by DG Tim Davie

Tim Davie, the BBC’s Director General has outlined the BBC blueprint for transformation over the next seven years The new blueprint (which you can download and study) is a thirteen page document focused on tangible outcomes the BBC wishes to achieve. We’ve been covering the forces at play in the BBC, and some of its … >

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