BBC Three is back

BBC Three is back (probably) — Ofcom says ‘Yes… but’

BBC Three is back and will be broadcast again from January 2022. Probably. We explain… Ofcom has agreed (in principle) with the BBC’s plan to bring BBC Three back to broadcast viewers in January 2022. You can follow the Ofcom process on their website, and today the focus is on the latest update: As required … >

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Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe

Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe in a new multi-year deal

ViacomCBS multi-year deal with Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe Another day, another deal in the VOD (Video on Demand — see our guide) world, as Sky brings Paramount+ to its ever evolving portfolio. It looks like good news for everybody (there are details): more content for Sky, European market for Paramount and more content for customers. We’ll … >

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HBO Max Batman: The Audio Adventures podcast

Batman: The Audio Adventures will be an exclusive podcast for HBO Max

HBO Max is expanding its podcast portfolio and this includes Batman: The Audio Adventures With what it calls Scripted Audio Originals, Look-Backs, Brand Pods (and more), HBO Max is getting very serious about podcasts. They’ve also inked an expansion deal With Audacy, and seen a six-fold increase in portfolio since 2019. We’ll bring the news down (thanks to … >

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Netflix evolution (logos)

Netflix evolution — the mid-year figures in perspective

Netflix earnings figures have disappointed many observers, and the streamer is called-our for ‘losing momentum’. Even with the impact of the pandemic, it’s clear things have changed, but we see that as continued Netflix evolution at work We been mulling over the Netflix quarterly earnings (which you can find on their corporate site) and debated … >

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Max, Showcase and Peacock — changes at Sky

Max, Showcase and Peacock — recent changes at Sky explained

Max, Showcase and Peacock — three changes at Sky announced this week In a mix of channel realignment, name changing and content changing, Sky has tweaked and improved its channel content. We explain just what’s going on. Sky Max and Sky Showcase On Wednesday, Sky revealed two new/rebadged channels: Sky Max and Sky Showcase. These … >

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ITV celebrates interim results six months

ITV celebrates improved half year figures, what next?

As ITV celebrates its half-year figures, we have a cautious look around to build a bigger picture You can see all of ITV’s results and their analysis / statements on their corporate site. We won’t just cut and paste, but will give their top level conclusions: A strong financial performance in the first half of … >

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CNN Plus

CNN Plus is coming — what is it and why do we care?

CNN Plus launches in the first quarter of 2022. It’s big news for CNN, but is it big news for us? CNN chief digital officer Andrew Morse shared details on the Strictly Business podcast of what he considers the brand’s biggest launch since the network began in 1980. We have the details thanks to Variety. What … >

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