‘Doctor Who’ exec: Season 9 is ‘the glory years of the Doctor and Clara’

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Doctor Who‘s executive producer has promised “bigger adventures” in the new season.

Speaking to SFX in the magazine’s new issue (on sale now), Brian Minchin teased: “This series we’re telling the next stage of the adventure. It’s the glory years of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and Clara.”

He added: “As you saw in the finale and the Christmas episode he’s kind of answered his question of ‘Am I a good man?’ and this year he’s having the time of his life, having dangerous and exciting adventures in time and space. These are the glory days of the Doctor and Clara. They’re having the biggest, most dangerous adventures they’ve ever had and they’re having great fun doing it.”

Doctor Who Last Christmas Big Ben

Minchin hinted: “The mission statement we had was bigger adventures, and to go further in space and time. We’ve got a very confident Doctor, we’ve got a very confident companion and they’re both experts at doing this now so we can tell slightly bigger stories.”

He explained: “We’re doing more two-parters – and not just conventional two parters. We’re doing linked stories where you might not be sure how they’re going to be connected until you see them. We’re pushing the storytelling that way, to give us more scale of adventure.”


It was revealed today that the new season will apparently consist of 12 episodes, followed by a Christmas special.

Season 9 began filming in Cardiff in January and will air on BBC One this autumn.

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