‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 ratings and Audience Appreciation summary

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The final UK viewing figures and Audience Appreciation Index scores for all of 2014’s Doctor Who episodes have now been revealed.

‘Deep Breath’ was the most-watched episode of Doctor Who last year, while ‘The Caretaker’ was the least-watched.

‘Mummy on the Orient Express’, ‘Flatline’ and ‘Dark Water’ were the most appreciated episodes.

Doctor Who Deep Breath 1

‘Overnight’ figures show the number of viewers who watched the episode live (or recorded and watched it the same night). ‘Final’ figures (not including iPlayer) represent viewers who recorded and watched the episode within one week. ‘L+7’ (Live Plus 7) shows how many viewers watched live or repeats, including iPlayer views, within 7 days of the episode’s original broadcast.

The ‘AI’ score (Audience Appreciation Index) is marked out of 100 and shows viewers’ enjoyment of the episode.

The full figures as are follows:

‘Deep Breath’ – 6.8m (overnight) – 9.17m (final) – 10.76m (L+7) – AI 82

‘Into the Dalek’ – 5.2m (overnight) – 7.29m (final) – 8.26m (L+7) – AI 84

‘Robot of Sherwood’ – 5.2m (overnight) – 7.28m (final) – 8.25m (L+7) – AI 82

‘Listen’ – 4.8m (overnight) – 7.01m (final) – 7.80m (L+7) – AI 82

‘Time Heist’ – 4.93m (overnight) – 6.99m (final) – 7.96m (L+7) – AI 84

‘The Caretaker’ – 4.89m (overnight) – 6.82m (final) – 7.76m (L+7) – AI 83

‘Kill the Moon’ – 4.81m (overnight) – 6.91m (final) – 7.83m (L+7) – AI 82

‘Mummy on the Orient Express’ – 5.08m (overnight) – 7.11m (final) – 8.09m (L+7) – AI 85

‘Flatline’ – 4.6m (overnight) – 6.71m (final) – 7.85m (L+7) – AI 85

‘In the Forest of the Night’ – 5.03m (overnight) – 6.92m (final) – 7.79m (L+7) – AI 83

‘Dark Water’ – 5.27m (overnight) – 7.34m (final) – 8.52m (L+7) – AI 85

‘Death in Heaven’ – 5.45m (overnight) – 7.60m (final) – 8.81m (L+7) – AI 83

‘Last Christmas’ – 6.34m (overnight) – 8.28m (final) – 9.62m (L+7) – AI 82

Doctor Who Last Christmas old Clara

Season 9 began filming in Cardiff last month and will air on BBC One this autumn.

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