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World War II drama Home Fires returns to ITV for a six-part second season.

Inspired by the book Jambusters by Julie Summers, Home Fires follows a group of inspirational women at the heart of a rural Cheshire community who steadfastly bring the village together during our nation’s darkest hour.

Samantha Bond (Downton Abbey) and Francesca Annis (Cranford) are joined again by Ruth Gemmell (Penny Dreadful), Claire Rushbrook (Whitechapel), Ed Stoppard (Cilla), Chris Coghill (EastEnders), Clare Calbraith (Vera), Fenella Woolgar (War & Peace), Mark Bazeley (The Frankenstein Chronicles), Mike Noble (Mr Selfridge) and Daniel Ryan (Mount Pleasant).

It’s the summer of 1940 and the village of Great Paxford is caught up in the nightmare of the Battle of Britain. Two weeks after the defeat at Dunkirk, the German army is advancing through France and Britain is bracing itself for invasion.

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Season 2 will see the residents at the heart of this rural Cheshire community face their own personal challenges and conflicts as reputations are tarnished, loved ones lost, and shocking secrets are discovered.

The women, under the auspices of the Great Paxford Women’s Institute, unite and discover inner resources that will change their lives forever whilst helping maintain the nation’s fabric in its darkest hour.


Episode 1

Sunday 3 April 2016, 9pm

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It’s June 1940, and Britain faces the threat of imminent invasion. As the Battle of Britain looms, the villagers of Great Paxford live under a cloud of fear and suspicion.

Pat (Claire Rushbrook) strikes up a friendship with a Czech soldier stationed nearby, but her joy at independence from Bob (Mark Bazeley) is short lived.

Meanwhile, Laura (Leila Mimmack) is forced to face the consequences of her affair with Richard Bowers (Philip McGinley), whilst Spencer (Mike Noble) and Claire’s (Daisy Badger) relationship takes an unexpected turn.

Sarah (Ruth Gemmell) receives some shocking news about Adam, but her sorrow is overshadowed by a tragedy for Frances (Samantha Bond).


Episode 2

Sunday 10 April 2016, 9pm

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News of the Bowers’ divorce hits the papers and Laura’s (Leila Campbell) disgrace becomes public, which has grave consequences for her friendship with Tom and the future of the surgery.

With Bob (Mark Bazeley) back and injured in hospital, the attraction between Pat (Claire Rushbrook) and Marek (Alexandre Willaume) is thrown into sharp relief, but the risk of acting on their feelings is huge. Stan (Chris Coghill) returns home on leave, but the happy reunion with Steph (Clare Calbraith) is soured by his worrying attitude to invasion. At the reading of the will, Frances (Samantha Bond) discovers that Peter was keeping an enormous secret from her, but the surprise return of one particular villager offers her some unexpected comfort.


Episode 3

Sunday 17 April 2016, 9pm

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As the Battle of Britain intensifies, the women must do all they can to keep spirits high.

At a dance organised by the Czech soldiers, Joyce (Francesca Annis) gives Sarah (Ruth Gemmell) some unwelcome advice, and the stakes are raised for Pat (Claire Rushbrook) when someone discovers her relationship with Marek (Alexandre Willaume). Frances (Samantha Bond) learns there is much more to Peter’s affair than she realised, whilst Alison (Fenella Woolgar) is forced to choose between her loyalty to Frances and her secret work for the police.

Steph (Clare Calbraith) is increasingly concerned by Stan’s (Chris Coghill) behaviour on the farm, worried it’s having an unwelcome effect on Little Stan (Brian Fletcher). Meanwhile, the Brindsleys receive some wonderful news.


Episode 4

Sunday 24 April 2016, 9pm

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Teresa (Leanne Best) is asked on a date, but can she throw off her old life so easily?

Alison (Fenella Woolgar) worries that her involvement with the Lyons could have dangerous consequences beyond just damaging her relationship with Frances (Samantha Bond).

Pat (Claire Rushbrook) and Marek (Alexandre Willaume) reconcile, but when someone else sees them together, their relationship is in even more danger than before.

The Brindsleys’ happiness at David’s return is marred when the long-term impact of his injuries becomes apparent.

Meanwhile, there’s joyful news in the Campbell house, which spurs Laura (Leila Mimmack) into action, and Joyce (Francesca Annis) unexpectedly joins forces with Erica to organise a first aid meeting for the village.


Episode 5

Sunday 1 May 2016, 9pm

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It’s harvest time, and Steph (Clare Calbraith) struggles with the work required, but time is running out to meet the quota required, and she risks losing the farm.

Sarah (Ruth Gemmell) finds herself in a dangerous situation, whilst Teresa (Leanne Best) has a big decision to make.

Meanwhile, a newcomer to the village causes tension between Sarah and Frances (Samantha Bond), but there are more welcome visitors for Joyce (Francesca Annis) and the Brindsleys.

When Alison (Fenella) discovers the real reason behind the parachute accidents, she makes the horrifying connection to the factory – but can she warn Frances before it’s too late?


Episode 6

Sunday 8 May 2016, 9pm

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There’s cause for joy in the village as everyone prepares for Nick (Mark Umbers) and Teresa’s (Leanne Best) wedding.

In the face of Marek’s (Alexandre Willaume) impending departure, Pat (Claire Rushbrook) has a big decision to make, but Bob (Mark Bazeley) has one last trick up his sleeve to thwart her plans.

Whilst Frances (Samantha Bond) fights to clear her name after the closure of the factory, Alison (Fenella Woolgar) continues to wrestle with her conscience.

Meanwhile, a chance encounter with Noah (Oliver Nelson) on the street leads Joyce to do some investigating of her own. Even as the allies cheer for victory in the Battle of Britain, there’s one more twist of fate in store for the citizens of Great Paxford.


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