Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 8 audio review

The Third Doctor Adventures Volume 8 sees two new four-parters for Tim Treloar as the Doctor. Conspiracy in Space sees a return for the Draconians in a follow-up to the 1973 tale Frontier in Space. Meanwhile, The Devil’s Hoofprints finds the Doctor and Sarah back in the 19th century for a monstrous encounter. The Eve … >

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Donna Noble: Kidnapped! cover artwork

Donna Noble: Kidnapped! audio review

Donna Noble: Kidnapped! grants Doctor Who‘s Series Four leading lady the spotlight with her own box set of adventures. Set directly after the traumatic events of the Library two-parter, we find Donna back home in Chiswick with her mother, looking for some peace and quiet… Out of this World Seeking to raise Donna’s spirits, Sylvia … >

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Jeremiah Bourne In Time review

As it marks its twentieth year of audio productions, Big Finish’s determination to extend the reach and range of its catalogue is evident in an expanding roster of diverse new titles. Jeremiah Bourne In Time, the latest entry in the Big Finish Originals imprint, is a case in point. Penned by Nigel Planer, this four-part … >

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Audio review: Torchwood One – Machines

Back for a second box set based at Torchwood One after the success of Before The Fall, we return for another trio of London based stories with Yvonne Hartman and Ianto Jones, before their world was so rudely interrupted by warring Daleks and Cybermen. With a looser theme than the previous set, these stories begin … >

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Doctor Who: Jenny The Doctor’s Daughter review

With this set of four stories, Big Finish has avoided the use of ‘series 1’ in the title, but it’s clear from the first few moments this will be a popular and entertaining series for years to come. Georgia Tennant leaps from adventure to adventure, with all the bravado, vigour and joy for life the … >

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Weeping Angels

‘Doctor Who’ audio review: Classic Doctors New Monsters Volume 1

Big Finish finally releases one of the most anticipated titles from its extended Doctor Who licence this month: Classic Doctors, New Monsters – Volume 1. The concept is simple; four single-disc stories, each with a classic Doctor and a monster from the post-2005 TV series. All you need to know is the idea works very well on … >

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