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Return of the Cybermen – Doctor Who The Lost Stories 6.1 audio review

Return of the Cybermen is the latest of Big Finish’s Doctor Who Lost Stories. While most such tales derive from commissioned storylines that went no further, or ultimately rejected scripts, this is something different. Written for Tom Baker’s first season, the production team of the day felt that the script by Gerry Davis (Cyberman co-creator … >

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Rewind: Cybermen creators’ ’70s sci-fi drama ‘Doomwatch’ revisited

‘What are you making down there – poison gas?’   What was it about? Gerry Davis and Dr Kit Pedler first worked together during the 1960s, when Doctor Who producer Innes Lloyd brought them into his production team as story editor and technical advisor respectively. Together, Pedler and Davis brought some contemporary scientific realism to … >

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