The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield continue at Big Finish

The audio producers announce the future for the spacefaring archaeologist and sometime TARDIS traveller.  The enduring character of Professor Bernice Summerfield, created by writer Paul Cornell for the Doctor Who – The New Adventures book series, has been around since the early 1990s. However, she gained a new level of fame when actor Lisa Bowerman … >

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Into the TARDIS podcast

Into The TARDIS – new Big Finish Doctor Who Audio Drama Podcast

Launching in March 2024, weekly episodes will be introduced by Colin Baker.  Audio producers Big Finish have been in the Doctor Who business for a remarkable 25 years. During that time, they’ve worked with countless Doctors and companions, expanding the series’ in almost every conceivable direction. Over the years, they’ve given us more of fleeting on … >

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Big Finish release a book of Doctor Who cover art

Doctor Who – The Art of the Audio Adventures showcases the covers from more than twenty years of Big Finish audio dramas.  As Doctor Who’s 60th anniversary approaches, there’s no end of merchandise on offer. The latest comes from Big Finish, the home of Doctor Who audio dramas – who present a volume which celebrates … >

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David Tennant

Luther Arkwright – David Tennant returns… after 18 years (updated)

David Tennant reprises his part as Bryan Talbot’s Luther Arkwright for a further audio adaptation.  Updated 07/09/23: Luther Arkwright: Heart of Empire is released today. The highly anticipated audio adaption of Bryan Talbot’s Heart of Empire, starring David Tennant, is available to purchase from Big Finish. The sequel to The Adventures of Luther Arkwright comes … >

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Blake's 7

Blake’s 7: Origins – Terry Nation’s first 14 scripts to be novelised

Big Finish announce exciting plans to novelise the earliest episodes in Limited Edition hardback format.  Audio producers Big Finish have been keepers of the Blake’s 7 flame for many years. From their full-cast audios starring original cast members, to narrator-led series The Liberator Chronicles, they’ve been busily adding to the universe first envisioned by Terry … >

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Big Finish announce a further renewal of their Doctor Who licence

The prolific audio producers at Big Finish will be making Doctor Who audio dramas until at least 2030!  In news guaranteed to gladden the heart of Doctor Who audiophiles, if not their bank managers, Big Finish have announced that they have renewed their Doctor Who licence. The company have the go ahead to create audio … >

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Master! boxser cover art

Master! – Doctor Who audio boxset review

Master! sees Eric Robert’s incarnation of the dastardly Time Lord, first seen in the 1996 TV Movie,  let loose. While he has returned a few times on audio, most recently in Masterful, this boxset offers the villain centre stage. Along for the ride too is Big Finish’s homegrown heroine Vienna Salvatori (Chase Masterson). The impossibly … >

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