Big Finish announce a further renewal of their Doctor Who licence

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The prolific audio producers at Big Finish will be making Doctor Who audio dramas until at least 2030! 

In news guaranteed to gladden the heart of Doctor Who audiophiles, if not their bank managers, Big Finish have announced that they have renewed their Doctor Who licence. The company have the go ahead to create audio stories up until March 2030.

Working initially with Peter Davison, Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy, the company first published The Sirens of Time back in 1999. Since then, bringing Paul McGann, Tom Baker, the late Sir John Hurt, David Tennant and, most recently Christopher Eccleston into the fold, they have gone on to create more than a thousand new adventures.

Over the years, the Big Finish have garnered a reputation for creating stories in wonderfully niche moments of continuity. They also allow characters who didn’t quite have their moment onscreen to get a day in the sun. Their remarkable longevity comes from the fact that the company is comprised of fans, who all love the program dearly.

As well as the main show, there have been series for River Song, The War Master and multiple series of Lost Stories, recreating episodes that didn’t make it to the screen for various reasons. They’ve also recently launched a range of Audio Novels, aiming for a Target books vibe.


In recent years, Big Finish have also embraced recasting (in an incredibly sensitive manner); they have brought forth stories for beloved characters where the original actors are sadly no longer with us. Of late, these include Daisy Ashford and Sadie Miller, both playing their respective mother’s companion roles. Additionally, Jon Culshaw now serves as The Brigadier, with Christopher Naylor as Harry Sullivan and First Doctor companions Dodo Chaplet and Katarina have appeared too.

Speaking about the renewal, Big Finish Chairman and Co-Executive Producer Jason Haigh-Ellery said:

“We are very grateful to the BBC for once again placing their faith in Big Finish and extending our license into another decade – this time up to 2030. This allows us to really plan ahead and create long term story lines and character development not just for the Doctors and the companions but also for new series and elements that we can’t talk about yet! We are excited about the next decade and the adventures we are going to create in the TARDIS for us all to enjoy together.”

Dalek Supremo, Big Finish Creative Director and Co-Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs added:

“This rather lovely licence extension from the BBC for us to continue making Doctor Who audio drama until 2030 takes me past my official retirement date — although I have no plans to retire from anything. I look forward to working with Big Finish’s great creative team and our colleagues at BBC Studios for many years to come!”

While there’s no suggestion in the press release, we imagine elements from Jodie Whittaker’s era may eventually become part of their remit. That, of course, will doubtless happen once the television show has safely transitioned into its next iteration.

What’s Next?

Having transitioned into a box-set and digital-first format over the past couple of years, Big Finish look set to thrive. We look forward to keeping tabs on what they’re up to, such as January’s Peladon 50th Anniversary celebratory release and a further four box sets of Ninth Doctor Stories with Christopher Eccleston after his initial run.

Naturally, CultBox will keep you posted… and in the meantime, it’s all available at Big Finish!