Discovery season 4 trailer

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 to air internationally on Pluto TV

Star Trek franchise owners ViacomCBS have reacted to the fan outcry over Discovery’s removal from Netflix.  In a surprising turnaround, Paramount owners ViacomCBS are providing an alternate way for non-North American fans to watch the latest season of Star Trek: Discovery; in anticipation of the launch of their Paramount+ service, they pulled the show from … >

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Star Trek: Prodigy – already renewed for a second season

The teen-centered Star Trek animation has scored a recommission after airing  just three of its first run.  In a remarkable show of faith, Paramount+ have committed to a second season of the animated Star Trek: Prodigy. The show, which only began on the 28th of October, will return for a further ten episodes after those … >

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Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe

Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe in a new multi-year deal

ViacomCBS multi-year deal with Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe Another day, another deal in the VOD (Video on Demand — see our guide) world, as Sky brings Paramount+ to its ever evolving portfolio. It looks like good news for everybody (there are details): more content for Sky, European market for Paramount and more content for customers. We’ll … >

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Frasier is returning on Paramount+ after first appearing in 1984

Kelsey Grammer will be back as Frasier, a character whose phenomenal longevity is a testament to all involved A project which has been bubbling under for some time, the return of Frasier is a statement move on behalf of Paramount who announced their move into streaming with Paramount+ this week. The Hollywood Reporter gives good coverage, and … >

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Clueless: remake in the works

Ugh, as if! The latest classic film to be processed through the reboot machine is quotable 90s darling, Clueless… The film, starring Alicia Silverstone in a career-defining role as Cher Horowitz, has become a cult classic of the highest order. Co-starring Stacey Dash, Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy, it’s endlessly quoted but Paramount are now working … >

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