Global TV Demand Awards – nods include Marvel shows and Doctor Who

The streaming popularity awards will give out their gongs in February.  Although relatively new, the Global TV Demand Awards mission is to “celebrate the stories and people behind the world’s most in-demand tv shows”. Certified by the Guiness Book of Records, the awards use global fan activity (as monitored by Parrot Analytics) to determine the … >

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Discovery season 4 trailer

Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 to air internationally on Pluto TV

Star Trek franchise owners ViacomCBS have reacted to the fan outcry over Discovery’s removal from Netflix.  In a surprising turnaround, Paramount owners ViacomCBS are providing an alternate way for non-North American fans to watch the latest season of Star Trek: Discovery; in anticipation of the launch of their Paramount+ service, they pulled the show from … >

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Star Trek: Prodigy

Star Trek: Prodigy – already renewed for a second season

The teen-centered Star Trek animation has scored a recommission after airing  just three of its first run.  In a remarkable show of faith, Paramount+ have committed to a second season of the animated Star Trek: Prodigy. The show, which only began on the 28th of October, will return for a further ten episodes after those … >

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Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe

Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe in a new multi-year deal

ViacomCBS multi-year deal with Sky brings Paramount+ to Europe Another day, another deal in the VOD (Video on Demand — see our guide) world, as Sky brings Paramount+ to its ever evolving portfolio. It looks like good news for everybody (there are details): more content for Sky, European market for Paramount and more content for customers. We’ll … >

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Frasier is returning on Paramount+ after first appearing in 1984

Kelsey Grammer will be back as Frasier, a character whose phenomenal longevity is a testament to all involved A project which has been bubbling under for some time, the return of Frasier is a statement move on behalf of Paramount who announced their move into streaming with Paramount+ this week. The Hollywood Reporter gives good coverage, and … >

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Clueless: remake in the works

Ugh, as if! The latest classic film to be processed through the reboot machine is quotable 90s darling, Clueless… The film, starring Alicia Silverstone in a career-defining role as Cher Horowitz, has become a cult classic of the highest order. Co-starring Stacey Dash, Paul Rudd and Brittany Murphy, it’s endlessly quoted but Paramount are now working … >

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