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Red Dwarf: revisiting the eighth series

It’s time to wrap up our rewatch of classic Red Dwarf with a look back at series VIII… 1999 saw Red Dwarf return for its eighth and final series on the BBC, before taking a whopping ten-year hiatus and relaunching on Dave. Series VIII undid some of the questionable changes that were made in series...

The best new TV comedies of January-March

The first three months of 2018 saw the return of shows including This Country, Mum and Damned, as well as the launch of several brand new sitcoms. Of the new sitcoms that aired in the UK between January and March, we’ve chosen the ones that are most worth catching up with… Derry Girls This Channel...

Red Dwarf XII episode 5 review: M-Corp

Spoilers: in the penultimate episode of Red Dwarf’s twelfth series, the crew discover that their ship is now owned by M-Corp and Lister can no longer see products that aren’t also owned by the corporation.

Red Dwarf XII episode 2 review: Siliconia

In the second episode of Red Dwarf’s twelfth series, the crew encounter a group of rogue mechanoids who put the minds of Lister, Rimmer and Cat into mech bodies as punishment for ‘enslaving’ Kryten.