‘Doctor Foster’ creator is writing an episode for new season of ‘Doctor Who’

Mike Bartlett will make his Doctor Who debut with an episode in Season 10, the BBC has confirmed.

The writer had a huge hit on BBC One last year with his drama series Doctor Foster, starring Suranne Jones, who played Idris in Neil Gaiman’s first Doctor Who episode, ‘The Doctor’s Wife’.

Doctor Foster will return for a second season later this year.

As well as having a new six-part drama series for BBC One set in the world of newspapers coming up, Bartlett will also adapt his own Olivier Award-winning play King Charles III for BBC Two this year.

Doctor Foster (SURANNE JONES)

Doctor Who Season 10 begins filming in Cardiff next week.

Episode 1 is written by Steven Moffat and Episode 2 is written by Frank Cottrell-Boyce, with ‘Face the Raven’ writer Sarah Dollard writing an episode for the season’s second block of filming.

Mike Bartlett is presumably one of the new writers that Moffat claimed will “make your brain explode.

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The new season of Doctor Who will air on BBC One in spring 2017, with Pearl Mackie joining Peter Capaldi’s Doctor as new companion Bill and Matt Lucas returning as Nardole.

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  • Dr. Moo

    This is really exciting, what a coup for Moffat to get this guy writing Doctor Who! This episode has potential to be one of the best ever if Bartlett can live up to the standard of what he’s done elsewhere. Can’t wait to see what he’s written for us.

    • Daniel

      Oh yes. I thought Doctor Foster was one of the best written dramas in ages. It was sharp, smart and the characterisation and dialogue were great and best of all were the cliffhangers and surprises. No wonder it had the whole of the UK on edge each week. It’s so rare to have that kind of drama where you hear it being discussed the next day on the bus and at work. It is going to be an absolute cracker, but I just feel from how thrilled everyone in Cardiff is, that series 10 is going to blow the lid off even series 9 as it is Steven Moffat’s crowning series.

      • Marcie

        Loved Doctor Foster. I know people go on about Broadchurch and how people in series one were excited to find out whodunit, but Foster really kept you intrigued and had absolutely no padding. I found Broadchurch one had too many red herrings and wasted time on shots of the scenery or the detective staring out to sea. Plus the acting in Foster was uniformly great. Olivia Colman was good and all in Broadchurch one but most of the rest of the cast weren’t that great and series 2 was just so awful that I gave up after two episodes. Series 2 of Doctor Foster though should be wonderful. I would love Sally Wainright to also write for the show as Happy Valley one and two were also awesome and she would make some really believable characters. Bet she would be great at writing Bill.

  • russell

    One of the great points of Steven’s run, has been the inclusion of noted writers. Richard Curtis’s Vincent and the Doctor -from season five- springs to mind. A definite classic of Nu-Who. Bartlett’s episode will be one to watch.

    • Marcie

      Yes, it sets him way apart from Davies who tended to use the same old same old and of course then just rewrote everything anyway because of his overweening ego (Moffat excepted). Fortunately, Moffat has looked for a lot of fresh voices and even if he has loyally stuck with Mark Gatiss who has to be fair delivered mostly only adequate episodes, he has brought in so many new writers, including women and people outside the Davies Who Old Boys Club. The standard of writing over the last two years has been extraordinary and even if not everything landed, ahem, Forest, at least it was avoided the dull dead hand of the Davies era. Bartlett could very well deliver one of the masterpieces which are now a feature of the Capaldi era. We’ve had Listen, Mummy, Dark Water in series 8 and Zygon Inversion and Heavent Sent/Hell Bent from series 9. Clearly, Moffat’s final episodes are going to be extraordinary but maybe Mike Bartlett will be the one to deliver the masterpiece of masterpieces of what already looks like it could be the best series in the show’s history.

      • russell

        Great comment…Very well put Marcie! Bartlett – more Nardole. Just the tip of the season 10 news iceberg. What crumb of information to come next I wonder?