Who are the new ‘Doctor Who’ writers that will ‘make your brain explode’?

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With 2015’s Christmas special done and dusted, the rumour wheel can start turning in earnest on the next season of Doctor Who.

Confirmed to be continuing in his showrunner role, Steven Moffat has been teasing Season 10’s writing line-up with a promise of excitement, revealing: “…we’ve had meetings today with two writers who’ve never written Doctor Who before. If I told you their names, your brain would explode … brilliant, prominent and amazing writers.”

The show has maintained a solid recruiting record of late, bringing Jamie Mathieson , Catherine Tregenna and Sarah Dollard to the fold, along with more established names like Peter Harness (Wallander, Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell) and Neil Cross (Luther). Further back in Moffat’s tenure, Neil Gaiman, Simon Nye and Richard Curtis delivered memorable episodes too.

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Here are a few names that we feel might fit the brain-exploding bill…


JK Rowling

JK Rowling

As well as creating the world of Harry Potter, through seven novels and its various spin-offs, Rowling has now penned the script for the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie which is set in her wizarding world.

Although she reportedly turned down the advances of Russell T Davies when he was running Doctor Who, could Steven Moffat have succeeded in wooing her?


Sam Vincent & Jonathan Brackley

Humans 5 Anita (Gemma Chan)

The writing team behind Channel 4’s recent hit techno-drama Humans, Vincent and Brackely were also lead writers on the final seasons of Spooks, as well as scripting the recent spin-off movie, Spooks: The Greater Good.

They would be ideal for some thriller action – who doesn’t love the Doctor in his action hero moments?


George RR Martin

Game of Thrones 5 5 Jon Snow

While even the thought might infuriate a fan base desperately waiting on the sixth and seventh books in the saga of A Song of Ice and Fire, we can but imagine what GRRM’s take on Doctor Who might be. Swords and sandals perhaps – but presumably a lot less sex!

Could a script from the creative genius behind the source material for Game of Thrones be the bargaining chip needed to finally get Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson on board to direct?


Stephen Fry

Stephen Fry

Another near miss from the RTD era, Fry was initially pencilled in for David Tennant’s first run, promising a tale set in the 1920s, based on the legend of Gawain and the Green Knight. Eventually the script slid to 2007’s season before Fry was forced to give it up due to lack of time.

However, now that the country’s resident national treasure has stood down from QI hosting duties, might he have decided to return to the idea?


Charlie Brooker

Charlie Brooker

When he’s not taking a satirical swipe at popular culture on Screen Wipe, Brooker is the creative force behind Black Mirror, returning in 2016 with a 12-part third season on Netflix.

We would love to see where he would take the Doctor… perhaps into a dystopian future, or something with the horror/comedy notes of E4’s Dead Set. Also, perhaps we could have Philomena Cunk as the companion… the campaign starts here!


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