‘Doctor Who’ exec says Season 9 is ‘tonally the same’ as last year

Steven Moffat has hinted that the new season of Doctor Who will continue in the same direction as Peter Capaldi’s debut season.

Season 8 launched last August and saw the show explore a darker tone and take a “more rooted” approach than the “fairytale” feel of Matt Smith’s era.

Speaking to EW, Moffat revealed: “I told the [show’s] writers, don’t just write him mean, write him funny – because he’ll make any joke fly.”

The showrunner added: “As ever, Doctor Who is a combination of complete daft silliness and loads of people getting slaughtered in the early evening. Tonally, [Season 9] very much the same [as Season 8]. Peter is getting stronger and more confident in the role.”

Season 9 began filming in Cardiff in January and will air on BBC One this autumn.

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  • Marionette

    Great to hear. Moffat pretty well got everything right last year – great actor for the Doctor, more unpredictable, darker tone, brilliant range of writers, excellently matched foe in Missy. My only small quibble would be that Forest of the Night is an episode which tonally felt more in the RTD era as it lacked the sophistication of the rest of the series. If Moffat keeps up the quality of series 9, then I think we can safely say that this is the best era of Who we have ever had – modern or classic. From Name of the Doctor onwards, this has undoubtedly been the best run of episodes in the history of the show and even Forest was brilliantly acted and executed, just not tonally fitting with the rest of these episodes.

  • Mitzi DeMarco

    I would like to see more of Samuel Anderson but they killed him off as Danny Pink.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    i want to see Clara save the doctor from himself. always since the earliest of days it has been that “the doctor must not travel alone” i think this is because of the sadness and anger he carries with him. i think it’s time that Clara did her job as the impossible girl and save the doctor. show him that those things need not make us bitter. they need not make us hard. they need only to make us learn. and from that learning choose to do better and carry on doing what is right because the pluses FAR outweigh the minuses. also i would like to see the doctor learn this from Clara and immediately figure out how to pull Gallifrey out of the painting so that he can show the time lords what he has learned. then we would get time lords back the war would be over and we could explore whether or not the time lords followed the Doctor or the Master/Mistress and sooooo much more could happen. 😀 just what i would like to see having watched since Tom Baker. and LOVING Capaldi equally as much as Tom which SAYS VOLUMES because i never thought there would be another i looked forward to as much as i did watching Tom but well Capaldi’s got me completely hooked again. loved the 9th 10th and 11th but i have to say since tom the war doctor and Capaldi have renewed my faith in the show’s future. 😀

    • Erin Elizabeth

      mostly because in the day of the doctor we got to see the doctor who had to do it, the Doctor Who counted the lost, and the Doctor who forgot so i think it’s time to see the Doctor who Remembers why he took the name and get’s back to healing time. 😀

  • Kat

    “Peter is getting stronger and more confident in the role.” Oh really? It didn’t take Matt Smith a whole season to do that! Peter is certainly a competent actor, suited to dark roles. I just disagree that he is a “great” Doctor. I just don’t care for the scripts he is given. And I absolutely HATE what they have turned sweet Clara into! Instead of getting to be a better human by spending time with the Doctor, she has been regressed to a whining cardboard character that has lots of people hating her. They give her a “relationship” that springs up and is rapidly in full form, only to kill off the character of Danny before the end of the series. At least when Rory died, he got to come back, again and again! I watched every episode of Series 8, and felt only about 4 of them were up to the quality we expect from Doctor Who. Two or three of others were “fair”. The rest had plot holes and totally unbelievable endings….the Moon is an EGG and a space dragon hatches, and also lays a new Moon egg? Did anyone consider the SCIENCE part of Sci-Fi stories? Could they not have had a giant nest in a crater on the far side of the moon, and a giant egg that hatches? Sorry, that was about the weakest episode of the entire season, in line with a couple of the worst of the 10th Doctor’s era. The Classic Doctors had far better scripts in many cases too! The real world is dark enough without having to remind us weekly. Funny is good, even fear, mystery, a touch of “magic” and some traveling in time AND space. GRUMPY is just not appealing! I am hoping Series 8 turns out to be a face crab dream of the Doctor’s, and the quality we saw with Tennant and Smith, even Eccleston, will return. A 50% good/great series is not good enough to me. I want better.

    • Mark S

      Sorry, couldn’t disagree with this more. Apart from maybe three episodes, Series 8 has been the best for a long time. And the relationship between 12 and Clara developed into a great partnership. And Dr Who has always been SCIENCE FANTASY, where science serves the story, not the other way round.

  • Aly

    I LOVE that the Doctor is continuing to evolve. 12 is, IMO, the most complicated version we’ve yet seen (including the classic series), and there’s so much more he, and we, have yet to discover about him. This is why I really hope PC stays on for a while. I can’t wait to see where he takes us next.

  • CraigK

    Peter is the worst Dr Who since the last of the Original Series, he is destroying the series. I look forward to a regeneration soon. Maybe bring back his Cloned daughter or a Female Dr Who. Peter has to go.

    • Mark S

      Don’t hold your breath.

    • VitaG

      What is wrong with Peter?

  • Guest

    think Capaldi has the potential to be a great Doctor, but Moffat is
    killing him. Moffat has turned “Doctor Who” into “THE CLARA OSWALD SHOW
    STARRING JENNA COLEMAN (also starring peter capaldi as the doctor)”. To
    be very blunt, when Capaldi is improvising
    The Doctor at personal appearances, he has this perfect balance of
    sternness and kindness. He is fantastic with kids, and has a really good
    sense of humor and irony. We need the character written that way,
    instead of him acting like a total dick, no matter what.

    am pretty convinced that 85% of all series 8’s stories were originally
    intended for Matt Smith. They tried to adapt them, but didn’t do a great
    job at all. Clara’s story would have quite poignantly ended in ‘Last
    Christmas” when The Doctor came back to find her as an old woman… just
    like she found the 11th Doctor in “Time Of The Doctor”. It would have
    been an amazing and appropriate ending to her story. Moffat had to beg
    Jenna Coleman to come back, and back she came. I think Clara’s called
    “The Impossible Girl” because she’s impossible to get rid of!

    could have started series 9 off fresh and new, and all the baggage left
    behind, but Moffat sadly had other plans. The Doctor was too
    inconsistent, and the stories not bold enough in series 8. I hope we
    see some serious changes this series. Peter Capaldi deserves better
    than just being served Matt Smith’s leftovers. That includes his
    companion, his sonic screwdriver and Steven Moffat.

    • Mark S

      What a load of rubbish. I could not disagree with this entire post more.