No ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10 airing in 2016?

Private Eye is reporting that a full season of Doctor Who will not be made next year.

The magazine claims that “BBC staff have recently been informed that showrunner Steven Moffat’s commitments to his other hit show Sherlock mean that there will be no full series of Doctor Who in 2016.”

A tenth season has been confirmed by the BBC, but no dates for when it will arrive have yet been revealed.

The fourth season of Sherlock was originally due to be filmed later this year, but is now due to begin shooting next spring.

Sherlock Watson Martin Freeman

Doctor Who Season 9 has been filming in Cardiff since January and begins on BBC One on Saturday 19 September.

> Here’s everything we know about Season 9 so far.

Since the show’s return in 2005, there has been a full season each year apart from 2009, when specials leading up to David Tennant’s departure were shown instead, and in 2012-2013, when Season 7 was split either side of 2012’s Christmas special.

It is worth noting that Private Eye is a satirical magazine, although the article in its Media News section seems to be presented straight and contains no apparent satire. The magazine was also first to report that there would be reduced episodes in 2012-2013, so does have a reliable track record.

Doctor Who Asylum of the Daleks

With the current cuts to BBC funding, it’s not implausible that it’s true and Moffat’s heavy workload was rumoured to be a factor behind the Season 7 delay. However, with the show’s international sales at an all-time high, we would expect the BBC to look into a co-production deal before reducing the number of episodes being made if budgetary concerns are the issue.

Update: The BBC has told CultBox this afternoon that “it’s too early to confirm the schedule for future series at this point.”

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Do you think a break would be good for the show or do you want Season 10 next year? Let us know below…

  • Teapunk

    Of course we want Season 10 next year. If Moffat has commitments to Sherlock maybe he should, well, focus on Sherlock and stop being a showrunner for Doctor Who?

    • RockyJohan

      yeah and you should stop being an idiot

      • Teapunk

        What is wrong with you? I’m stating my opinion and you’re calling me an idiot? Get an anger management therapy of sorts, mate.

      • Rob

        Teapunk is exactly right. You need to just go away and let the adults talk, child.

  • Jim Hamilton

    If this is truly the case, it’s time for Moffat to step down and let someone else take the reins.

    • Callum Trevitt

      For once, I agree with that

    • Barb Walker


      • Ano

        I’m pretty confiedent that Moffat and the other creativ-minds behind Doctor Who would find a good replacement

      • Jim Hamilton


        • Stephanie Hoag

          Sorry, but I don’t see a complete sentence in there anywhere. But I do see a travesty. Lol

        • Un-Popular Opinions

          Apparently caps lock is still the cruise control for cool. IS THIS BETTER?? AM I COOL ENOUGH NOW?!
          Doctor Who. Not Dr. Who. Moron.

          • hipe99

            … it was a parody (hopefully)

      • Rob

        Don’t post again. Ever.

    • Ano

      yeah, I agree if he has no time for the show as showrunner then it’s time to go for his sake and the fans. It’s hard enough to wait a year for 12-14 episodes + Christmas Specials and he wants to make another split season like season 7 i guess so 14 episodes over 2 years it’s unexcaptable.

      And I don’t like his approach to focus almost enterly on amazing standalone episodes.Yes episodes like Blink, Listen or Midnight are awesome but than you have shit like Kill the Moon, Robots of Sherwood which could be easily replaced by decent two-parter

      • Lord Masters

        Caretaker and Robots of Sherwood were very good epsodes.

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat

      I’d wait for something official from the BBC before anything. If you think a year bad enough, try 16 years of no Doctor Who TV save for just 1 TV pilot.

      • Jim Hamilton

        I’ve been a fan of DW since 81. I felt that 16 year pain AND I’ll be the first to say that JNT should have left way before Michael Grade forced him to.

        • ThePurpleFrockCoat

          Then you know that a 1 year break is nothing in comparison. I’d wait first IF this is true.

          • Jim Hamilton

            Uhh… perhaps you might re-read the first 6 words of my initial statement?

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Yes I did and I have said lets wait and see if this is true. If there is anything I learned being a fan of the show since the 1970’s is to always look to the BBC for confirmation.

          • Jim Hamilton

            Which is redundant, as it was the first thing I said.

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Lets just wait ok? No one really knows what is going on except the BBC. Laters.

          • Jim Hamilton

            So, I just want to make sure… you do speak English and are aware that the words “If this is truly the case” means that I only stand behind the words that come after that IF WHAT WAS STATED IS TRUE, right? Which means, by definition, that I’m waiting to judge until I know if this story is true. Are we understanding each other now?

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            And ALL I am saying lets WAIT and SEE IF this is true since its all we can do in light of this info. That’s all I’m saying. Yes I read your first statement.

          • Jim Hamilton
          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Eh, whatever. *rolls eyes*

          • Jim Hamilton

            LMFAO Do you seriously not get that all you did was repeat the first thing I said in my statement?

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            I’m agreeing with your statement on the ‘if this is true,’ part. Why do you think I repeated it? The BBC only need to confirm or deny it is all I’m saying so best to wait and see. Besides this info came from a satirical magazine. I’d treat with a grain of salt. Let’s just leave it at that. Fair enough for you?

          • We interrupt this thread to bring you Abbot and Costello.

          • Katie Wilkins

            Nice. Well played.

          • Edu Osieta

            Confrontational right to the bitter end, eh? Just admit that you read what you wanted to read and gave a knee-jerk response.

        • Marc Paris

          JNT was what the show needed at the time and he did great in his first few seasons but I agree he should have left with Peter Davidson. I think Moffet is in the same boat and he needs to transfer the reins in an orderly fashion to someone else. It’s normal DW progression – oh and Clara should have gone at the end of this last season.

        • Mec

          Michael Grade hates anything science fiction.

  • Wanna cry

  • Jacy Clark

    Dick Wolf, David Bellisario, Jerry Bruckheimer… Three showrunners in the States running multiple shows for multiple years. Full season shows with more than 3 (Sherlock) or 8 to 10 (Doctor Who) episodes. Maybe they were writing less. Maybe they delegated better. Either way, the “juggling two series” justification wears a bit thin in comparison. Maybe it’s a problem within the BBC. Whatever. Just fix it.

    • Zoltán Buka

      Well you’re talking about CSI and Law and Order and stuff like that, not quality TV Drama.

      • Jacy Clark

        And your point is? Like ’em, don’t like ’em, doesn’t matter. The mechanics are the same. In fact, the writing is, from a time and tech perspective, a relatively small part of it. If Moffat is too involved (maybe to the point of micromanagement), then he needs to learn to delegate more. If it is a BBC thing – tech or money or other resources – then I don’t know. But it seems odd to me that the BBC would deliberately throttle two of its most popular shows. Then again, look what they did to Top Gear.

        • Zoltán Buka

          It’s the US, creating television is completely different there, especially with schematic, mass-produced things like the above listed few.

    • MurrayFutterman

      Bruckheimer isn’t a showrunner, he’s an executive on those shows with very little if any creative input. Each of the CSIs, for example, had their own showrunners.
      I don’t know how it works with the other two you mentioned, but I’d warrant it’s similar.

  • kabphillie

    If it turns out to be like the last David Tennant “season” with multiple specials, I’d be okay with that.

  • Nathan Chubb

    the bbc already confirmed there will be new season

  • Zoltán Buka

    Smells like bullshit. Sherlock takes long to produce because of the two main actors, nothing to do with the showrunners.

  • Micah Olson

    I’d rather have twelve episodes of Doctor who vs 3 episodes of Sherlock. Moffat needs to choose his show. Either step down from Doctor Who or let Gatiss take control of Sherlock.

  • Doctor Moo

    No need to panic. The BBC haven’t said anything yet plus we still have all of series nine and a christmas special to enjoy first. I doubt they’d be so swift to “shoot the golden TARDIS” since it’s one of their biggest moneymakers, if not THE biggest.

  • BJBlackpool

    Hmm. If I remember right, the Eye made a similar claim about 2013: technically they were correct (no full season), but we had enough to keep us happy. Can’t help noticing, though, that “short” years tend to coincide with departure of the lead.

  • Rob

    If Moffat is too busy, then someone else should do it. I think the show could use some fresh ideas and someone who would listen to what the fans are clamoring for instead of furthering solely their own agenda…

    • MurrayFutterman

      Listening to fans is the worst thing a showrunner can do, since fans can’t agree amongst themselves on what they want.
      And what the heck does “their own agenda” mean? He’s the showrunner. He makes the creative decisions. That’s how it works. It’s not a democracy where all the fans ideas are taken into account, and it shouldn’t be that would be chaos.

      • Rob from Rigel VII

        Seems to have worked well for Disney and the new Star Wars movie. As it’s now the #2 top grossing and could come close to #1, I’d say taking the fans’ ideas into account as opposed to sticking them with an unwanted Jar Jar has made add the difference.

  • Chadlee Skrikker

    Umm…it was printed in a satricial magazine. If you don’t get the satire, it doesn’t make it true, it just means that either its bad satire or that you’re a bit thick.

    • MurrayFutterman

      Private Eye is a satirical magazine, but it often has straight reportage, particularly on media issues.

  • Michael Wilson

    I think Moffat should have stepped down after season 8. His stories & the series under him are now very tired & uninspiring. It’s time we had some new blood helming the series, but this time make it someone who keeps out their so obvious Freemasonic influences in the series like Moffat does. It’s ruining it for this old fan!

    • Un-Popular Opinions

      Russel T Davies set a presedence of a 2 Doctor stint. So after Capaldi leaves… We should have a new show runner. Which means we’ll have Moffat for at least 1 more season after 9… Calling it now, Capaldi regenerates at the end of season 10.

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat

        Capaldi is having too much fun. He may stay longer…

  • Michael Wilson

    LoL. The site has removed my Freemasonic post that is dominating Moffat’s reign. Figures.

    Anyway, ffs, PLEASE get rid of Clara Oswald. The last two series have been totally focused on her & she is so bloody annoying. I thought this was called ‘Doctor Who’, not ‘Clara Oswald’

    And Moffat should have gone in series 8 & taken that tramp with him.

    • MurrayFutterman

      “That tatty tramp.” Wow, you’re Mr. Classy aren’t you?

    • CultBox

      Don’t think we’ve removed any posts, what was it about?

  • Karen Graham

    How silly. Sherlock is only 3 shows a season. How long can that take? Don’t skip a whole season of Dr. Who. I don’t want to believe this.

    • MurrayFutterman

      Well, Sherlock episodes are 90 mins, so three episodes are the equivalent of six Who episodes (roughly speaking.)
      And the Private Eye quote only says no full series in 2016, not no series.
      But people really should wait to find out what is actually going on before jumping to conclusions based on a vague one-line sentence.

  • Kooljeff

    Simple solution – get rid of Moffat. His writing sucks anyway.

    • MurrayFutterman

      And who will replace him?

      • Kooljeff

        Anyone who can actually write Science Fiction and Dr Who. Questions about his Show Running too. Last season was dire – only Capaldi shined. Plenty of good writers out there.

        • Ella

          There are but nobody wants to do it, mostly because it is one of the most ungrateful jobs on television. Only reading the negative comments about *everything* would discourage even the biggest fan to become a showrunner..

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            I feel very sorry for the next idiot who succeeds Moffat or any showrunner.

  • Katelyn Stockbridge

    I will take whatever I can get! I just want to see more Doctor who! It’s such a fantastic show!

  • Griff

    *IF* true, it’s much more likely we’ll see a split season, IMHO.

  • Kay Douglas

    Moffat should stop being so selfish and step down if he can’t cope with both shows.

  • Cely Ranke Gonçalves

    Bring Matt Back!

    • Jara

      Please, no. He was not really good….and Peter is great.

    • Doctor Moo

      It doesn’t work that way. I miss Matt as well, his 11th Doctor is my favourite, but Peter’s 12th Doctor is excellent as well.

  • Kelly Parker

    …I struggle to wait for it between seasons. Having only watched since Smith, I don’t know what waiting 16 years was like (I wasn’t even born until 1992). But I struggle to wait between seasons.

  • Darren Gambrell

    Correction. There was not a full season in 2013 either.

  • Prof Bryan J Zsurka Sr

    EVERY season of Doctor Who must be a complete season unless, like with the departure of Davis Tennant and Matt Smith, additional episodes lead to a regeneration. Too many people wait for this show to return.. only to cut it short would be a slap in the face of those of us who patiently bide our time.

  • Raymond Davis

    Actually the way Moffat has been phoning it in after handing this plum role off to his buddy Capaldi makes me worried that this could be true. Clara is the only character I’ve found watchable . I dread the day they drop her.
    I mean I watch every other Doctor I can over and over again with great enjoyment but can’t bring myself to watching Mr. Capaldi chewing on the scenery more than once.
    Listening to Moffat’s interviews have also made me think Moffat has a greater appreciation for Sherlock: as if The Doctor was intellectually beneath him.
    If he’s so busy or the work is beneath him why hasn’t the Doctor been handed off . This series is so wildly popular that I am sure hundreds of qualified even famous people would kill for his job.

    • Ella

      What are you talking about? Capaldi is a brilliant actor and he *knows* the show and is a fan.

      • Raymond Davis

        Yeah he introduced the Doctor as someone cynical and suspicious of mankind , deranged and confused. Why have I been so blind , obviously Capaldi has the nexus of the character completely down pat. And I obviously don’t “know the show” and couldn’t possibly be a fan despite the fact that I’ve been watching it as long as Capaldi. That’s what people do who aren’t fans they watch the show religiously just to prove their disdain.
        What the frack are you talking about? Or more succinctly put: Hay there brother who you jiving with that cosmic debris?

        • Riley

          Oh yes you are so right that someone who has lived for thousands of years and seen the worst of humankind, would never ever be cynical. If you can’t tell by my sarcasm, I think your statement is foolish.

          • Raymond Davis

            The Doctor as played by Matt Smith -just prior to Capaldi and David Tenett just before Matt ,,saw the human race as noble and continually gave the human race the benefit of the doubt and on the whole was optimistic about human progress. Shouldn’t there be SOME continuity concerning this from Doctor to doctor ? If not why are people continually pointing out the fact that Capaldi is a” long time fan “? If each incarnation simply starts from scratch you wouldn’t need to have ever seen the show before in order to become the Doctor.

          • Riley

            Every Doctor is cynical towards humankind, but the degrees vary.

          • Mohsen Alexson

            Its the part he playing, the papers Moffat made
            if you want to blame someone blame Moffat not Capaldi

        • Doctor Moo

          “…he introduced the Doctor as someone cynical and suspicious of mankind , deranged and confused…”
          Go watch An Unearthly Child and see how ridiculous you’re being to see that as an issue.

      • Henry V

        I hope Capaldi takes on a bigger role in the show TBH as he is not only completing acing it in the acting department, he really understands who the Doctor is supposed to be and the way he has played it is so very respectful to all of the past doctors, particularly in the classic era. The show is at its absolute best at the moment and Peter is easily one of the two or three greatest doctors we have had even after one series, so imagine how amazing he is going to be after series 9.

    • Riley

      Oh don’t be absurd! Capaldi is phenomenal

    • Henry V

      Goodness, what are you smoking? Capaldi is a marvel and has breathed life back into the series. I honestly haven’t heard anything but great views about him from fans (even if they didn’t like one or two episodes last year), the media and critics adore him even more than Matt who set the gold standard in terms of acing the role and the show has had record number of viewers. If that is failure, then the world has turned upside down. In some ways, I think the show needs Peter now more than Moffat and if they can keep Peter through a change of show runner, I’d be happy with that.

  • Shaun Reid

    The reason that Sherlock has been delayed is because they have to work when Cumberbatch & Freeman are available as they are now working on different Marvel films it is something that neither the BBC nor Moffat have any control over. Why blame Moffat because the actors have decided the big money is far more important than Sherlock?

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat

      That could be true too. Both actors are in demand in Hollywood and in the UK.

  • Steve Docherty

    Fuck off Moffat – this show isn’t there to be your pet project when you can fit it in. If you can’t divide up your time then piss off and hand over the show to someone with the passion to run the show full time. Knob.

  • Ella

    The last season of Sherlock sucked. Why they want to make more series is beyond me. And no, argument that both main actors are a big draw is not an argument. To make a bad show to attract viewers at some actors is not how it should be done. DW got good in S8 again (with a great actor in the leading role) so hopefully this would mean, in the worst case, only less episodes or specials.

  • Mat Greenfield

    I’m pretty sure this isn’t true, since it’s Private Eye and Moffat has been juggling Who and Sherlock since the very beginning. Hell, he launched Sherlock less than a month after Doctor Who’s fifth series went out.

    But, assuming it’s true, we’ll manage. Didn’t we do the exact same thing in 2009? And 2012? Not having a full series does not mean that we’ll get no episodes at all, it just might mean a reduced run or a number of specials. It’d be silly of the BBC to let their biggest show slip like that, but there we are.

    Besides, I think this could present the right opportunity for Moffat to bow out with a trilogy of bombastic specials spread over 2016. He’ll have time to really focus on the writing that way and go out on a high.

  • Evil Lynn

    Well we will wait and see what happens. This could be a BBC issue and nothing to do with Moffat, Doctor Who or Sherlock. It could be a funding issue, a scheduling issue or any number of things. Also it could be a programming issue after all it wouldn’t be the first time the powers that be at a studio have decided to sideline a cult show because it didn’t fit their view, no matter how popular it is.

    The thing is we don’t know as yet what the issue is, or even if their is one.

    But I will say having watched last season of Doctor Who I felt that the writing on most of the eps was average at best. Even on Moffats other show Sherlock, two of the last three eps of it were well below par, so I do think Moffat needs to step back a little and delegate. If he can’t delegate, then he needs to pick one show and stick with it because at the moment I think splitting his time between them both is starting to affect the quality of both.

    Saying that he didn’t write a lot of the ones that I thought were terrible. But I am assuming he had some input into selecting the scripts and the overall feel of them. I adore Mark Gatiss and I usually think he can do no wrong but he wrote the Robin Hood episode which had me cringing in my seat.

    I loved Capaldi as the Doctor and I liked his and the writers take on the Doctor but the individual episodes just were not all that good. Missy was about as sinister and scary as a marshmallow, the plot lines were so transparent and boring or in some cases downright stupid and some had more plot holes in them than swiss cheese.

    I do think they need to look into how they ran the last season and make some changes to improve things. If that means having a break and a rethink then possibly thats what they need to do.

  • Andrew Dk Blackamore

    Fans should boycott Holmes not that I’ve ever watched it !

  • John

    Steven Moffat *should* step down. Pull a Russell T Davies and hand it off instead of just ending it, if only temporarily. He doesn’t even write most of the episodes. There are tons of good scripts, he can just check them over if he wants to.

  • Maria Mc Coy

    Really can’t see this happening but, if it comes to a choice Moffat should really stick with the show that made him a global household name and fight for it. Sherlock can be made by someone else – not as if it’s a new story anyway. How many versions of a main lead jumping off a waterfall do you need ?

  • Chris Sullivan

    I only read the first “comments with drama” thread and a few there after and I’m not sure if this has been said but… “I love Moffat’s work.” His unique way of looking at how space and time can be used for excellent story telling have now run a bit thin. The pattern has become far too recognizable and it’s time for him to give up the DW mantle to someone who can spin a new web. That being said, Moffat has done well by Doctor Who. He was expected to take over the show during a lull in ratings, only to see it climb even higher. For a show with such a legacy to continue, it must stay new and it must move forward. This is exactly why the handoff from RTD to Moffat worked so well. The presentation got a new paint job, mufflers, and tires. It brought in a fantastic doctor and excellent story telling along with actors who portrayed characters that were so mesmerizing that it was impossible to not become emotionally attached to the likes of The Ponds. But, it ended and time marches on for fans of The Doctor.

    Moffat has been trying to straddle the fence between two shows as head writer and producer, and it’s simply too much. DW fans DESERVE far more than a part time show. We need someone who can dedicate their self fully to the show, or love it enough to find someone who will carry the show forward.

    So thank you, Steven, for giving us 5 years of The Doctor in a whole new light. Thank you for creating a family for the Doctor that will never be forgotten. All we ask is that you respect us enough that, if you cannot dedicate yourself to both shows, then you must choose only one. If it is Sherlock, we will not be hurt, so long as you find us someone who will continue to do right by us.

  • PJ

    How about not taking the word of a SATIRICAL magazine?


    I want even longer seasons, not shorter or canceled ones. Split seasons do work for me.

  • Jaymz Nemo

    If true, simple solution: replace Moffat.

  • Derek Der King

    Nice dodge. The article also referred to increasing pressure of fans wanting Moffat to stand down.

  • This angers me.

  • Spangles

    The show has never been better, more popular and more respected. Capaldi has given Moffat a completely new lease of creative life, with series 8 the best since the reboot and even better than the great series 5. There is growing consensus that Listn may be the best Doctor Who story of all time and Capaldi is the best doctor we have ever had. We should be thanking Steven Moffat for making the show so good and giving us three brilliant doctors in Matt Smith John Hurt and best of all, Peter Capaldi, instead of abusing him. If the BBC who is his boss of Moffat after all thinks the show needs a rest while Sherlock gets made, what can Moffat do? It may only mean a slight delay and quality is always better than quantity. RTD churned out four series back to back but the quality was very mixed and a lot was really awful whereas Moffat ‘s output has been consistently good and most of it among the best we have ever had. Give the man a break.

  • Pat1249

    If Moffat cannot do his job he should be replaced. The replacement should be chosen carefully. It should be someone who thoroughly knows Doctor Who and loves it.

  • Edu Osieta

    I can only hope this isn’t true, that the BBC thinks that Moffat is bigger than Doctor Who. If it is, then what hope will there be for Who when Moffat finally leaves?

  • Christina Nina Parks

    I would hate to have to wait a whole year for just a few measly episodes. If he doesn’t have time for the show, I am sure there would be many other writers or such that would be willing to step up for the opportunity. Think of how many people actually watch the show, budget cuts!? I understand things happen, but doesn’t the show make a crap ton anyways from just the viewings alone. Not to mention merchandise sales and such.
    Anyways back to the whole maybe waiting a millinium for another season….i say no go. But then again we did wait a while for season 8 to come to us…. so…yeah.

  • Crikey, time to bring back RTD to undo some of the moffjob.

  • Michael Timms

    I always want a new season, usually starting right after the end of the last one. But, I also want more Sherlock, so, if the trade-off of a new season of Sherlock means waiting a year for Doctor Who, that is a price that I am reluctantly willing to pay.