Remembering Doctor Who’s first script editor

Any features that look at Doctor Who script editors have to – by law – be called something like ‘Script Doctor’. I really wanted to call these articles ‘Standing on the Shoulders of Bryants’ but apparently that doesn’t lend itself to search engine optimisation. Also, to be pedantically technical (the best kind of technical), David … >

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How LGBTQ representation in television is changing

Representation in television has always been a controversial topic amongst audiences and critics. Throughout our own history, television organisations have grounded healthy representation to a halt because of a lack of knowledge and apprehension towards how their audience numbers would be affected if they didn’t satisfy everyone’s expectations. In modern society, writers have gradually become … >

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Rachel Talalay

The best of Rachel Talalay

Rachel Talalay will be directing the final two episodes of Doctor Who season 10. She is pretty much universally loved by fans of the show, and here’s why. 

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