The worlds and locations of Doctor Who: Time Fracture

Participants in the immersive theatre experience Doctor Who: Time Fracture, which opens in London this month, can expect to visit 17 different worlds and see many locations on video as part of their adventure. There will be many surprises but these are the known places participants can expect to visit, in person or by video. … >

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Doctor Who The Lone Centurion Vol 1 cover art

The Lone Centurion Volume 1 – Doctor Who audio review

The Lone Centurion Volume 1 sees Arthur Darvill return as Rory Williams – well, sort of. For those with only a distant memory of Series 5, Amy Pond’s luckless fiancé had a habit of dying. And being brought back to life. During the two-part series finale, Rory was somehow resurrected as an Auton Roman soldier. … >

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First Doctor Adventures volume 05

The First Doctor Adventures Volume 05 — Doctor Who audio drama review

With The First Doctor Adventures Volume 05, Big Finish continues to demonstrate the strengths (and weaknesses) of its recast first Doctor series The recast team of David Bradley (the Doctor), Claudia Grant (Susan), Julian Glover (Ian) and Jemma Powell (Barbara) get involved in two more two-disc adventures, doing their best to recreate the feel of the … >

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Doctor Who: Time Fracture to include all Doctors

Six original Doctor actors have recorded cameos for the upcoming immersive theatre experience Doctor Who: Time Fracture. Jodie Whittaker, Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy and Jo Martin will all feature in pre-recorded cameos for the production. David Bradley will cameo as the first Doctor. Michael Troughton will voice his father Patrick Troughton’s … >

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Doctor Who Series 13 filming: Doctor, Dan and TARDIS in Penarth

A Doctor Who film crew recorded Jodie Whittaker and John Bishop with the TARDIS prop on May 13 on Salisbury Avenue in Penarth, Wales. My street this afternoon… 💫#DoctorWho #Doctor #DoctorWhoRankings #Tardis #TheDoctor #BBC #Penarth — Mab Jones (@mabjones) May 13, 2021 Look who’s visiting #Penarth today! — Nick Skinner TV (@skinner_nick) May … >

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Captain Jack cameo removed from ‘Doctor Who: Time Fracture’

The creators of Doctor Who: Time Fracture have made the decision not to include footage they recorded of John Barrowman as Captain Jack as part of their immersive theatre experience premiering in London this month. Virtually hidden among the ‘Frequently Asked Questions’ section of their website under the question, “What’s happening with Captain Jack Harkness … >

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