The Avengers at 60

The Avengers at 60 marked by STUDIOCANAL with online event

STUDIOCANAL is hosting an online event on January 29 to show classic episodes and discuss The Avengers at 60 In 1961, ABC television company brought The Avengers to our screens (black and white as they were) for an espionage thriller starring Ian Hendry as Dr David Keel and one Patrick Macnee as John Steed. The series … >

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Zog and the Flying Doctors (BBC Christmas 2020)

BBC Christmas 2020 promises to bring the nation together

It’s just over a week until you can but your Radio Times double Christmas edition (other TV guides are available) but we have a good idea of the BBC Christmas 2020 plans There’s a vision behind the BBC Christmas 2020 programming, best expressed by Charlotte Moore, BBC’s Chief Content Officer: Let’s face it, it’s been a difficult … >

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TV’s top 5 female spies

When thinking of the best fictional spies, your mind most probably jumps to the likes of James Bond, Jason Bourne and Jack Bauer. But what is it that those three have in common, apart from the initials JB (anyone know why that’s a rule?) – they’re all men. Though they might not always be as … >

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7 of the best episodes of ‘The Avengers’

Following our recent retrospective of The Avengers, I thought to myself “Why can’t I be more like Emma Peel?” Now that I’ve realised I really don’t have the hips for crimpolene, I refocused myself to give you the rundown on seven of the best episodes…   1.16: ‘The Frighteners’ One of the few existing Season … >

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Rewind: ‘The Avengers’ revisited

One elegant spy. Three femme fatales. A dash of diabolical masterminds. Nineteen gallons of Champagne.   What was it about? When Dr David Keel’s fiancée is murdered, Keel teams up with the mysterious John Steed in order to bring the killers to justice. It was only when Steed allied with judo fighting, leather wearing anthropologist … >

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