Lucifer season 6 poster (landscape)

Lucifer poster sets the tone for season 6 ahead of September

The official Twitter account dropped the Lucifer poster for season 6 — we admire it and take a closer look With Lucifer season 6 coming ever closer (September if you haven’t heard), the official @LuciferNetflix account on Twitter has dropped the new poster. What can we tell from it? Well, we like the byline for starters: All Bad Things … >

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New Lucifer pictures in the spotlight season 6

New Lucifer pictures tease season 6, and we’ve still weeks to go

We’ve seven new Lucifer pictures released on social media for season 6 — what do they reveal or are they just teases? Lucifans are still digesting the SDCC 2021 start date reveal for Lucifer season 6, and now there are several new images to speculate over. We’ll go through them and suggest some ideas. The return of Daniel Espinoza … >

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lucifer goes back to the future in season 6 DeLorean

Lucifer goes Back to the Future in season 6 and does it in style

Tom Ellis dropped a picture onto Instagram suggesting Lucifer goes Back to the Future in season 6 We’re still a short-way from the Lucifer panel at SDCC 2021, but while we wait, Tom Ellis has outflanked fans by dropping an Instagram picture from up-coming season 6 (above.) Yes, the Devil (or God as we should call him) retains all his … >

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DB Woodside Amenadiel

DB Woodside talks Lucifer season 5 and season 6

DB Woodside (Lucifer’s brother Amenadiel in the hit show) has given am extensive interview to Collider — we tempt you with some highlights… DB Woodside has joined in with the (welcome) barrage of publicity around the arrival of Lucifer season 5B on Netflix (see our review). We recommend the interview to any fan of the show, and will drop … >

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Lucifer showrunners

Lucifer showrunners talk season 5 ending and tease season 6

The Lucifer showrunners have given several interviews recently, and discussed both the season 5B ending and season 6 — we bring you the highlights First off, we suggest you find the original interviews (we’ve seen at least three). The first we found was on Collider, but there are others. We’ve not cross-checked them (yet), but there … >

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Lucifer season 6

Lucifer season 6 — final episode title revealed on Twitter

We now know the titles for every episode in Lucifer season 6 — we’ve collected them together for your convenience Production on Lucifer season 6 is in its final stages. Key cast members have said their mutual farewells this week as we also got the reveal of the May date for Lucifer season 5B. Following that flurry of activity, the Lucifer Writers’ Room twitter … >

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