Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Spike (James Marsters)

Slayers – Audible announce a new Buffyverse audio drama

James Masters leads original cast members in a Buffy the Vampire Slayer sequel story. Via an Entertainment Weekly exclusive, it’s been revealed that the world of Buffy the Vampire Slayer is returning in an audio drama. Set ten years on from the television show’s finale, the story will follow Spike in a reality bending new … >

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Star Trek Discovery logo

Star Trek: Discovery will conclude with Season 5

The show’s final run will not air until 2024.  Heralding the Star Trek universe’s return to television, Star Trek: Discovery landed on our screens in 2017. Now, it’s been announced that the show’s forthcoming fifth season will be its last. Initially positioned as a prequel to the adventures of Kirk, Spock and co, the show … >

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Good Omens 2

Good Omens 2 – Sheen and Tennant… and Hamm.

The surprise second series of the show, based on plans for a sequel novel, is arrives in Summer 2023. While the stars of the upcoming Good Omens 2 weren’t available to attend the New York Comic Con last weekend, the video of their contribution has appeared on YouTube. It provides some fun interplay between Michael … >

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Wednesday title card

Wednesday reveals its Uncle Fester at the New York Comic Com

In a glorious new trailer for the upcoming Addams show, we meet Fred Armisen as Wednesday’s Uncle Fester.  We’ve been following the build up to Netflix’s Wednesday since it was first announced, with increasing excitement at the various cast reveals. This new version of The Addams Family takes the clan’s daughter as its protagonist, following … >

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Amazon at NYCC21

Amazon at NYCC21 promises a wealth of great content

Amazon at NYCC21 promises a great range of interesting content — we bring you the details New York Comic Con 21 is back as a physical event this October 7-10 and Amazon has revealed details of five shows it’s covering at NYCC21. The shows in question are The Legend of Vox Machina, The Expanse, The … >

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Revolution of the Daleks: the clue left on the table

There’s a reference to a scene in the 2019 Doctor Who New Year’s special Resolution in one of the two the new promotional photos released on October 8 for the the upcoming Doctor Who festive special Revolution of the Daleks. The clue is located on the table at which the Doctor’s companions are seated at … >

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