An overview of clips and images for Doctor Who: 73 Yards

Some clips from the fourth episode of the Doctor Who 2024 series, 73 Yards, were released on official media. Other clips were included in Doctor Who: Unleashed, the official Doctor Who podcast and on BBC one ads. In 73 Yards, described as Welsh folk horror, the TARDIS lands on a clifftop on the Welsh coast. … >

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Doctor Who ’73 Yards’ cast list

The cast list for the fourth 2024 Doctor Who series episode 73 Yards, was released on the BBC One listing for the programme. In the episode, described as Welsh folk horror, the TARDIS lands on a clifftop on the Welsh coast. The Doctor and Ruby embark on the strangest journey of their lives. In the … >

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Doctor Who 2024 cast announcements - Sian, Phillips Callie Cooke & Tachia Newall

Doctor Who 2024 series: new cast announcements

Three new 2024 Doctor Who cast members were announced in Doctor Who Magazine 602. The most notable is Welsh actress Dame Siân Phillips, who among her many stage, television and film roles, is particularly known for her award-winning performance as Livia in the 1976 BBC television series I, Claudius. She is no stranger to Doctor … >

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Sheen & Tennant in Good Omens

Good Omens 2 – Prime Video launch date revealed

Creator Neil Gaiman delivers the Good Omens 2 start date in deadpan style via a YouTube parody.  Good things come to those who wait. Fortunately, the wait is nearly over for Good Omens 2! The second series of the show, based on the book by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett, lands on 28th July, 2023 … >

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Good Omens 2 – further cast announced including Derek Jacobi return

The sequel series won’t feature Benedict Cumberbatch or Frances McDormand though.  Filming continues on Good Omens 2, reuniting Tennant and Michael Sheen in their roles as the demon Crowley and the angel Aziraphale. While we’d already heard that Jon Hamm is back as Gabriel, Deadline have confirmed that Sir Derek Jacobi will also reprise his … >

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Jenny Meets the Cybermen in Still Running

Jenny meets the Cybermen — the Doctor’s daughter is back on audio

Big Finish has announced Georgia Tennant will return to audio this November when the Doctor’s daughter, Jenny meets the Cybermen Due for release in November 2021, Jenny – The Doctor’s Daughter:Still Running features the return of Georgia Tennant in the titular role, as she travels throughout the galaxies with her companion Noah (Sean Biggerstaff). Across these four … >

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Keeping Faith series 3

Keeping Faith series 3 — everything you need to know

Keeping Faith series 3 promises to be every bit as triumphant as the first two series if the BBC’s press pack is anything to go The BBC press pack has plenty of rich detail, summarising the show so far. The theme for Keeping Faith series 3 is simple — who is Faith? Series 1 was about who is … >

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Doctor Who - The Fourth Doctor Advs Series 10 Vol 1 cover art

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 10 Volume 1 audio review

The Fourth Doctor Adventures Series 10 Volume 1 is comprised of two four-part tales: The World Traders and The Day of the Comet. Both see Tom Baker paired with Louise Jameson’s noble savage Leela. The World Traders After a day’s site-seeing in 21st century London, the Doctor and Leela return to find the TARDIS missing. … >

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Bernice Summerfield 6 Lost in Translation

New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6: Lost in Translation audio review

As we finished listening to The New Adventures of Bernice Summerfield Volume 6: Lost in Translation, the equinox happened. Appropriately enough, there’s an autumnal feel to this latest set of adventures for Bernice Summerfield (Benny to her friends) as played by Lisa Bowerman, and the Unbound Doctor from another universe, played by David Warner. There’s death, … >

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