Classic ‘Doctor Who’ reimagined as horror movie trailer is terrifying – watch!

Ever had a Doctor Who fan tell you that the black and white episodes aren’t scary? Just show them this. YouTube user TheTARDISGuy203 has edited together a selection of clips from William Hartnell’s era into a movie trailer and it’s the most frightening thing we’ve experienced since we found out that there wouldn’t be a season of Doctor Who this year. Grab a sofa to … >

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Doctor Who The Celestial Toymaker

‘Doctor Who’ in 10 seconds: Watch a recap of 1965-1966’s Season 3

The guys at Flight Through Entirety have released a new video summarising every story from the original third season of Doctor Who in just ten seconds. Following their previous recaps of Season 1 and Season 2, Australian fan Brendan Jones continues his breakneck journey through the Hartnell era, revisiting Daleks, death, dodgy accents and more death in the First Doctor’s … >

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Watch Peter Capaldi reveal his memories of the First Doctor

To celebrate the birthday of original Doctor Who star William Hartnell, current lead actor Peter Capaldi has paid tribute to the First Doctor. Today marks 108 years since Hartnell was born. Capaldi recalls “a sense of the fairytale” in Hartnell’s performance: “[He] was a spiky sort of figure on paper, but there was something about … >

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William Hartnell as The Doctor

‘Doctor Who’ at 50: ‘The Dalek Invasion of Earth’ (1964)

The story The Doctor, along with his granddaughter Susan and her two schoolteachers Ian and Barbara, arrive in 22nd century London, only to find it deserted and in ruins. It soon transpires that the Daleks have invaded the planet and the people of earth who survived the Dalek’s initial attack now live in slavery.   … >

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