Don’t Blink – Weeping Angels board game coming from Gale Force Nine

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The statuesque Doctor Who villains are also battling a pair of Doctors on audio this July.

Fresh from their appearances in Flux, including the entertaining Village of the Angels, the monsters are adding both a board game and a new audio drama to their repertoire in the coming months. Amazingly, it’s almost fifteen years since their debut Blink aired and we’ve never quite trusted a statue since.

Don’t Blink

Gale Force Nine, makers of the ‘Time of the Daleks’ have announced a new addition to their range: ‘Don’t Blink’.

The game is set on a derelict spaceship, with the objective of fixing the TARDIS before the Angels getyou. It’s tactical game, for between two and five people; players can choose to be either the Eleventh Doctor, Amy, Rory or Clara – with the caveat that one player must be the Weeping Angels themselves.

The game suits ages 14 and up, and plays in 30 minutes. There are no further details as yet, but it’s US release date is April, costing $30.

Naturally, we’ll keep you posted when we here more.

Don’t Wink either

Board games are not the only place to get your Weeping Angel fix though, as Big Finish have an angelic audio drama on the way too.

Out of Time 3: Wink is the latest in the range which sees the Tenth Doctor encounter his past selves. After teaming with the Fourth against the Daleks, then the Fifth vs. Cybermen, it’s time for the Sixth Doctor and the Weeping Angels.

Here’s the synopsis for Wink:

When the Sixth Doctor goes sight-seeing on Lucidus Silvara, he finds himself in a place where nothing is visible at all… only all-encompassing light! The Tenth Doctor is drawn in by a temporal anomaly, and the two Doctors meet a species with no sense of sight, living in a city surrounded by Weeping Angels.

To save a civilisation, the Doctors must keep their eyes on the Angels. Don’t blink. Don’t even wink…

Recorded during lockdown, Wink has been in the can for a while. However, Big Finish have just released the cover artwork; a vivid composition by Simon Holub, it sees the Doctors outnumbered by teeth-baring angels.

You’d think they’d be a tough monster to create on audio, but it’s actually the Weeping Angels fourth audio drama; they met the Fifth Doctor in Fallen Angels, the Eighth in his Doom Coalition arc and River Song in Colony of Angels.

Wink has been written by Lisa McMullin and, in addition to David Tennant and Colin Baker, stars Ayesha Antoine (Daleks!), Clive Hayward (Space: 1999) and Joanna Van Kampen (The Lone Centurion). Given the strength of personalities at play, it’s sure to be an interesting listen.

Doctor Who: Out Of Time 3 – Wink is released in July and can be preordered on download and CD from Big Finish.