The New Counter Measures - The Dalek Gambit

The New Counter-Measures: The Dalek Gambit review

With the Daleks determined to thwart the Movellan Manoeuvre on Earth, the momentum picks up in this second and concluding instalment of the current incarnation of The New Counter-Measures audios from Big Finish. Alerted to their presence, the Daleks commit to wiping out Movellan’s ambition. Predictably, they are unconcerned if the price is the incineration of … >

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The New Counter Measures - The Movellan Manoeuvre

The New Counter-Measures: The Movellan Manoeuvre review

Big Finish called time on the New Counter-Measures audio box sets back in 2017. Yet there’s been a strong desire since then to provide fans with a more complete and fitting endpoint for the current run. Something stronger than simply the lack of new commissions. Following on from the group’s entanglement with a self-help messiah … >

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Survivors series 9 review 

These final four dramatic episodes bring to a first-class conclusion nine series of original full-cast audio dramas set in the world of Terry Nation’s peerless 1970s’ post-apocalyptic BBC serial Survivors. With an experienced creative team completely in command of the material, and knowing in advance that these instalments are the closing chapter in the current … >

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Big Finish: Survivors series eight review

As the timeline of Big Finish’s Survivors audio adventures moves beyond the endpoint of the TV series, this latest boxset delivers an impressive mix of large scale, high stakes and small scale, intimate stories which set in motion the events which will come to an explosive conclusion in the final set in this current run … >

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Survivors series 7 review

With this seventh boxset in their Survivors range, Big Finish reaches an important milestone – the audio dramas have now covered the whole of the timeline of the television series from the 1970s. This release marks this by giving us a set of powerful stories for the three key characters (Abby, Jenny and Greg) as … >

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