The lost story of Doctor Who series 5

As part of an interesting Twitter chat that saw people choosing their favourite Doctor Who episodes from each series of the revived show yesterday, Gareth Roberts – who’s written a fair few of the choices that came up – dropped in some information on a particular episode that he put together, that never made it … >

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Sounds like Matt Smith is up for a Doctor Who return

Matt Smith once said of the Doctor Who title role that when you’re in it, you’re constantly asked when you’re leaving. And when you’ve left, you’re constantly asked when you’re coming back. And so it’s proven. In a new interview with MTV, to promote season two of Netflix’s The Crown, Smith was asked the Doctor … >

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Amy Pond

Doctor Who: Steven Moffat on the Amy Pond moment he’d change

Outgoing Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has been conducting a Q&A session on the BBC America Twitter feed, and he’s admitted something in particular about his time on the show he’d like to change. Firstly, lots of positive things though. He says that the friends he’s made are the best thing about his time on the … >

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