Everything we know so far about ‘Doctor Who’ Season 10

This news summary on the tenth 21st Century season of Doctor Who will be updated regularly as more details are revealed.

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Who is the showrunner?

Season 10 will be Steven Moffat’s final year as showrunner.

Steven Moffat: “I’ll be finishing up on the best job in the universe and keeping the TARDIS warm for [new showrunner Chris Chibnall].”

Chris Chibnall: “…hearing [Steven Moffat’s] plans and stories for 2017, it’s clear he’ll be going out with a bang.”

Steven Moffat: “I’m just embarking on the new [season] and it’s terrifying. I have to make all that again.”


Will this be Peter Capaldi’s final season as the Doctor?

Peter Capaldi’s Doctor will regenerate in 2017’s Christmas special.

Peter Capaldi: “One of the greatest privileges of being Doctor Who is to see the world at its best. From our brilliant crew and creative team working for the best broadcaster on the planet, to the viewers and fans whose endless creativity, generosity and inclusiveness points to a brighter future ahead. I can’t thank everyone enough. It’s been cosmic.”

Peter Capaldi: “I’ve been asked to stay on and I haven’t made my mind up about that yet, mainly because I don’t want to have to make that decision. I’m trying to avoid it!”

Steven Moffat: “I have no reason to suppose that I’m writing out a Doctor! Peter is loving the role, and long may he do so.”

Peter Capaldi: “This could be my final year.”

Steven Moffat: “Peter Capaldi is going nowhere.”

The Mirror: Peter Capaldi has agreed to stay on for “at least one more [season] … Peter is keen to complete three years playing the Doctor to round off his storylines.”


When does filming begin?

Filming begins on Monday 20 June 2016 and ended in early April 2017.


How many episodes will there be?

Season 10 will be 12 episodes, preceded by 2016’s Christmas special and followed by 2017’s Christmas special.

Steven Moffat: “Ahead of me this year I’ve got fourteen Doctor Who‘s…”

Steven Moffat: “I know that what I’ve signed on to do is 13 more episodes of Doctor Who – including a Christmas special. I’m trying to argue for slightly more than that, but we’ll see.”


When will it air?

Season 10 will begin airing at 7.20pm on Saturday 15 April 2017.

Charlotte Moore, Controller of BBC One: “I have decided to schedule Steven’s big finale series in spring 2017 to bring the nation together for what will be a huge event on the channel. 2016 is spoilt with national moments including the Euros and Olympics and I want to hold something big back for 2017 – I promise it will be worth the wait!”

Steven Moffat: “If you’re talking about scheduling, that’s BBC One – they will speak.”

Private Eye: “BBC staff have recently been informed that showrunner Steven Moffat’s commitments to his other hit show Sherlock mean that there will be no full series of Doctor Who in 2016.”


Who will be the new companion?

Pearl Mackie was officially revealed as the new Doctor Who companion on Saturday 23 April 2016. She will join the show in 2017 as a character named Bill Potts.

Pearl Mackie: “I’m incredibly excited to be joining the Doctor Who family. It’s such an extraordinary British institution, I couldn’t be prouder to call the TARDIS my home! Peter Capaldi is such a brilliant actor, and his Doctor is such a wacky and wonderful character, I can’t wait to see what adventures are in store for him and Bill throughout time and space.”


What will the new companion be like?

Pearl Mackie: “[Being gay] is not the main thing that defines her character – it’s something that’s part of her and something that she’s very happy and very comfortable with … It shouldn’t be a big deal in the 21st Century. It’s about time isn’t it? That representation is important, especially on a mainstream show.”

Pearl Mackie: “She’s funny and geeky and vulnerable. There’s a goofiness to her and a big heart. She gets things wrong, she has a temper. I thought, ‘I know her. I could play her.’”

Steven Moffat: “Bill is someone who asks the questions that nobody has asked for 53 years. [She has the] irreverence and cheek to ask all the questions you’re not supposed to ask on Doctor Who.”

Steven Moffat: “She’s from now, yeah. I know there are rumours about her being from the 1980s, but she isn’t.”

Peter Capaldi: “A fine, fine actress with a wonderful zest and charm, [Pearl Mackie is] a refreshing addition to the TARDIS and will bring a universe of exciting new possibilities to The Doctor’s adventures.”

Pearl Mackie: “Reading the script at the audition I thought Bill was wicked. Fantastically written, cool, strong, sharp, a little bit vulnerable with a bit of geekiness thrown in – I can’t wait to bring her to life, and to see how she develops through the series.”

Charlotte Moore, Acting Director of Television: “Pearl brings a wonderful energy and lights up the screen. She will captivate Doctor Who fans old and new across the globe.”

Peter Capaldi: “Clara had prior knowledge of the Doctor. Now we have someone who knows very little about the Doctor.”

Mark Gatiss: “If you found a companion who is not at all what you think you might be looking for, but there’s an immediate spark [with their co-star], then the audience will respond to that.”

Jenna Coleman: “No, I know nothing, absolutely nothing. Once you’re out, you’re out!”


Who else will be joining the TARDIS?

Comedian Matt Lucas will also be a recurring character in Season 10, returning as Nardole from ‘The Husbands of River Song’.

Matt Lucas: “I’m so excited about these Doctor Who scripts I can barely sleep. I love how Nardole is becoming more textured.”

Matt Lucas: “I’m chuffed to bits that Nardole is returning to the TARDIS for some more adventures. I loved acting with Peter [Capaldi] and I’m excited to work with Pearl [Mackie].”

Steven Moffat: “Delighted and slightly amazed to be welcoming Matt Lucas back on to the TARDIS – and this time it’s not just for Christmas, he’s sticking around. One of the greatest comedy talents on planet Earth is being unleashed on all of time and space.”


Who are the writers?

Season 10’s confirmed writers are Steven Moffat, Toby WhithouseMark Gatiss, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Sarah Dollard, Jamie Mathieson, Rona Munro, Peter Harness and Mike Bartlett.

Peter Capaldi: “I’m really looking forward to it. We’ve got, great writers. And some fabulous exciting stories.”

Steven Moffat: “…we’ve had meetings today with two writers who’ve never written Doctor Who before. If I told you their names, your brain would explode … brilliant, prominent and amazing writers.”


Who are the directors?

Block 1 (Episode 1 and Episode 2) is directed by Lawrence Gough (Atlantis, Misfits).

Block 2 (Episode 3 and Episode 4) is directed by Bill Anderson (Spooks, Lewis).

Block 3 (Christmas 2016 special) is directed by Ed Bazalgette (Poldark, Class).

Block 4 (Episode 5 and Episode 10) is directed by Charles Palmer (Doctor Who, Poldark).

Block 5 (Episode 6 and Episode 7) is directed by Daniel Nettheim (Humans, Line of Duty).

Block 6 (Episode 8 and Episode 9) is directed by Wayne Yip (Class, Misfits).

Block 7 (Episode 11 and Episode 12) is directed by Rachel Talalay (Sherlock, Doctor Who).

Steven Moffat: “I’ve spoken to [Peter Jackson] face to face, and he would like to do one. He accepts that there’s no money and that there’s no time, and it would have to be when he’s available… I think it will probably happen at some point.”


What should we expect from the Doctor?

Peter Capaldi: “I don’t think he was grumpy [in Season 8], he just can’t be bothered with dull human beings and their concerns. I think it’s an interesting combination now, because if you’ve been following this Doctor, you’ve seen him go through all those different colours and all those different places, and as for where he goes now, in Season 10, I don’t know, but he’s been put through the mill.”

Peter Capaldi: “I think by the end [of Season 9], he’s going, ‘Oh man, I was right, I should’ve remained cynical and closed off and suspicious'”

Peter Capaldi: “You have to come to it afresh and find new things – but that’s quite challenging and interesting. So I’m fascinated to know where we’re going to go. Because in some ways he’s much more amenable, but in other ways he’s even darker. So I think that makes for a very interesting character.”


Where and when will the stories be set?

Peter Capaldi: “I love seeing the Doctor being really confronted with the most cosmic of challenges. I love him really battling it out to save the universe from some awful threat which is cosmic. And I think we’ve got quite a lot of that coming up, so I’m looking forward to taking the Doctor to the forefront of the cosmic battlefield.”

Steven Moffat: “We’re planning one right now which is very much an Ancient World episode, but I won’t tell you which part of the Ancient World.”


What will the stories be about?

Peter Capaldi: “We began to reflect the modern world [in Season 9], I think possibly we’ll see more of that in the new season… I think that’s quite interesting when the show reflects the changing state of planet Earth as it is in 2016.”

Peter Capaldi: “It might be a little less emotional, sort of. I think the emotional elements of it will come as a surprise to people.”

Peter Capaldi: “I think it’s a very action-packed season. It’s a lot of space exploration, and a lot of excitement and drama.”


Will there be two-part stories again?

Steven Moffat: “We’re going back to more singles [in Season 10]. Two-parters worked brilliantly last year, but somehow, with the new companion, you want the simpler version of the show. Next year we will have some two-parters, but it will be back to one-parters mostly.”

Steven Moffat: “I was very happy to get rid of two-parters when I did, and [in Season 9 I was] very happy to bring them back. Something else will happen [in Season 10].”


Which monsters and villains will be back?

Pearl Mackie: “I’m not sure it will ever become ‘the norm’ seeing crazy monsters on set, but I cannot wait to meet some more! The weirder the better, bring it on!”

Peter Capaldi: “Well, [I’d like to visit] Mondas, obviously, as you know. I’d like to back to Vortis, let’s see what the Zarbi and Menoptra look like if we could spend the money they didn’t have. I’d like to see how the Axons are getting on. I’d like to go and see the moon landing from the moon.”

Peter Capaldi: “I’d like to see the Daemons [return]… I’d like the Axons to come back [and] I’d like to have a go at the Autons…”


Is Missy coming back?

Steven Moffat: “Oh, of course Missy will be back! How could she not be?”

Michelle Gomez: “I can say that I will be doing the next season.”


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  • Liem

    For Series 10, there are two monsters I want back

    The Sontarans
    The Slitheen

    • Dr. Moo

      1) Yes. Definitely.
      2) No. No more Slitheen. For the love of God.

      • Borkinator

        Although episode of Slitheen is not that great I would love to see them return just to piss off people or something lol

        • Dr. Moo

          That would be good, though I’m not sure if it’s worth it for more than a blink and you’ll miss it cameo. The Sarah Jane Adventures utilised them well but they should be left there and never seen again.

    • maybe the next series should be more about mythical stuff, legends,… It doesn’t always have to be about robots and green men, they should do an episode of dr who with no aliens, just on earth in some period…

      • Liem

        Talking about mythical stuff, I’ve always wanted an episode which is based on urban legends like Bloody Mary curses or the candy man.

        • that’d be awesome; and maybe a real ghost story with actual monsters under the bed, and perhaps a story set on the southpole or northpole (like the thing)

          • Liem

            Lol, under the bed thing. That reminds me of that story about that girl who heard dripping noises and then found her dog sliced open in the cupboard.

            A real ghost story, maybe, I know it might be weird but I would like a sequel to Under the Lake/Before the Flood. I love ghost stories and myths.

          • you know a real horror story with an alien creature on a south pole base that can discuise itself in others, its like those old movies but it could work for doctor who… Or something with an evil side of the twelfth doctor making his entree in the show on a halloween special, they should really start making halloween specials..

          • Liem

            That would be good, an evil side of the Doctor. An episode where we finally find out his deepest darkest and deadly secret.

          • reminds me of the enemy of the world, that episode with the 2nd doctor…

          • reminds me of the enemy of the world, that episode with the 2nd doctor…

          • Mark Lowell

            Way back in the day they did tell us that The Doctor’s Vangaurd side was due to come into exsistance between 12 and 13. (So right between Matt Smith and Peter C.) Vanguard is now, people!

          • Tom Williams

            No, it was “between his 12 and FINAL incarnaion” and since he has a lot of regerations to go, it could be the 13 or 16 or 19.

          • russell

            Have you ever watched the 4th Dr’s “Seeds of Doom”? The first two episodes took inspiration from THE THING from another world. In a full length season, a Halloween special might prove tricky,because of transmission dates….But in a year, perhaps, where less stories were made..a Halloween adventure would indeed prove special.
            What a wonderful notion that is Wanderer !!

          • Liam Harrison

            Halloween is much bigger in America than in the UK. People still dress up and go trick-or-treating or whatever, but it’s not a big cultural thing in the same way.

      • Paul Byron

        One of the biggest issues with that is that the show is against purely supernatural things, The Doctor always finds a logical explanation. It’s pretty much the opposite of the X-files! In the Whoniverse ghosts don’t exist unless they are aliens or science.

        • keep searching

          I know, I mean a story with a greek God, how could that not be fun? I love to have a story with a poltergeist, or a shadowman 😮 :p

  • Dr. Moo

    Series nine isn’t even airing yet and we’re already doing this???

    • CultBox

      Yep! 🙂

  • Craig Smith

    Filming begins in January 2016? Its been filmed already and the airdate is September this year also!

    • CultBox

      That’s Season 9 – this is about Season 10 🙂

      • KJS

        Timey Wimey! Let’s hope it is. Two seasons at once would be great!

        • Liem

          No, better idea, put two seasons into one, so 12 episode x2. GET 24 EPISODES IN A SEASON. RAGE!!!!!

          • tf

            a season that’s bigger on the inside?!

          • Borkinator

            The season is smaller on the outside!

          • Liem

            But it would be better. It would be like classic who again when a season of Doctor Who would last for months

  • Graham Mitchell

    I just want Sil back. C’mon guys. give me this one!

    • KJS

      I’ve been saying this for a while. Sil needs to come back. He was a brilliant character and would certainly work well in the new series. I am sure he has a score to settle by now!

      • bar

        Remember when daleks first floated upstairs? Just imagine Sil being mobile, independent of his entourage, slithering just on the lower edge of shot, just the gurgling laugh utilising their ‘exteme stereo’ effect… creepy.

      • Mark Lowell

        What about the Chameleon? The android that could be controlled by the Doctor with his telepathic powers? Maybe The 12th Doctor could find that Missy had rebuild him. The Doctor could take him back and then the Chameleon could walk. (I’m thinking of an actor doing the character.)

    • Tony Rojas Rodriguez

      why would you want him back, he looks ridiculous lol, is he that brilliant?

      • Dr. Moo

        He’s a brilliant villain. Get the DVD of Vengeance On Varos and see for yourself.

  • KJS

    I want to see more of the old days, with the TARDIS out of control and maybe a companion who doesn’t want to be there who is stuck with the Doctor, trying to get him or her home! That was a great element of Doctor Who during the early days. Not knowing where you were going and who you might bump into. Either that or a new Key to Time style story arc.

    • yes as for the ice warriors, I think they should keep them for series 12 or so; the longer they wait, the more we want them to see… Quarks are awesome, but I don’t think they’d work for this generatio…

    • Michael Beckley

      Your onto something with the reluctant companion.

      • I hope they bring back captain Jack Harkness

        • Mark Lowell

          Yeah. He was …..FANASTIC!

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat

      You want another Tegan Jovanka? :O

  • Irishrose

    If you have Netflix, you can watch Season 9 on there.

    • Liem

      No you can’t

  • Jorie Rae Scanlon

    Let their be a whole season..their are many good writers and producers that have worked with Moffitt. He can use them to help him over see a whole season and won’t take away his duties to sherlock. It’s bad enough we only have an average of 13 episodes a season. To cut i,t basically in half, will definately affect it’s ratings and not in a good way. Maybe by doing it this way you will have a better perspective on who would be best to take over when Moffitt finally does decide to leave the show.

    • Liam Harrison

      13 episodes is about the maximum for a British TV drama series. Who said anything about splitting it in half anyway? It worked well for series 6 and 7.

  • langywhoniverse

    I think we moffat should just write 3 episodes because of his commitment to sherlock next year and then the other writers should write the rest of the episodes so then hopefully we will still get 12 episodes + the christmas special.

  • The Monoid

    I would lean towards a male companion to replace Clara, although Mark Gatiss’ comment about the show becoming too male-centric is a reasonable one. It would be interesting to see a change of dynamic anyway, whether that was by having a none-contemporary companion or even an older companion in the mould of Evelyn from the Big Finish audios. I am sure Moffat will have something interesting planned.

    On a side note I liked Gareth Roberts’ comment above. It would be fantastic to see a little cameo for William Russell connecting the show back to the very first episode. He was fantastic as Ian and was completely charming when I met him last year.

    • I’d love at least a passing, temporary companion as rough-around-the-edges as Leela was, LOL!

  • russell

    What the show needs, is for Peter to have his very own Daleks- Cybermen- Yeti..etc . An effort made, to create a genuinely NEW threat.One designed to capture the hearts and minds of the young and the general public.A new hit for our brilliant 12th Doctor. Come on Moff and crew- get those creative juices flowing’ Mr capaldi deserves It !!!

    • The Boneless and Dream Crabs could both be reused in future stories. The Fisher King is dead but there are others of his race out there awaiting a rematch and the ghosts he made are as creepy as anything we’ve had before including the Foretold.
      Lots of potentially iconic villains there if a writer can produce a good enough follow-up story.

      As returning monsters and villains go: the Master has been totally reinvented, the Zygons have truly come into their own and we recently had the best Dalek & Davros story ever.

      • russell

        Love the comments Dr Moo, but you misunderstand me.To quote Peter Purves: “Tough enough to BEAT the Daleks!”.In other words- what Peter Capaldi so richly deserves, is a foe which could approach that kind of impact.Of course,that would be hard;but from such a desire,the Cybermen were born. In my opinion,the best the new series has had to offer are: the Ood, and the Weeping Angels…But both fail to inspire in the mimicry/play in the playground stakes (toys or games).What the new series needs – and what would be amazing for Peter -are the NEW DALEKS…The BEST Monsters since.Not simply, a good monster of the week.Something striking-startling…” Wow, did you see that?” Now, that would kickass!

        • Nathan

          Honestly, I think if they explored the Fisher King’s race more, they have a lot of potential. After 9 seasons with nothing like what you’re describing, I’m not sure if we’ll ever get a new Ultimate Iconic Alien

          • russell

            As you say Nathan,” 9 seasons” without. That is partly why I say an “Iconic” menace is important.While it’s true you can’t make people fall in love with something- you have to have the intention to TRY…the threat becomes the story.Very successful entertainment such as Disney/Pixar make this their business.The problem is, such things are often created collaboratively…leading to tangles over ownership;but such a method works. The writer with the concept…The illustrator/designer with the aesthetic. Those Dalek bumps,and Cybermen handles go a long way. The new monster of which I speak, can be done. THINK : Lucas/McQuarrie- Disney/Iwerks- Blyton/Van der Beek- Milne/Shepard…and yes, Nation/Cusick. A more believable companion, and a broken Tardis too- wouldn’t go amiss also, for series 10.

          • I got good replacements for the daleks in mind, but since the bbc is so hard to get into, they’ll just stay mine… I have even written whole story lines for dr who, I’m a good writer, but hey, the BBC is UK, not Belgium…. they will have to invent some for themselves I guess, so many people have awesome ideas, but they can’t get them out to the BBC.

          • russell

            It’s just policy Eve, nothing to do with talent. Others are employed to make the programme- and the BBC’s reluctance to look at outside ideas,is really just to protect it. Protect it from claims of plagiarism and the like.It is their product afterall…their money that it generates: and we fans tend not to be experienced tv professionals; I grant you though Eve, it’s a shame there isn’t something in place, to bend the rules occasionally. I REALLY DO THINK, that a visually strong monster,with a memorable purpose, would be a shot in the arm for the programme.The battle for the toyshops is lost. A dollop of Force Awakens chutzpah is required. SERIES 1O should be: Classic Dr…Capaldi- CHECK..Essential viewing…Powerful/ Coherent tales- CHECK..Classic Sidekick…Believable/ Appealing Companion ( no naff gimmicks)-CHECK…Brand NEW, Returnable Foe (derived from gripping storytelling) -CHECK.

          • Michael Beckley

            Your a good writer? According to yourself haha and im the king of spain lol!

          • Wanderer

            I don’t know what you’re trying to accomplish by making such insult, but you don’t even know me… What is your problem?

          • Itookadumponurscript

            your not that bright and you think that saying your awesome must make it so, or because your mommy and daddy say you are awesome must make it so. Seriously I would place money on, you suck. Now stop because you look like an idiot saying but my mummy says you’re good. Really Just shut up

          • you’re horrible you, I don’t have a dad or a mum, I just think I got nice things for the show, but hey thanks for being such a jerk; Who says I’m bright? I’m sorry that I love this show and like to give some ideas like Davies asked from fans when he ran the show, I’m sorry I offendd you and made you angry like the hulk, try not to exterminate me

          • I mean, is it so bad to just want to have something new in doctor who? I don’t want to write anything just an ide afor a monster, I didn’t meant to upset you in any way

          • Tom

            How do they look like an idiot for having a positive attitude in themselves. The more moronic one here is you, insulting someone for no other reason than to make yourself feel better about your life. Also another point is that your grammar was not quite up to scratch.

          • Sean Geraghty

            *You’re, *you’re. Missing quotation marks around “but my mummy says you’re good” (plus you probably meant “I’m”, not “you’re”. And your last sentence should read “Really, just shut up.” Look at yourself before critiquing others jackass.

          • Angela

            You missed an end bracket, started a sentence with “and”, and forgot the comma between “others” and “jackass”. There are more errors but those are the most glaring ones. Perhaps if you are going to critique the grammar of others, you should check your own prior to posting.

          • Sean Geraghty

            Ooooh you got me. Glad to see you’re sticking up for the asshole who was making fun of someone for no reason. Have a nice life. Dick.

          • Wanderer

            not accoarding to myself, acoarding to the people who read stories I wrote

          • I think I’m a bad writer, just lets say 20-25 people who read my stuff think I have a talent… I still don’t believe them, I’m not a bad one, I just don’t think I got the good stuff for doctor who… I just have some fun ideas

          • assassino23

            Well… Can you give me the gist of some of those ideas? I mean… They’re not fan faction are they…

          • Russell2

            Great idea. The Doctor does need a more agreeable companion. I would like to see Romana return as a companion for a season with it ending with her return to Gallifrey and installed by the doctor as the President of the Time Lord Council. I think Georgina Sherrington of Worst Witch fame, who just did her own time travel short film called Stop Eject could play a great regenerated Romana. K-9 could be with her as she changes from Lala Ward into Georgina.

          • Mark Lowell

            K-9 was last seen on Earth with Sarah Jane Smith and her son, and his two friends.

        • Russell

          I would like to see Peter Capaldi have a climatic showdown with the Mistress. She is a loathsome twisted character and it would be great for him to put an end to her insane villainy. I imagine a wonderful swordfight with her cheating, but ultimately ending with the Doctor running her through. No phony disintegration or him expressing sorrow. She is a villain and it would be good to see theDoctor finally and completely defeat her. it would be a great iconic episode for the 12th Doctor’s era.

        • Liam Harrison

          Interestingly the Toclofane were originally planned to be used as the recurring iconic villain if they hadn’t gotten permission to use the Daleks. Russell T Davies, not a man to waste an idea, reused them in The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords.

    • Connor

      At last someone else on the same wave length…..yes its great to see the old classic monsters such as the Daleks and cybermen and even the updated versions of the Zygons. But I must agree with Russell what Peter Capaldi requires is his own brand new nemesis such as Davros was, to the legend that was Tom Bakers Dr.
      I must just say that I think Peter is the best Dr. since Tom Baker.

      • russell

        “Thanks”, Connor…I’m glad you agree. My thinking on this though, is more than just an original villain.Like all of us here, I love Dr Who. I’m ambitious for it. Want it to continue to be strong- see it grow. I’m talking of a race of baddies,that worm their way into the imagination.Sweep Peter’s version across parts of entertainment the show has yet to reach, or dominate (“got to get me one of those”) – such as gaming. Dr WHO and the…..?

    • Russell

      Hmm, we have the same name and it is almost as if you are reading my mind. I agree completely.

      • russell

        Hello, Russell2. From William Russell- to all the way to Russell T Davies…The Whoniverse appears to have grown a little bit more in Russell-ness. Must be those gravity waves in time and space, proving Einstein right yet again. Great to see you on these pages Russell; But, I have a little secret …one which you must promise to keep to yourself…OH, good- that’s a relief…I knew I could rely on you….trust you not to tell- or to show anyone. MY secret – ” the one that only we both can share” – is that my name is indeed Russell ( just like yours), but mine in truth is my middle name. A good wheeze, I thought, to protect my identity- without cheating.Though not quite as good as having a hidden Batcave; or wearing a pair of spectacles,and calling yourself Clark Kent. Welcome to the club Russell2…..But, ” SSSHHhhhhhhhhh” …………….no telling.

  • Paul Byron

    One thing: Susan.

    • Dylan Donzelli

      THIS. Especially having seen Heaven Sent, this is evermore possible. And she would surely have regenerated quite a few times. Either Susan or Romana, PLEASE. Especially if there’s talk of bringing Ian Chesterton back.

      • Paul Byron

        I’d like to think Carol Ann Ford would come back, the Doctor finding the older Susan living happily where he left her, but sending a distress call. She could then regenerate at the end.

      • I’d love to see Ian back, imagine capaldi’s doctor having an argue with him

    • Joseph Newman

      AHEM. Jenny.

      • Paul Byron

        Jenny would technically be like Susan’s aunt (half aunt?) That would be awkward to explain to her 🙂

      • NamelessUser

        Jenny has to come back 🙁

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat

        Capaldi wants Susan to make a return appearance.

  • Jolly Roger

    Never trust anything Moffat says. If he says he just ordered the fish, expect oatmeal to arrive. Never trust anything Moffat says.

    • NamelessUser

      Rule #1: Moffat lies.

  • Hagar Muhammad

    I think Moffat should lock himself up for a few days and watch the series from the beginning, I am confident that zooming out will inspire him and the ideas will flow out.

    He’s already a genius, but we all need to look at the big picture every now and then, it helps see things more clearly and consistently and remember details that our memories dropped along the way.

    Like Mark said “We’ve not even explored the whole of Britain, never mind the universe…”, the potential is literally infinite, in fact it’s more than anyone can fit in the schedule, it’s just a matter of narrowing down and choosing right.

    It will at least do wonders with the Doctor’s character development – which affects everything else, starting from the companion and through the main arc and onto the details to the very last word in the script.

  • Chandler Baker

    There should be a collision between multiple parallel worlds causing a huge catastrophic events bringing back many old enemies like Daleks, Cyberman, the boneless, dream crabs, maybe even The Master.

  • Bring on the Valeyard!

  • Owen

    Captain Jack is immortal, it would make sense to run into him again.

  • Jesse Helmick

    I’d like to see a longer season, 20+ episodes. Seems we are being short-changed by writers anymore. I remember when seasons ran from Sept-June. Now, sadly, we’re lucky to get 10. Anyway, I liked Clara and think she should have gone out a little more honorably. Bring her back in 10, The Impossible Girl deserves much better. Crossovers with other shows might be interesting.

    • Liam Harrison

      And back when Doctor Who seasons ran for nine months, episodes were half the length, in black and white with minimal effects, on a brutal filming schedule which resulted in an absurdly high turnover of production staff. Sorry, but times have changed.

  • Brian Dodl

    I would like to see a Liz Shaw type of character. A really knowledgeable scientist would be a good foil for the Doctor. Also a second companion who is male. If this new male companion was really good looking that would be nice too.

  • God

    Bring Ace Back.

    • The Timelord’s Underpants

      For series 10, the programme really ought to be looking forward – not back. Peter’s era has yet to have its own style; and with a new companion, there is an opportunity for a bright dawn……..But…that said..,of the requests I have read for past glories on Cultbox’s recent pages- the return of Paul Mcgann, and Ace, are just about the most interesting to date.

  • Ashton C

    I would love to see Jack come back… Also it sucks to see Clara go… I think we need a timelord as a companion… Or Donna come back because she will remember Tennant and not him. It would be awesome. Maybe Missy and Doctor?

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat

      Romana could always come back. She is a Time Lord.

      • Paul Byron

        Time Lady! (Well, that’s what she was referred to as during the show).

        I agree, though. She could have regenerated too and have been around under the Doctor’s nose all along when he visited Gallifrey, pulling strings.

        • ThePurpleFrockCoat

          Right Time Lady. Problem is the modern series never made mention Romana was in Gallifrey at all. The Doctor never bothered to ask and no one said anything. If she would make a return, its most likely from E Space where the TV series left off. Personally and no offense to the BF audios I never saw Romana going back to Gallifrey after all the adventures with The Doctor. She didn’t even want to go back. She’d be bored out of her skull with the red tape, pomp and snottiness of the High Council plus being president is such a ungrateful job as Rassilon just found out. Just my opinion.

  • Jo Lee

    what about gwen cooper doctor who new companion

    • James Vaughan

      Thought that ages ago, is a great idea

  • Jo Lee

    wooden it be good if the doctor regenerate back into matt smith

    • Charita

      Wooden? Back into wooden Matt Smith?
      And no, it wouldn´t. Peter is fantastic Doctor

      • Liem

        Yep. Matt Smith is gone and dusted

  • The doctor – its great show. i like it – but why stick with so little science?

    why not add more science to it as we know it? what i mean Dark matter, dark energy, antimatter, etc.

    And why Timelords are always shown as evil?
    i would wish that new Companion for the doctor would be Time-girl, a Girl who is young and very inexpirienced.
    Maybe bring back his doughter from one of the episodes?

    • Michael Beckley

      That’s because moffat doesn’t have any grasp on science at all. Nothing he writes makes any sense.

  • Zohaib

    I want Missy and the weeping angels back with Peter Capladi also with kenna Coleman

  • Noface Andy

    PLEASE Peter, go for Tom Baker’s record! I don’t want to see another new one for quite some time and you have been wonderful in the role!

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat

      That’s up to Peter but I doubt it.

  • Ella

    I certainly hope Peter stays longer than three years…he is one of the best Doctors ever.

    • I hope he beats tom baker

      • ThePurpleFrockCoat

        I don’t think anyone can beat Tom Baker’s record. 7 years was too long even Tom admits it.

        • Bo Kosarac

          Yeah, and the one guy who DID want to try and challenge that, Colin Baker, was screwed over by that jackass BBC Controller Michael Grade who outright WANTED to cancel the show in the 80s – that and horrendous writing that made the 6th Doctor too MUCH of a jerk at the start which alienated viewers (the idea was for him to mellow out over time, which the Big Finish Audio Productions were able to explore better)… Otherwise, Colin said he might have gone for 8 seasons.

          Still, given how burnt out Tom Baker was, I agree that going that long is too bloody much. All the same I’d like for SOMEONE to break the 3-season limit that’s been pretty much in place since Peter Davison’s tenure – especially since the Classic Series actors were NOT trying just for that (Troughton was exhausted, Hartnell in declining health, etc.), and more to the point the fact that the New Series actors HAVE mostly gone for more than 3 years without going 3 SEASONS is getting a little bit ridiculous. I mean, I understand that Moffat is also doing “Sherlock” and such, but surely the 11th Doctor felt like he had one more series to go before his departure? Moffat also apparently offered to extent David Tennant’s tenure into Series 5, but while Tennant WAS tempted he turned the offer down as we all know.

          I’m not against 3 seasons, but I’d like someone to try for, say, 4 one of these days?

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Moffat did talk to Matt Smith about another series and he said Matt was close to signing a fourth. Matt told Moffat that if he stayed he might not leave so opted out. It was a not an easy decision for him since he loved playing The Doctor but as an actor he wanted to other things too. Doctor is a long and brutal shooting schedule, traveling to SDCC, Excell, PR work, TV and radio interviews which did not leave enough time for other projects.

          • Bo Kosarac

            Yeah, I heard that. Still kind of a pity, it really did feel like there was another season of the 11th Doctor in there (which was apparently meant to use the “final battle of Trenzalore” as the arc of the season). Oh, well…

          • Kristinalovesthebay

            I agree I think Matt Smith could of done several more seasons, it seemed like he was easy to write for, and not for a minute did I see an actor, I looked at him and seen Doctor Who, even with his incredible youth . ( David Tennants seemed to take up the character easily as well,

            As for Trenzalore, that episode got a little ridiculous, even for a Xmas special, and I was bummed watching him in bad old man make-up for half of it! The truth is , I’m rarely satisfied with the season finales or the regeneration episodes, but the Christmas ones are usually fun, but not Christmas in Trenzalore !

          • Bo Kosarac

            Yeah, I really wish Matt had stayed on for one more season so as to give his Doctor a more filling goodbye… especially since despite being such a great actor, his seasons got more uneven as a whole (Series 5 was excellent, Series 6 was a jumbled mess with bad pacing, and Series 7 was unfocused). At least Moffat did his best in terms of condensing the Trenzalore story, given that it became just an hour long, but I can understand why you felt it was not very fun (the fact it was super-serious compared to past Specials probably didn’t help).

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Trenzalore needed to be wrapped up but Moffat was only given a 60min format by the BBC Controller. His hands were tied. Moffat may be a showrunner but the BBC pays for his salary.

          • Kristinalovesthebay

            I guess 60 minutes would make it dearly impossible , maybe he could have started wrapping it up sooner in the season?

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            I think the plan was to persuade Matt Smith to stay for a 4th series so they can wrap up that storyline up. It didn’t happen.

          • Kristinalovesthebay

            Is it really as difficult as they make it seem? The season is short, they film a ton in Cardiff, and it looks reasonably fun, is there something about the show that makes it more difficult than any other popular series? ( I could imagine shows like The Walking Dead being rough and strenuous, but I don’t see The Doctor getting dirty or working up much of a sweat , but I don’t know anything about television work schedules..

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Television and film work is hard work in general. Pre-production, principal photography or filming which takes long hours in studio and location then post production which includes editing, score effects and pick up shots. It doesn’t matter if its The Walking Dead or Doctor Who. Some fans were told by an Assistant Director at The Doctor Who Experience event back in November it takes a day to film 6 pages of a 22 page script. Doctor Who has 12 episodes and the Christmas Special takes almost a month to film. Matt Smith’s upcoming mini series The Crown took 6-7 months to film and that’s 10 episodes. Jenna Coleman’s Victoria is still filming since October. I remember my neighbor letting his house out to a film crew for 5 months and he couldn’t go into his own house at 1am.

            You would be surprised to know actors and actresses who have played The Doctor and companions do occasionally do their own stunts. Matt in Day of The Doctor and being dunked into that red goop in The Crimson Horror. That one is on video at YouTube. Jenna and Karen recalls being hung upside down on some episodes Karen even said in a Q& A panel the blood vessels on her face exploded. Peter did his own wire work in Dark Water/Death in Heaven and Heaven Sent. They even film in the summer months of June and July. Those studio lights are very hot too. Yes The Doctor does get dirty and works up a sweat.

          • sdwha

            Dr Who takes about 3 weeks of filming per episode. Capaldi remarked on this in an interview with Wil Wheaton. They compared DW to ST:TNG. Wheaton said it took 10 days to do a ST show. Peter said it took about 3 weeks for DW.
            The 3 weeks, of course, does not include all the editing and post-production’ involved. Add all that and it’s closer to 5 weeks…minimum.
            So, that means it’s almost a year to do them and get them out for broadcast.
            For example, Series 10 filming starts in May 2016 for release in spring 2017!
            Many of the Christmas episodes are filmed in August, as a sample.

          • Mebevinny

            I’ve been watching re-runs of Quantum Leap and Macgyver. When the regular cast of a show involves ONE main character, it’s got to be exhausting. Add in all the technobabble and PR of Doctor Who, I think that’s what did Eccleston in. Old Who did more episodes, but every episode was 22 minutes, lots of recap scenes, and LONG boring villain scenes. The Doctor seriously did the same amount of acting he does now-( now is SO much better, though.)

          • Goon

            The story is Colin Baker hat a divorce with the daughter of that asshole Michael Grade and he was fired just because of that, which actually made a lot of fans angry. Also it would be nice if Peter Capaldi would beat 3 years that run is getting annoying.

          • Bo Kosarac

            Hm… I thought the story was that Michael Grade was having an affair with Colin’s wife. Or was it something else.

            Either way, it proves that Mr. Grade is an asshat of the Grade A (heh) kind. Of course, on the positive side it also speaks strongly of how good-natured a person Colin Baker is – after how the BBC under Grade treated him like complete dirt, you wouldn’t blame him for not wanting anything more to do with the franchise. Yet he never, ever regretted his involvement regardless of how he didn’t get to portray the Doctor as he wanted, and he remains one of the most personable members of the cast and crew ever with his positive interactions towards the fanbase. Given that the 6th Doctor was (at the start, before some character development that was better fleshed-out in the Big Finish Audio Plays) perhaps the most abrasive and prickly of the Doctors ever, it’s a profound thing to realise that Colin Baker is the NICEST guy to have played the part EVER… 😉

          • Kristinalovesthebay

            Yes, I agree, and even though his Doctor was at first annoying and redo cultus , I ended up enjoying his episodes very much , to my surprise, and he is very sweet in person, as are all that I have met at least ( would be GREAT for David Tennants to just pop -in, just for the sake of us fans, more often, hint hint!)

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Michael Grade was rumored to be friendly with Colin Baker’s ex wife actress Liza Goddard.

          • Kristinalovesthebay

            I agree three years is bull, especially when they spend a whole year of it hinting towards the characters regeneration!!!! ( am I the only one that grew tired of the constant expending regeneration of David Tennants Doctor? Every darn time they suggested it, it brought down the mood of the episode. And they suggested it a lot! ( anyone nerdy and patient enough to count how many time they hinted or straight out said that David Tennants journey was coming to an end?) If they do that with Peter Capaldi now that Clara is gone and I finally get to completely focus and enjoy him without being annoyed at Clara’s know it all attitude toward the 2000-year-old alien ( I mean seriously, who would be anything but in complete awe and wonder and admiration??? I would be giving him puppy *dog eyes while following him around like *one! No insult to the actress, she actually got written better in this last season and I was actually sad to lose her!

          • Rich71

            Colin Baker really wasn’t very good. I, like most fans, put him down as the worst of the TV doctors.

          • Paul Kelly

            I agree. They shouldn’t be predictably regular. Its not good to change too frequently.

          • SteveF

            It was Lisa Goddard, a friend of Michael Grade. Grade was a twat who let personal prejudices cloud his decision making process over Doctor Who, which actually needed better production and writing. Years later, with the success of the 2005 relaunch, Grade admits he got it wrong. He’s just a rich arsehole born into an entertainment dynasty IMHO – in fact Lou Grade is lauded too much.

          • J W

            Tom Baker has admitted that the main reason he left when he did was because he and John Nathan Turner had very different ideas as to what the series should be. He didn’t like that Turner intended to make Doctor Who darker and more adult. Baker said that Turner essentially sucked all of the fun out of doing Doctor Who so he chose to leave.

          • Bo Kosarac

            Yeah, JNT had very… particular ideas about how to produce the series, in terms of tone and such. This included the question-mark on every Doctor’s collar (even Tom Baker’s) and the sort of cerebral storytelling you’d see… it was very 80s, in both good ways and bad, because of that odd marriage of camp and bleak. While there was definitely some good stories out of that, I think it was at best uneven – Peter Davison has said, in a recording on one of the DVD releases, that although he took with Patrick Troughton’s advice to only do 3 seasons to avoid wearing himself out (though it must be noted that Troughton was the Doctor when there were 40+ episodes a season, so it was outdated advice to some measure), he felt that if the stories of his first 2 seasons had been as good as the best of his last (especially “The Caves of Androzani”), he would have seriously considered signing on for a 4th season when he still had the chance (by the time he was reconsidering this it was too late as Colin Baker had been cast to replace him)…

            The 7th Doctor’s era is especially indicative of JNT’s style, as seen in the sort of tone some stories got. “The Happiness Patrol”, for instance has such an absurd concept, and yet it’s also a strikingly-satirical political commentary on Maggie Thatcher’s time as PM in the most unsubtle way, with its own brand of darkness; this hits the highest point when the Doctor delivers a chilling speech to a soldier who is meaning to shoot him, and the soldier is so RATTLED by the Doctor’s deconstruction of his character that he can’t pull the trigger. Not to mention ALL of “Ghost Light”, with its commentary of evolution while the villains were devolving that Reverend into an ape (and the Inspector into a primordial soup); or “The Curse of Fenric”, where the Doctor shattered Ace’s faith in him in order to stop Fenric. The 7th Doctor’s first season was excessively campy, but his second hit an odd balance between that cheese and shadow, and they managed to better perfect it (albeit too late to stop the show’s cancellation/hiatus) in Sylvester McCoy’s final season. Meanwhile, much of the worse elements were when the 6th Doctor stories got… bizarre – like when Robert Holmes, perhaps the BEST-regarded DW writer of all time, constructed a truly odd story about vegetarianism (“The Two Doctors”) which had some of the strangest characters in its villains and such… JNT, suffice to say, had some truly odd sense of taste.

          • Kristinalovesthebay

            I agree whole heartedly on everything you have to say, I think Davison was just getting started, and I feel that way with Capaldi, if he leaves with Moffat it would be a real shame , because now that Clara is gone I think he’s really going to shine, and as much as I love Moffatbi wouldn’t mind seeing Peter under someone else’s direction…

            And about these shorter seasons, this is just too much! We basically get No real season of Doctor Who this year, so Moffat could work on Sherlock! I love Sherlock but why couldn’t they just waited another year let him finish his time with Doctor Who THEN do Sherlock?!?! The wait between seasons is long enough! I can’t even believe it..

          • Bo Kosarac

            To be fair, work on “Sherlock” is stymied by Benedict Cumberbatch – and to a lesser extent, Martin Freeman – being EXTREMELY in demand these days. Cumberbatch has a busy schedule year-long, to the point that earlier plans to try and prepare Season 4 for 2016 were scrapped BECA– USE he was too busy – given he’s been filming “Doctor Strange” for Marvel since November (finishing this month I think), I wouldn’t be surprised if that would’ve been the time to film “Sherlock” otherwise (don’t blame Marvel though, they’re not doing it out of spite). Freeman also had the “Hobbit” films and a supporting role in the newest “Captain America”…

            However, I believe that “Sherlock – Season 4” is set to start filming its newest season soon, when Benedict’s schedule opens again – Moffat also plans to film “Doctor Who – Series 10” this year, so at least it will have an earlier release in the 2017 year than Peter Capaldi’s first two series/seasons did.

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Tom was also burnt out by the end of his stint. He looked like he did not care anymore. Matthew Waterhouse wrote in his autobiography Tom had a rotten attitude.

          • Kristinalovesthebay

            I don’t believe that, someone with his sense of humor, a buddy of Douglas Adams? I think if he had attitude it might of been deserved. But then again I suppose even the best of us can fall victim to being a Diva in show business…

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            You mean you never heard of Tom’s bad behavior towards Louise Jameson? After The Deadly Assassin he said he didn’t want a companion especially a violent one like Leela with him and made things difficult for Louise. She put her foot down one day and demanded he take retakes. He backed down and respected her. Their working relationship improved. Tom has stated he regrets his treatment of Louise. They are now friends. John Levene also said in his interview on DWM that right from the start Tom made it clear it was his show. Don’t get me wrong. I love Tom Baker but he had a huge ego.

          • Lawrence

            Towards the end, he was also ad libbing lines, adding his own jokes in and over acting deliberately.

          • Kristinalovesthebay

            I don’t mind the more adult, darker side of Doctor Who, but I just don’t think JNT did The best job with the show, it didn’t feel like the Dictor Who I loved. Tom Bakers last episode was just terrible , and Tom Baker made everything interesting.

          • Robert (aka Old Guy)

            I confess to being one who was turned off early by the Colin Baker years. I suspect that the writing may have been the major reason. Sorry to both of them, I likely didn’t give Colin or Sylvester a fair chance. Luckily I still have time.

          • DredPyr8

            McCoy=the worst Who ever, just the opening sequence graphics and “music” alone make my head hurt.

        • Russell

          I disagree. The actors stay way too short a time on Dr. Who. And as far as Tom Baker is concerned he could’ve stayed in the role a few more years. I loved it!

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            Doubt it. Back then filming was in London not Cardiff so no driving home on Friday. Both Tennant and Smith could have done it but didn’t. Smith was asked if he could beat Tom’s record and he said he’d be run into the ground by the grueling schedule which includes filming, PR, travel and interviews. The pressure is higher now due to this thing called social media too.

          • last words

            only if some part of the story the doctor ends up in the U.S for a year or something, and would be really interesting.

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            The Impossible Astronaut was filmed in the US but I think the license fee paying British would like to keep The Doctor closer to home.

          • Laurie Rollins

            And yet, that ruined Torchwood

          • Just Me

            omg it so did

          • Robert (aka Old Guy)

            I really wish Christopher Eccleston would have had a few more seasons. Of course that would have totally changed time…likely no David Tennant, no Matt Smith, no Peter Capaldi. I guess we can’t have it all.

          • Mebevinny

            I agree. I started being a Whovian when Rose was first broadcast in America in 2005 on the SciFi channel. eccleston will always be MY doctor. He was FANTASTIC. I just wish I knew what turned him off the role. The War Doctor was created solely because that role was for Eccleston and he didn’t want back in.

          • Amanda

            It is my understanding that he left because of an undisclosed issue he had concerning the show conflicting with his faith, and due to that will have nothing more to do with the show. My personal pet theory is that he read the script/ heard the plot for The Impossible Planet/Satan Pit episodes. I know I refuse to watch them, although I did read the synopsis for background info.

          • Impromptu

            He’s never mentioned anything about faith. In fact, he’s previously described himself as atheist.
            He has said the following:
            “I left Doctor Who because I could not get along with the senior people. I left because of politics. I did not see eye-to-eye with them. I didn’t agree with the way things were being run. I didn’t like the culture that had grown up around the series. So I left, I felt, over a principle.”
            “My face didn’t fit and I’m sure they were glad to see the back of me.”
            I think it’s pretty apparent that he just didn’t like RTD’s way of doing things in general, rather than objecting to a specific story.

          • Amanda

            I appreciate the information. I am not sure if I misunderstood the person I was speaking to or if they were themselves mistaken, but I am glad to have more accurate information. : )

          • bill brown.

            you are a doll amanda

        • Just Me

          Baker would have stayed longer if he could, but was not offered a renewal. He was extremely difficult to work with and would often threaten to leave as a bargaining chip to get his way. He threatened one time too many and the producers took him up on it.

          • ThePurpleFrockCoat

            He didn’t look like he cared in his final season.

      • Russell2

        I agree. The actors stay in the role too short a time. Especially nowadays with the season only a dozen episodes. Peter Capaldi needs to hang around. After all, if he leaves his Doctor will be totally define by his time with Clara. I would like to see he have a new companion for a while. Someone like a regenerated Romana. She could be played by Georgina Sherrington who was just in a time travel mystery short called Stop Eject.

        • just passing by

          Sadly peter will stop after 10

          • James Masi

            As a brazilian guy, I had never heard about Doctor Who, until 2 years ago. One day last year, I was zapping at TV and stopped at an old Doctor Who episode that I was showing. It was an episode just the season before Jenna Coleman and, of course, Capaldi (sixth season 2012). I watched it for ten minutes, and I really didn’t like it. A couple months after that, I was zapping again and stopped another time at a Doctor Who’s episode. And there was Clara… She really caught my attention, but again, I watched part of that episode and lost interest after 20 minutes. Few months later, and by luck, I stopped again at another Doctor Who’s episode (The Caretaker – 8th season 2014)… And now there was another man, that old man being called “The Doctor” (weird, I have not noticed “the doctor” before!), and I felt that was something absolute right about him, everything seemed to fit perfectly, like magic. And I watched my first full episode of Doctor Who. After that episode, I searched the internet evertything about Doctor Who to understand the nature of the show and how it works. I’ve found that show has 33 seasons, that doctor and companion change from time to time… And I wished that the couple Capaldi/Coleman lasts for years. After that day (a day in January/2016), I watched all episodes from season 8 and 9. And yesterday I watched “Face the Raven”. The writers already tried to kill Clara before on season 9, and I was afraid it was a bad sign. With all that thing about Clara taking that death countdown on her neck, my only thought was “bad idea… no!”. Until the last second, I thought the Doctor would revert things, do something he always does. But no. I watched the next episode, “Heaven Sent”, and this was fully amazing, and after that, I guessed he would make Clara live again. He deserved it! And he did and didn’t at the same time. Searched internet again about it, and found Coleman is going to another show, so she will not be in the 10th season… Let’s wait for the new companion, but I feel I will always miss the wonderful couple Doctor/Clara. And maybe the 9th season had been my last. But I will never forget it.

          • John White

            Nice to know the magic still finds new people, thanks for sharing James. doctor who is an incredible TV show and if you think about it, the programme may never end, the Doctor is eternally regenerating. Until the day in the distant future when humans master time travel and become Time Lords!

          • DredPyr8

            I hope the writing is better for season 10. Apparently seasons 8 and 9 have had poor ratings. It is not Capaldi’s fault, it is the bad scripts. with Dr. Who I find myself hanging on and watching because there is good with the bad, I just wish there was more good in the script writing and less bad. Regarding companions, I am getting fatigued because once I finally get used to a companion (or pair) not being around and get used to the newer companion…bye bye, now that one is gone. Same with the Doctor actors themselves. I think the ideal Doctor tenure would be about 5 years. With the companions it is painful to see them go as it almost feels like the death of your adventurous close acquaintance. I can say the way they were describing he Doctor which Capaldi would be playing (before we saw him doing so) never seemed to really come through for me, and it was the writing, not the actor, which has failed there so far.

          • Just Me

            I completely disagree. Capaldi’s last two seasons have been utterly brilliant, and so has the writing.

          • Liam Harrison

            It hasn’t been confirmed that Capaldi will be leaving after series 10. Apparently he’s actually been asked to stay on for another series, although it hasn’t been confirmed whether he will be or not. Steven Moffat has said he doesn’t expect to write another regeneration.

        • Kristinalovesthebay

          You took the words out of my mouth! His time has been ALL about CLARA! And I’m just way too turned off by a companion talking to a 2000 year old Time Lord like an equal let alone , treating him like a child. Companions should be in awe and wonder at the Doctor! She was over written since she came on ( I wish they stuck with the idea of keeping her as the saucy Victorian!) and so we have not got much of this Doctor at all. Peter was first stuck playing scripts written for Mart Smith, then being over shadowed by Clara, we have not got a chance to see what he can do! I know he could be as strong as Tom Baker! I also think it would be nice to see him done by someone other than Moffat, as much as I love Moffat I think he’s had a good run and that’s why this is his last year, but I think maybe distracted by doing Sherlock , he isn’t giving his all, a new person will go all out! I’m eager to see!!!

          • Dr Moo

            The companion should be an equal. That’s how it’s been for 52 years after all!

          • Robert (aka Old Guy)

            Equal in value or importance perhaps. But, though I may (or may not) be Peyton Manning’s equal in the grocery store, I would never remotely think I was his his equal in an NFL football game.

          • Annabella G

            I thought this too, but then after watching The Rings of Ahkaten I now disagree. A single leaf ruined one the best Doctor speeches I have ever heard and one of the few times I’ve seen The Doctor give his all in a fight.

          • balrwhiteboy

            i disagree

          • Leah Buchanan

            I utterly disagree. Matt and Peter have made the Doctor grow exponentially in emotional terms. I think that’s probably the actual point to The Doctor. We all are capable so much. So much love, loss, anger, hatred, joy, pain, etc. We can all be ever-evolving, if we open ourselves to the experiences. The science behind the stories and even the wondrous possibilities that spark our imaginations, are mere backdrop to what touches our hearts. Plus, after all that the Doctor has done for others, don’t you think that he deserves intimacy? A great Love that is just his own? He should get to keep his Impossible Girl. And she deserved him as well…helping others…fracturing her existence to save him. They were beautiful.

          • last words

            Clara had been with the Doctor for a very long time, and there are thing the Doctor not even understand because all that he have been through and Clara somehow understand something the Doctor never will, that is very likely why Clara sometime treats the Doctor like a child.
            and that one thing is… endings… and a little bit of sacrifice

          • Melissa

            Clara has seen all of the Doctor they don’t make it clear if she remembers it but she has seen all of him and knows when he is acting childish. She is also a teacher and knows childish when she sees it. The Doctor is so old that he gets to act childish when he wants to, but Clara was always there to tell him that he needed to be better than that, when the world needed saving.

          • W. Adams

            I don’t think that she was over written as much as she stayed on after her story was over.
            Her story was linked so much with Eleven’s. The first season with Twelve was okay, but she should have left after that. Her last season just didn’t work all that well I think.
            (I fully agree that I would love to have had Victorian Clara at least for a while longer; if not as the full companion.)

          • Robert W

            I thought it was all about Amy Pond and the crack in the universe (wall)

        • Actually, the only doctors to stay longer than 3-4 seasons in the classics were Pertwee and Tom Baker. Plus, Colin Baker and McCoy only had about 14 episodes per season. And they were 25 minutes long. So the current doctors get around double their runtime per season. Pertwee and Tom Baker and Davison had about 24-26 half hour episodes, which would equal about the same amount of runtime as the current Doctors. So the only two doctors to have more runtime per season were Hartnell and Traughton.

          So the “especially now” comment doesn’t hold up. The Doctor has had the same or less amount of time on screen as the current Doctors per season since the third Doctor. And only two of the Doctors have had more seasons.

    • Tony Rojas Rodriguez

      i wouldnt mind 7 years!

      • Pandor

        Well i admit he pissed me off after the first episode, i hate when he act like a cry baby. But after the Diamond wall episode, he kinda pulled a damn good Doctor Who vibe.

        So i would not mind to give him a chance to develop more as the doctor. But just hope he drop the self pity act. :/ The doctor is a hero that look forward not a weakling that live in the past. (Well that’s how i see him maybe i was wrong and i watched the wrong show. :/)

    • Emergiblog

      That’s my hope – Capaldi brings SO much to the role. I’m hoping he wants to stay more than 3 years – it feels like he just started!

    • Kondrad Hyland

      its always funny when a new actor comes on board as the new doctor people started to not like peter at the beginning saying he was the worst doctor but he grew on people and people love him

      • David Schultz

        My issue was, with Chris, David and Matt, I could look at the screen and say, “Hey, there’s the Doctor!” At first, with Peter, it was,” Hey, there’s Peter Capaldi playing the Doctor.” I love him in the role, just needed a bit to get used to it. Also, in my opinion, Clara did not help in that regard.

        • Kristinalovesthebay

          I hate to admit it, but I had the exact same problem! I think it was partly because of all the hype with the special show announcing ” the new doctor” social media is bigger than ever do everyone and thier grandmas are sounding off, and I think Peter being a fan himself was probably scared half to death of being a bad Doctor so I think he needed time to loosen up, just a theory, of course. But I supported him from the start and knew he would grow on me! ( it didn’t help that his earliest episodes were so obviously written for Matt Smith that it felt incongruent)

          You hit the nail on the head with Clara, I wish they kept her as the wide eyed Victorian, because a earthling being cocky to a 2000 year old alien is a ridiculous notion, I want my companions to be in ecstatic wonder!!! Clara acted like a trip in space was an annoyance at best! She also dominated the screen, it felt like “The Clara Show”! I don’t blame the actress because they had written her better at the end but, it still distracted from Capaldi. Her whole story line did.

          • Qberry

            I don’t think Clara distracted from the Doctor. I thought they were the perfect duo, and complemented each other perfectly.

      • Russell

        Expect for Sylvester McCoy I’ve always liked and accepted a new Doctor by the end of his first episode. Not so with Peter Capaldi as his relationship with his companion and sour demeanor was worse then Colin Baker’s ever was. Still, I want him to stay around. I still have high hopes for him and if he leaves now I will think poorly of him.

        • Mark Lowell

          Well, a part of the fun of watching Doctor Who is the different personalities that the Doctor has get when he regenerates. For just that reason Colin Baker was one of my favorite Doctors. PC was fun for me watch as the Doctor got used to being an older looking man again. LOL
          And that accent! He inprinted on Amy Pond! Can I say “Woof” about her!

        • Kristinalovesthebay

          I blame the way they wrote Clara’s character , it didn’t work well with Capaldis Doctor. He needs two more seasons with scripts written for him, and a companion written for him.

      • Kristinalovesthebay

        Yeah it happens with every doctor, but I thought the fans would be more supportive of Peter for being a fan himself, I think there were a lot of disappointed teen girls that watched the show for the cute young Matt Smith, so casting an older man ruined it for them, but as vocal as they are online, teen girls watching the show just for the cute boy, are hardly true Doctor Who fans. Peter would have received a better reception if they had someone in the middle , age wise, to bridge the gap. Sadly some of the new fans are of an age and generation that don’t relate to an older doctor, I don’t think they got it at first but I bet now they’ve seen him in action they are on board!

        • coldbluelava

          “I think there were a lot of disappointed teen girls that watched the show for the cute young Matt Smith, so casting an older man ruined it for them, but as vocal as they are online, teen girls watching the show just for the cute boy, are hardly true Doctor Who fans.”

          No. I’m a 25 y/o male and enjoyed Matt Smith because of his humor and how he just “fit in” the role of The Doctor. I also enjoyed David and Chirstopher for the same reason. I could also look at those three and say “hey, that’s The Doctor!”.

          My problem with Peter is that:

          – I can’t look at him and say “that’s The Doctor!”.
          – I can’t relate to Peter because of the age gap.
          – It’s a hit or miss on his “humor”. Sometimes he’s humorous, other times he’s a blank slate.
          – A smaller amount of memorable episodes.

    • Chris Daly

      Fucking. Wrong.

      • BooRadley

        mind your manners.

        • Chris Daly

          There is no etiquette on the internet.

          • BooRadley

            That’s up to us, isn’t it.

          • Lili J

            Why should we expect not?

          • Dr. Moo

            Yes there is, it’s called basic human decency. You should try it sometime.

    • Doctor Who Fan

      I hope Peter stays longer then 3 years too. He is awesome!

    • balrwhiteboy

      peter is the worst

      • Sarah

        If you mean Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor), then I agree… very tedious and dull. LOL

    • Joy Duguid Brush

      I totally agree – 3 years is NOT enough with someone as awesome as Mr. Capaldi. I think he is the true embodiment of the Doctor – he pays homage to ALL incarnations. I never thought I’d love him so well when he was first introduced, but man oh man was I ever sooo happy to be wrong!! <3

      • W. Adams

        Absolutely, I’d like to see someone do four or five years as the Doctor (trying to break Bakers seven is almost certainly too much though).
        At first, I was sure about Capaldi, I liked him, but I just wasn’t sure. “Time Heist” is the one that showed me once and for all that he could be the Doctor for a good long while!

    • Hapless Student

      Would like to see him beat Tom Bakers 7 seasons. . . .

    • Paul Kelly

      Totally agreed.

    • Richard Freeman

      Yes he’s the best since Pertwee and Baker.

  • Crushclaw

    I tell you what, they need to bring Richard Ayoade back to be the doctor like he was going to be.

  • Monica Sosa

    I have two ideas, one would be a story line on how Jack Harkness became “The Face of Boe”, that has been a topic that has never been filled in, also Donna’s Grandfather, The Doctor always felt there was some strange connection with that family and never understood why, maybe a story that takes us to when he was young and sort of loops us around to understand why there was such a deep connection, and why they always showed up at the right time?

    • They already explained Donna’s family. That story arc is over. And the Face Of Boe thing is long forgotten.

      • Michael Beckley

        Forgotten by you mabe.

      • The Blind Bandit

        Captain Jack was suppossed to come back in Matt Smith Doctor Who (A good man goes to war) but he was busy with Arrow, so I think there should be a part of the face of boe/Captain Jack

        • Qberry

          I thought he was filming Torchwood: Miracle Day?

  • Please explain in series 10 why exactly there were variour dalek casings in the series 9 opener two parter… Is it the new paradigm just trying old looks? What was it? Why were there so many different daleks on skaro? A renegade drone and n imperial special wapeons unit? How? Why? And what does it mean? Does the new paradigm still exist? Why didn’t the dalek drone in the lower levels of the dalek city –exterminate– clara? Are the daleks somehow more respectfull to other lifeforms due to davros? The doctor’s actions with little Davros?

    Was the production team bored with the bronze/ brown new paradigm daleks? Did they therefore decide to use the old ones again (only a little bit updated with blue eyes)
    I did love the mix, but it doesn’t make sense, were all the daleks there new paradigm? or indeed members of certain factions…?

    • Liem

      I bet it was a sequel to Asylum Of The Daleks. Asylum Of The Daleks was the worst Dalek story.

      • Liem

        I mean an attempted sequel

  • Thomas O’Dea

    Frankly, I want to see Peter Capaldi gone. I liked him at first, but there’s just too many things that won’t work for him. Unfortunately, when asked how many regenerations he had left in Hell Bent, he failed to answer, which leaves me worried.

    I’m also hoping for a far more climactic season end for season 10, and finally, I’m hoping to finally hear from Jenny after all this time.

  • Thomas O’Dea

    Frankly, I want to see Peter Capaldi gone. I liked him at first, but there’s just too many things that won’t work for him. Unfortunately, when asked how many regenerations he had left in Hell Bent, he failed to answer, which leaves me worried.

    I’m also hoping for a far more climactic season end for season 10, and finally, I’m hoping to finally hear from Jenny after all this time.

  • Will Clara be getting her own Tardis show?

    • Arkeisios

      A question worth asking and even more worth envisioning.

    • fonix232

      I do hope so – that ending was VERY open and suggestive about a possible other show (maybe a spin-off like the Sarah Jane Adventures?), especially with Me onboard another TARDIS stuck in one specific shape… Moffat should be asked about that in the next interview. I also hope that they begin it soon (actually it would be a perfect break-time breaker, imagine having regular Dr. Who from mid-September to mid-December, and Clara-Me adventures say, in April-May. A LOT less waiting for new seasons!).

      • Liam Harrison

        It’s curious how close you came to the actual broadcast dates, nine months ago. Class starts at some point in October, presumably continuing into December. Doctor Who Series 10 starts in Spring, most likely from April.

    • Michael Beckley

      Hopefully not! Another tired old moffat ressurection yawn!

      • Liam Harrison

        What’s a resurrection yawn? I know what you mean but it sounds strange and it would be interesting to know what one is.

  • Virat

    this doctor (capaldi) is the best and a keeper. The last one was the worst.
    Also the series drastically needs to go slow on the PC and gender sensitivity in its storyline and direction. it completely destroyed the last doctors series (in addition to the doc himself being very wrong for the job)

  • Nadejda

    1) remove moffat ; 2) remove capaldi and after that rating will go up again and it will be possible to do the full season

  • Charles

    I would love to see the return of some old favorites, namely The Rani and Romana. Omega, The Mara, so many villains that should make a come-back for a new generation of fans. Dr. Who has always been about both history and the future, so some seasoned villains would spice things up quite nicely I believe.

    • Mark Lowell

      They said that most of the Doctor’s fellow rebels were dead. So no Rani, Omega, Mara, or Master/Mistress.

  • Terence

    Dr Who story with Sherlock. Love Capaldi and The Sherlock boys

  • The cat

    In my opinion, it’d be interesting to see a female doctor and a male companion.

  • Tom S

    Parts of this, like there not being Doctor Who in 2016, was already debunked over the summer.

    Get your shit straight, guys.

  • Kai Woodward

    I think one character I’d love to see return either as a companion or just for a single episode is Captain Jack Harkness and a male companion would be great!

    • ThePurpleFrockCoat

      I can’t see 12th with a male companion. His alpha male tendencies will only create friction and I don’t mean like the 1st Doctor with Ian and Steven. I also recall Peter Capaldi saying it would not be a good idea because won’t be able to the physical stuff he enjoys doing in the role.

      • The Timelord’s Underpants

        The DR’s new companion should be a funky young woman, who girls are inspired by and find cool…other woman like and admire…boys find realistic …and blokes fancy. “Job Done”.

        • mittfh

          The character of Clara had a lot of potential, but much of it was wasted. What would have been interesting is if after the 50AS she had remembered what she saw in the time stream. She then wouldn’t have been fazed by his regeneration and would have been far more effective at calling him out on his decisions.

          But no. Instead we get half an episode’s worth of cringe with her weeping over ‘her’ lost Doctor followed by the Danny Pink arc, coupled with her arrogant attitude that no matter how much trouble she got herself into, the Doctor would always bail her out. She was periodically smart, but wasn’t really consistent enough.

          As far as young companions go, it’s hard to beat the scene from Classic Who where Ace fired an RPG at a Dalek then beat another one up with a baseball bat.

          • The Timelord’s Underpants

            I agree with a comment further down the list, by Russell. The new companion should be like a concoction of Jamie – Jo , and yup- Ace.They should be quirky, cool ( not a bleedin’ school teacher.Who wants to run off on an adventure with them>?)And like he says, a buddy.Peter should be more like a father figure. I’m holding out for a leggy blonde meself.

          • Mark Lowell

            So you want another Rose Tyler? I want a sexy ginger as the Brits call them. (A mix of Sarah Jane, Ace, Amy, and Clara. The brains of SJ, the badassness and youthness of Ace, the sexiness of Amy, and the intelligence of Clara.)

          • The Timelord’s Underpants

            WHOAH!!! Down boy! That’s a heck of a list Mr .No I don’t want another Rose Tyler. Neither as a character- nor do I consider her to have been leggy. And purrrr-leasseee…STOP, with any kind of references to Clara. Certainly I would hope that any companion is bright-but uhh,, no more self satisfied Moffat speak immortals for season 10….huh? Someone a bit more natural and humble for a change; ( natural of course,except for legs that start from just below the ears).

          • The Timelord’s Underpants

            HMM,but now I think about it Mr Mark Lowell, yeah. ” The badassness of Ace.” Wasn’t she cute, in the morning scene, in the guesthouse with her hair down- when….oh, STOP IT Timelord’s Underpants…STOP IT !!

  • N Elizabeth Johansen

    When exactly did the show get so sexist in their attitude regarding the companion? ‘something for the dads’ It’s not like we haven’t had male companions in the past. So long as the companion is a strong character, and the plots are well thought out no one is going to care what gender the companion is. Personally I’d love to see a return of Jamie McCrimmon, or how about the Brigadier as a companion?

    • russell

      I agree with your views Elizabeth (although the return of the brig in the form of Nick Courtney,is unlikely). Strong plots,strong characters are vital to the continued success of the show; and as you say, with such matters in place, gender is almost irrelevant…but please consider (however shallow it might appear) the importance of attractiveness. It is not a dirty word. And although I guess it’s kind of pathetic, we are drawn to pretty things.It wasn’t the ideas which made Baywatch the most watched programme in the world at one point. There was much for both sexes to enjoy.One of the wonders of DR WHO, of course – regardless of its need for viewers – is that it can tackle such issues. It was there in the original Dalek story of ’63, and again more obviously in 1965’s Galaxy 4. But that’s why intelligent people like you admire it Elizabeth…you’re a fan like me.

    • Mark Lowell

      I think the actor for the Brigadier is dead and the character’s dead. The cyberman who saluted the Doctor was the Brigadier and The Doctor saluted him back! AWESOME!

  • Sam Pyefinch

    I swear, this happens every single time, it’s like a loop: People start off disliking the new Doctor, some even hate him, and by the end of his run they’re all screaming “DON’T GO!”

    • Liem

      Yep, I was like that with Matt Smith. I didn’t want him to go ……. 3 years prior…… Bring David back…… 3 years later…. DONT GO…..

    • the twelfth doctor is the best

  • lsdf;lksdf;lksd

    I want a female doctor so badly. It isn’t impossible and it would add an AWESOME spin on the show.

    • Liem

      I’m not being sexist but I prefer the show having the doctor as a male and the companion being a female. I think it’s because I’m used to it that way

  • Etrielle

    I would love for this amazing Doctor to finally have River as his companion. My other hope is that season 10 will be even half as enthralling as season 9. It would also be interesting to have a boy companion, like Adric. My biggest wish is that Peter stays on as the Doctor for eight more years and that he never regenerates into a woman.

  • Michael Beckley

    If moffat can’t provide a full series due to sherlock then he should give doctor who to a competent producer.

    • Liem

      Bring Russell T Davies back please!!!!

    • hey did you like the series finale? I loved it, I hope we see more of Rasillon again soon

      • Liem

        I didn’t like it. It was muddled up to me.

        • Well the penultimate episode was fun, nice and it worked… Sleep no more wasn’t that bad either…
          I do think the dalek and the cybermen and that angel was a bit to mucj

          • Liem

            Yeah why put a Dalek on Gallifrey, they supposed of destroyed it in the Time War. Unless that was a Dalek that remained on the planet after the end of the time war.

          • Liam Harrison

            It was explained as being left over from the cloister wars, whatever those are. I think that might be covered in the Big Finish audios.

          • Liam Harrison

            It was explained as being left over from the cloister wars, whatever those are. I think that might be covered in the Big Finish audios.

      • Qberry

        I loved it. I was a bit skeptical of Clara coming back to life, but it totally won me over in the end

  • redauburn

    Faye Marsay as the companion, she is so skilled in acting for such a young lady. She was great in Last Christmas as she is in everything I have seen her in. She would be a great addition to Peter.

  • Marcos Vinicius

    For companions, I’d love to see Ian Chesterton and Barbara Wright back again (they would certainly have to find new actors to play their roles, but it would be very nostalgic)

    • Marcos Vinicius

      Or even better, a grown up version of his granddaughter – Susan.

      • Charlieboy

        Yes, like Carole Ann Ford???

    • Charlieboy

      The actress that played Barbara is no longer with us. Moffat had the opportunity to have Ian in one of the episodes that had Coal Hill School in it, but he couldn’t be bothered!

  • cyberman

    get rid of the 12th doctor already he’s not that good the 11th and 10th was the best

    • Liem

      I agree, David Tennant era was the best.

  • Rose

    I loved Donna and River Song. I hated that these two strong and entertaining female characters ended up as such lame ducks – one into a few bytes in a library and the other back into a moron. What does that say about Steven Moffat and strong females!? Come on, the guy is over 1200 years old, he shouldn’t be hanging around with such young girls all the time. A strong counterfoil, male or female, brings a lot more depth to the show.

  • Elbert Darby

    No way that Tennant guy was best doctor David

  • Kim Williams

    I wish they would bring David Tennant back for a episode or two!. Peter could travel in time and come across himself but played my David Tennant and have to help him out with a crisis that threatens that planet they are on. It would be awesome! They could maybe have to battle the Cybermen and daleks.

    • Charlieboy

      Tennant has been and gone. Deal with it! RTD had already done a Dalek v Cyberman story. Get over it!

    • Daniel

      Personally couldn’t think of anything worse. Tennant is by far the worst of the modern doctors and not fit to appear in anything which the wonderful Capaldi is in. He’s gone – good riddens and just let it go. Tennant fangirls sheesh….

  • Seán Marvin

    What the frack is so frelling wrong about the idea of a male companion? It doesn’t mean there can’t be women on the show anymore, give the old boy a dude-man-bro and some pals to get in trouble with rather than a flirt ask the freaking time.

  • Orrin Anderson

    I do hope he uses his new sonic screwdriver…the glasses are fine as long as he has a screwdriver too!

  • Virginia White

    the new is great just needs a chance to prove himself. but he does need to get back his screwdriver that is the one thing that marks for the new doctor coming in. if you want to add a male then ad a female like they did with rory and amy. thats how you can do that. virginia

  • Eric Laflamme

    What I would really love to see is the return of Jenny, the doctor daugther maybe even as the new companion. Would be more fun then a total stranger. Just imagine the conflict between Jenny and River 🙂

  • Vegas_Bob

    I can’t believe there is still nothing about the new Companion

    • russell

      Probably won’t be revealed until filming begins for series 10, Vegas Bob. …March? April?.May…..?

      • Vegas_Bob

        You would think that there would be at least rumors floating about.

        • russell

          A lid will be kept on it,Vegas Bob.An official photo-call will take place – to gain large,blanket publicity.But who knows? There might be some teasing before then.

          • russell

            I guess, I’d kinda like to see a companion,who was a mixture of Jamie,Jo and Ace.Loyal..gung-ho…mates.Peter should be more of a father figure to them.Their bond tight.Perhaps instilled from a rescue/tragedy( Victoria for instance,became an orphan).The Tardis should become their home.They could be from the past..and we see their development- say, into a modern teenager; though someone from the here and now would be instantly recognisable.I just never bought Jenna’s character – there has to be a truth. YES, I feel it should be a she (pretty an’ all that) but with a style which is unusual.THINK: Jo with her rings,gear,and hair. A young male,or males, would follow quite naturally…with fun to be had with Peter being protective. But his new friend should be there to join him in his “adventures”.Able and hands on – all the way.

          • Jessica Cobden

            Now we know, looks like you were pretty close.

        • Charlieboy

          Surely, the script for Xmas and episode 1 should be written by now.

  • David Cummings

    I want to see David tennant return as the new companion have a current Time Lord and one of the old Time Lord as a companion

    • Mark Lowell

      That would be the Metacriss Doctor. The human Doctor.

  • creeperbang

    Clara aswald is the impossible girl so she should be able to come back some how

  • Jtoad

    I want them to bring back the doctor’s daughter from season 4 there is a huge cliff hanger there, that we never got back to, what happens to her?!

  • The Blind Bandit

    I love Peter Capaldi as the doctor! I don’t get what people have against him. He suits the role very well. Good Job Peter and Steven!!!

    • Grobble Dunk

      Would the actress Georgia Moffett be willing to come back, Blind Bandit? To me, Jenny and River Song, feel like water under the bridge.It’s time for a new chapter. Series 10 should be fresh.

      • Mabel

        River Song is welcome back as the character really got back to their great series 5 form in the Christmas special. I thought River Song’s exit in Name of the Doctor was great but the Christmas farewell was excellent. Alex has wonderful chemistry with Peter, so Steven Moffat would be very tempted for her to at least have a cameo in his last series as she is one of his most popular creations.
        Jenny was a very poorly thought out character and Mrs Tennant, while pretty, is not a very good actress. Anyhoo, she has a whole tribe of kids now and her hubby is hardly ever there as he’s away filming for usually 9-10 months each year, so I think she’d have her hands pretty full just looking after the kids even with nannies.

        • Grobble Dunk

          River should sail away now. Georgia is probably too busy, yeah.

        • Mark Lowell

          They could have a new actress do Jenny. I thought Madam V’s wife Jenny was that Jenny for a while.

  • Pietro_Rock

    I’m sure that because this will be Moffat’s last series, there will be weeping angels at some point and a lot of references of the Moffat era (possibly the twelfth doctor’s original crombie too),and when Moffat says that about the two-parters last year, I think that they may do three-parters, as Face the Raven, Heaven Sent and Hell Bent.

  • Joshua Parmar

    River Song should be in at least a couple back to back episodes as the first companion of the season, doing typical companion things. Last episode or close to last should be River’s final goodbye to the doctor, with something little more romantic but still silly.
    BTW: really want the weeping angels back. They are my favorite alien race. In fact why not make an origin story for them?!

    • Joshua Parmar

      and yes. 1 more year for Peter! Like him from the beginning… he’s a bit darker.

    • Charlieboy

      God, no more River!

      • Mark Lowell

        She’s dead in the show.

  • Henry Van Statten

    All I care about is having those sonic glasses gone. I love everything else but man I hate those glasses. btw henry is not my real name. Does anyone know what it refrences to?

    • Van Lutyens

      Well, do you mean that 4 years ago, you were a wealthy collector in Utah- my Metaltron hoarding friend?

  • Hans Robert Skjærvær

    Will we ever se Rose agen?

    • The Timelord’s Underpants

      AGEN ???

      • Hans Robert Skjærvær

        I am so sorry if that misstype hurt you inn any way.

        • The Timelord’s Underpants

          Just having fun HANS. Nothing personal . With a name ending in Pants, I think it’s pretty safe to say, I’m not taking myself too seriously here- or should that be hair? KEEP ON adding your comments Hans- no problem by me.

    • ElleOz

      God I hope not. Worst companion by a million miles. Even Martha is a better companion and she’s pretty ordinary. Clara is by far the best, followed by Rory and Amy. Donna is ok but her stories weren’t very good.

      • Charlieboy

        Clara was the most annoying! Amy and Rose weren’t much better.

      • Hans Robert Skjærvær

        hmm. i actualy have to agree:)

    • Notyet

      Rose is the most divisive of the companions that’s for sure. There is a really interesting discussion going on at Dr Who TV about how the ending in Journey’s End ruined Rose’s original departure in Doomsday and further analyses why she is so unlikable. DWTV is a very well mannered site but it’s enlightening to read how utterly disliked the character of Rose is (not Billie Piper) and how this and the hysterical fandom around Tennant really soured many people to most of RTD’s era and to 10 as well. Hard to disagree and a lot of very intelligent arguments as to how it also destroyed any chance for Martha to be appreciated. Rose is the most toxic of any new Who creation and along with Tennant’s doctor the most deeply disliked by longer term and more serious DW fans. The pair are only really liked by silly fangirls who stopped watching when Tennant left anyway.

  • jcvolt

    I enjoy Matt Smith Doctor the best so far, I prefer a cheerful Doctor.

  • Charlieboy

    So, the only things we know for fact are Peter Capaldi will return and filming starts in May, with some new writers.



    • Mark Lowell

      I still think they could get David Redcliff or maybe the guy who played Neville Longbottom to play the Doctor.

  • Jeremy

    The Daleks will be in it, plus a new look cybermen

  • Jeremy

    The daleks will be back, and there,s going to be a new look cybermen

  • david DEORIAN

    I hope in series 10 or 11 they will have 10th doctor and 12th and rose with the master and ood Sigma and the devil with weeping angels but on earth maybe in the middle east or new new new new new new new York or Stonehedge or invading the shadow proclamation planet or in the past with boekind. And I always wanted the master& the ood species and the devil with two doctors with Rose and the time lord who can be male or female that was mentioned in the doctor’s wife or the master tells everybody his real name

  • david DEORIAN

    The mater as a female with the ood Sigmaneutral spectator. Slave and the devil and weeping angels fits so much to have two doctors in 2017 and rose is back or jenny partial Time Lord is more fun than bringing Riversong back forget 8 million in the UK and 9 million in the United States and 4 million in the Middle East Saudi Arabia , Israel Turkey
    And maybe somebody from the specials of 2008 – 2010 companionsto become a full time companion or a companion from the eighth doctor for the fifth doctor return just a boost up ratings for 2017
    and I would love to see Devroz the father of daleks
    Team up with weeping angels

  • david DEORIAN

    Meaning I don’t ponder river song and two doctors don’t get 8million in UK even with the master and the ood species and Winston Churchill in same episode or 3hour episode I ponder only rose and Jack harness get do that. I will atone for that. But hope Peter stays till 2020 Christmas episode

    But if 2017 is in spring it should start with the Daleks and mid may or August bring two doctors and rose and the ood species and the master to explain the woman at the end of time when the doctor regenerate into the 11th doctor and if the devil survive going through a black hole if I will show runner and it was my last series but then I don’t know what you’re pondering

  • david DEORIAN

    To thepupleflockcoat. Whoever you are I ponder and reckon a female doctor could do 8 maybe 7 Series 68-77 82 episodes 14th or 17th doctor regeneratedas a woman ginger six footer British or Persian voice sounding that can always sell I don’t want beef with you I’m just I’m just making a comment hope I don’t cause no bad blood with my common purple coat not my intention motive or purpose idea or ideology to do that

  • Mark Lowell

    Hey, Liem, 4 was blank.

  • Gegitka

    I’m in needing of childern maybe. No much for inheritence but so much in stake..

  • Tristan

    Capadi really brings a new perspective to the role, but I miss the optimistic way Matt Smith did it. He is my favorite doctor

  • Sami Rahim

    I think if the master worked with davros ( if he survived) and the cybermen… master works with then betrayes davros but gets caut by cubermen then saved by docter at the Victorian times with that sontarun and scaily girl but then prisond by judoon who took them instead of the real culpret the ood who is actually a zygon who hijacks tardis and has henchmen of many races around the tardis then an epic inside tardis chase looking for the zygon but then davros returns and spares the doctor after what happened but does something that effects a different episode. Yes
    Or just a banana with butter.

  • Tom

    That’s what I said when David and Matt first appeared and look what happened. It still aches when I look back on the memories. We will believe in what cannot be and will live for what cannot be done.

  • Joe

    Doctor Who really needs new management. Peter is a great Doctor but the stories he is getting are just rehashing old plots that we’ve seen done better. The show is suffering from a lack of ideas and direction. The ending of last season was also a massive disappointment. We’ve been waiting to see the Doctor return to Gallifrey since the 9th regeneration first stepped off the Tardis, and it ended up being a totally underwhelming and forgettable experience.

    I think there are certain key things about the show that fans care about, and certain things about the show that are just filler. The things people care about… Gallifrey, Timelords, The Master, The Dalek’s, Cybermen, the mystery of the Doctor’s backstory… have been pretty soiled by their treatment under Moffat. Nobody is going to come back to the show with enthusiasm after a two year hiatus to see Autons, Daemons and Axoms, or any other alien in a cheesy plastic costume. Those are just filler.


    Sack Steven Moffat now and put the show back into capable hands.

  • rjupback

    Capaldi says he loves the role, but from interviews it’s also clear he wants to move on and do other things. By the time the next season airs, I do believe he will have decided to move on. I believe we’ll see a new Doctor after Season 10.

    As for his companion, I’ll be content to be surprised. While the show is universal in appeal, it is at its core uniquely British (I looking at it through the prism of a US fan). A non-British actress (a young American, perhaps) might be too much of a stretch.

    There is one thing I’m certain I’d like to see more of in Season 10, though — more Missy! Missy is delightful! I refuse to believe the Daleks too her out last season.

  • gunslingor

    That really sucks… Sherlock gets precedence over the age old doctor. Shame shame shame… Just work harder moffat. Can’t believe they are waiting a year. Sherlock sucks.

  • Micci Alderman

    It would be cool to have an alternate universe where the doctor meets one of his former selves who is the current Doctor in that dimension. One of the previous assistants could be with the alternate Doctor. It would be kind of a fun return of one of our favorite doctors. They could fight an enemy that had been long defeated in our universe, but is alive and well in the alternate. What do you think??

  • Dyllon Holleman

    Ok so you know when the Doctors all came togeather to put gallifrey in a time lock, what I would like to see, is another episode of that, but in Peter Capaldi’s view of the whole thing.

  • Kristinalovesthebay

    Axons! Axons Axons Axons!!!! Pleaaaaaseeee!!!! Peter Capaldi and I agree there! The Axons were SO FUN! They could keep them in thier original swinging sixties vibe or updated, and I’d be happy! They are just so very unique, the kind of alien that makes Doctor Who a cult favorite AND a top tv hit! That kind of imagination inspiring! Aliens should be that creative, the options are endless because they can be anything! There are no rules, and the Axons are perfectly over the top! The Axons and then my secon pick ,The Autons, but if they bring The Autons back I hope the keep the original environmental message, and maybe elaborate on the back story .

  • Willie Jones 3rd


  • Jami

    Actress? Great, that means the new companion is going to be nothing more than another 20-something 21st century earth girl to fulfill masturbation fantasies. Enough of that already! A little variety please!

    • Daniel

      nope. Peter has confirmed that it won’t be a 20 or 21 century Earth companion. Someone completely different and fresh from the dfault companion template. Quite exciting and we should expect an announcement ant day now!

  • Daniel

    Peter’s tease that the new companion is completely different to any of those we have had in modern Who and is a fresh take on that role makes me think either someone from the future or an alien – perhaps a shapeshifter. Either way, it’s very clear that Peter is very, very happy with the choice and can’t wait to start filming. He’s also thrown out some tasty hints that series 10 is going to be the most action packed as well as least Earth bound with more stand alone adventures and will continue to turn its back on the schmalz and unnecessary and unwelcome romancing of the Tennant era – all in all, this is shaping up to even top the utterly superb series 9. I don’t mind the wait if we get the kind of quality we got last year.

  • MercyReborn2

    I hope Peter stays longer he is really good it would be nice if they went to ancient greece or to Australia that would be nice

  • Graham Mitchell

    Capaldi has had one amazingly bad series followed by one amazingly good one. He deserves more good material to work with

  • Christian Henry

    can rose tyler be in it for at least 1 epesoide at least 1 please!!!!

  • balrwhiteboy


  • James

    “spoilt” with crappy sports all year. This is why I don’t have a TV license and stick with on demand online viewing, something that’ll never change.

  • molly

    I have watched Dr. Who for the last 40 years. I used to watch it on PPS with my daughter. I have to say that Baker and Smith were my favorites. They both brought a great deal of humor to the show which made it very entertaining. I watch TV to be entertained, not inundated with someone’s depression and guilt. Dr. Who has changed a great deal of the last 40 years and I am not sure where this show is going. I find the story line convoluted to the point of total nonsense. A convoluted story line can’t be saved by continuation of the story line.

    • thomas

      For 16 of those 40 years it wasn’t even aired unless you was watching repeats and by the last seasons of the original airing it went from something horrible to something even worse. The elderly seem to love the show which isn’t surprising as the BBC is only targeted at TV license fearing old people who can’t step out of the “good old days” when there were only 3 channels available to watch and Doctor Who was the only different thing on TV and like the elderly, TV is a dying breed and a thing of the past, there is nothing the BBC can put on TV that would make it value for the license fee they charge and more and more people are axing their TV tax in exchange for viewing programmes they actually want to see.

      • Jessica Cobden

        Some very nasty and rude comments you’ve made there. An attack on someone who finds less to enjoy in the new stuff. I have to wonder with such a poor attitude, why you saw fit to take the trouble, to lower and soil yourself, by making contact with these fan pages

        • Thank you, Jessica. I thought the same thing. What a rude, awful, tiny little person to be so hateful! If TV isn’t his (assuming “Thomas” is a given, not a surname) thing, perhaps he’d be happier on YouTube. There, his type of comments would fit in very well, in fact.
          You did very well with your remark. *applause*

          • Jessica Cobden

            Thanks, Nightowl…I appreciate your respect. But I was only stating the truth

  • Nicholas

    I’d like to see an episode in the past like the Agatha Christie episode or the Charles dickens with a new scary monster

    • Jessica Cobden

      Very few new series monsters have made a lasting splash. Chris Chibnall’s Writer’s Room idea, should also come with a second entirely devoted to generating such creatures. I share your wish.It would make for a top story

      • Liam Harrison

        Where’ve you got this Writer’s Room thing from? This is the only place I’ve heard anything about it in connection to Doctor Who.

        • Jessica Cobden

          I believe The Radio Times, and The BBC Red Button Service. Official mouth pieces of the BBC. The Writer’s Room concept, is an American one. Used for generating tv story ideas as a group; a little like Brain storming. The recent revelation that Chris Chibnall was a part of such a method ( having been employed by George Lucas, to work upon his plan for a potential live action Star Wars television series ), shows he has previous. It is a different technique, to showrunners RTD, and Steven Moffat. Who are the hub- originaters of each of their seasons. In otherwords, it doesn’t matter so much where an idea comes from, as long as it’s good. With more people contributing, you are also more likely to come up with a greater variety of notions. Less likely to repeat yourself

  • Roy 2020

    Let the doctor call his name
    Holy Grace. From Time And Space. As biggest answer ever.
    And let Missy and the Doctor do a weddings on Gallifrey first time. Ever.

  • Robert Morgan

    Didn’t the sonic screwdriver reappear in the final episode of series 9? I hope it will be back. The sonic sunglasses were a dead loss.

    • SO agreed! The sunglasses, while fine (or at least acceptable) as a prop for his character, were NOT a replacement for for sonic screwdriver!

  • Leah Buchanan

    I have to say, I’m extremely disappointed with how “acceptable” it’s becoming for writers and actors to stack projects on top of one another, and pushing their commitments back. When you get involved with a project that is so beloved by so many, you enter into an unwritten contract between yourself and the fans. The fans keep up their end of this bargain, and the players should have to keep up theirs. Many series have fizzled and died, because of this lack of focus. I’ve walked away from excellent book series as well, for this sort of disrespect to fans (George RR Martin…cough…cough)!

    • Jessica Cobden

      I’m holding up my hands to this one. Well said

    • Liam Harrison

      In this particular case Steven Moffat wasn’t planning to stay around for series 10.

  • Roy 2020

    Talking Sonic Screwdriver Wanted.
    And talking Tardis Console Room.

  • B S

    ugh… anytime the BBC starts screwing around with staff and scheduling we get revolving door doctors. that’s a good way to kevorkian a show. these skip years are liken to kill DW and its no one’s fault but the prigs at the BBC who don’t know what to do with it.

    • LMAO! No way would it kill off the Doctor! He survived a looooong hiatus, after all, and the moment there were new episodes from a new series, we ALL came rushing back for more!

  • Roy 2020

    Series 10 must be series 9 part two
    Alot better idea as well.
    Think about it.

  • Rich71

    If it is a Muslim in a head scarf, I quit. The show has gotten so heavy handed with it’s politically correct preaching lately.

    • My goodness, you’re hateful! Well, we’ll all try our best to sanitize ALL aspects of the real world from your world, okay? Would that meet your approval, your Excellency? SO sorry that reality keeps accidentally seeping into the cracks around your little safe-room!

  • Sofia Biassoni


    • Oliver

      Sorry for breaking it down to you but he won’t come back 😐 There’s a little ‘MAYBE’ but most likely not..’ Or at least not for a long time and especially not in Capaldi’s era, who by the way is a faaaarr better actor and Doctor than Matt is/was! Think we can all agree on that:)

  • DalekExtermination!!!

    The Doctor has a new sonic screwdriver. Of course it’ll show up.

  • I would like The Doctor to meet up, the villainous Time Lord Morbius,
    that involved The Time Lords and Sisterhood Of Karn,when,he was younger,at his worst.

  • aWhOFaN

    I hope Chris Chibnall does a sequel to 42, but more involed with the entity

    • Liam Harrison

      After such a long time (11 years by the time his first series airs) it would have to be something unconnected which uses a different take on the same idea, in the same way that The Girl in the Fireplace and Deep Breath both feature the clockwork droids.

  • aWhOFaN

    P.S. is an Chris Chibnall episode with David Tennant and Freema Agyeman google Dr Who 42 to see more

    • MargaretL

      Awful, awful episode. Part of the reason so many people are concerned that Chibnall just doesn’t seem capable of writing well for Who. Broadchurch 2 was possibly the worst thing shown on tele last year and his Torchwood material was also sub standard.

      • Liam Harrison

        Wow, I’ve never come across someone whose opinion is so completely opposed to mine. I think 42 is the best episode of series 3, and I really like The Hungry Earth/Cold Blood, Pond Life, Dinosaurs on a Spaceship and most of The Power of Three. Apparently the ending had to be cut down a lot which sort of ruined it. He wrote some of the best episodes of Torchwood: Countrycide, Adrift, Fragments, Exit Wounds, although I don’t like the series 1 finale. But then that’s the nature of opinions. Everyone’s is different.

        • Charlieboy

          Ha, ha!
          Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, and The Power of Three.
          Two of the worst episodes, ever!

  • leonard

    I’d like to see the fall of Arcadia the birth of The Nightmare Child and the rest of the characters that came into play during that time could lead to another season oh and the hybrid

  • Bow ties are cool

    Dr who should come to film in Bermuda

  • Bow ties are cool

    Come to Bermuda dr who

  • Bow ties are cool

    Clara and Me spinoff

  • Rishi

    bring matt smith, david tennant and peter capaldi together. it will be fun, like the day of the doctor!

  • Nigel Sunborn

    I´ve never liked Dr Who, But with Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman it’s completely different. Both are absolutely great, and I was devastated when Clara died. No Jenna, no watching for me. For me it is over.

    • You’re missing out on Sooooo much with that attitude! There are 26 YEARS of Dr. Who! Go back and fall in love with some of the others, and let this one have some time to win you over!

      • Charlieboy

        Inferno! Bloody brilliant!

    • Charlieboy

      Clara isn’t dead! She never died! Moffat and RTD can’t kill companions!

  • Anonymous

    No! I don’t want mostly standalones, part of why Series 9 was so good was because it was mostly two-parters (eight out of twelve episodes were two-parters). As seen in Series 7, when the series is mostly standalones, there are a lot deus ex machina endings and average episodes.

  • Christian Henry

    i hope in one episode he sees a human he has met but as 11th doctor and the human thought he was human so he has to dress up as the 11th doctor with the bow tie and stuff

  • Zara

    I will just never get over Captain Jack and Matt Smith’s doctor never meeting 🙁 I’d have loved to see that! Jack not realising it’s the Doctor and getting all flirty and the Doctor just stuttering looking awkward before yelling ‘Stop it!’

  • Runner

    I can’t wait, it sounds refreshing; new.

  • Roy 2020

    How about David Tennant on Series 10 ?

    • Greetl

      Godness no. Just rewatched Day of the Doctor which was showing here on Foxtel. Reminded me of how wonderful Matt Smith was – how funny but how great at drama and how wretched poor David Tennant was. He spends the whole episode sulking or flirting and Matt’s doctor just walks all over David’s. A very over rated doctor who isn’t even in thd top half of best doctors while Tom, Matt, John Hurt and Peter Capaldi all are.

      • Charlieboy

        You forgot to mention how great Hartnell, Troughton and Pertwee were!

  • spoilers

  • Anonymous

    Since the series is mostly standalones I think it will follow the Series 8 format, all standalones except the finale.

  • Marilyn Senecal Cavanaugh

    Peter is a Wonderful Doctor. I love them all but he just seems “right”. With his new “Spirited” Companion, I’m sure they will get into lots of mischief!

  • Maria Mc Coy

    I’m really enjoying Peter Capaldi as the Doctor – he’s so unpredictable, every time you finally think you’ve figure him out he comes along and surprises you again and he’s so off handedly funny too. A real treat to look at. Serious, sinister, scary, surprising, downright frustrating but never boring – Peter Capaldi is a great Doctor hope he stays for more than three series as there’s so much more to find out about #12.

  • Paul Kelly

    Mr Capaldi. Please do four seasons/series. Please. Four. It will only consolidate an extraordinary time in the series and the future will always wait for the Doctor

  • Hanaha

    Really liking the idea of Bill, Nardole and 12 travelling together. The best new Who team was 11, Amy and Rory (occasionally with River). It doesn’t work as well with only one. This could be a classic TARDIS team and rather than being all angsty, seems like thete will be load of fun. Series 9 was best to date but maybe this one will be best ever!

    • Charlieboy

      3 and Jo!!!
      4 and Sarah!!!
      4 and Romana!!!
      Worked well in the Classic series!!!

  • Greetl

    Been rewatching series 8 lately and in the light of series 9, really can appreciate how Moffat and Capaldi were developing the doctor’s character so subtlely. It really makes you appreciate how brilliant Peter’s acting really is. He didn’t want to be instantly likeable from the very first like David and Matt, but he wanted the audience to see his own identity forming. It really is genius as the audience are drawn in to the doctor, rather than the doctor projecting his personality and reaching out to viewers. I know series 9 is the one which now sits so firmly at the top of new Who rankings with just about everyone (me included!) but I really have reevaluated series 8 and now find that it has snuck past series 7A and 1 to be just below 6, 5 and 9. I imagine series 10 will also be part of a trilogy with 8 all about the doctor in the light of his explosive regeneration and return of Time Lords wonderimg what kind of man he is, series 9 having him kind of test who he is by pittng himselfagainst key old enemies and new thrests and then ultimately the Time Lords themselves and allowing Clara, his apt pupil, to discover her own identity just as he discovers his and series 10 about him just going out and having adventures with the certainty of knowing who he is and no longer having to prove himself. This long arc is just so well done so far, so high hopes for series 10. How coukd it fail with Capaldi at the helm and Moffat steering.

  • Richard Freeman

    I’dlove to se the Sea Devils and the proper Pertwee Silurians back, and a story about dragons.

    • Charlieboy

      If you want Dragons, watch Game of Thrones!

      • Richard Freeman

        They are wyverns not dragons.

  • stace

    matt & david were cool doctors but as far as im concerned no one can beat tom baker as dr WHO he was just the best I reckon, also with his tin dog K9 he was a cheeky little bugger to, but to each there own as to which doc u like best, and sadly as for peter never really liked him as the doctor to me he didn’t really seem to fit the doc profile and haven’t really watched much of it since he’s been in it. and as for companions another firey redhead wouldn’t go astray

  • Darcy

    I want to see a return from maybe one of the Tenth Doctor’s companions. Maybe one of the ones that can still see the Doctor, know it’s him, and are not in a parrelel universe. That means someone like Martha or Captain Jack.

  • Jessica Cobden

    What do I want from season 10? Well Peter is back ( yahh ), Pearl already looks amazing; and um, yeah- Nardole. But what else? Great plots. Great plots, and great plots. Cool stories which surprise and delight, and actually add up and make sense. Pull the right strings, and Bring It On Mr Moffeteer

    • Charlieboy

      Great plotholes. Great plotholes, and great plotholes!

      • Jessica Cobden

        Like I said. What I want. Doesn,t mean we’re going to get. I would like to see plots that actually add up and make sense. Not stories with more holes than Swiss Cheese.

  • matt

    does anyone know what time and day is season 10 of doctor who premieres next year on bbc

    • Liam Harrison

      Season 10 premiered on 30th December 1972. As for Series 10, that won’t be decided for months yet, but probably on a Saturday near Easter and earlier in the evening than in recent years. There will be a Christmas special this year, and the spin-off Class starts sometime next month.

      • Charlieboy

        I see what you did there!

  • Cosimo Yardellah

    What I’d like is for the next season to have a more mysterious, bizarre look, no on-time only appearances but linked and recurring themes for a wider story arc which involves the whole season, a total change in aesthetics, for it to explore more the Earth time-space, the Universe and life itself and to concentrate more on the characters than just the story and the aliens, more psychological exploration. Maybe I’m asking too much, but that’s the change I’d love to see every time I’m about to watch a new season/episode.

  • Qberry

    I really hope we get to see at least a little bit of The Mistress this season… Michelle Gomez plays the well excellently and I hope they utilize her as much as possible.

  • Raymond Davis

    Sorry but I don’t think Capaldi could be half of a terrific couple if you paired him with Meryl Street and backed them with the entire cast of Game of Thrones in an all singing and tap dancing version of Red Wedding led by Billy Idol.

  • Riley

    I would love to see the Nightmare Child portrayed in an episode! Like maybe someone unlocks the Time War or something. I also want to see the Rani and the Valeyard return.

  • Robert (aka Old Guy)

    It’ season ten for the “nubes”, I prefer to call it the tenth series. Yes, it’s the tenth season in the 21st century but I’m thinking it’s the 37th or 38th season, depending on how you count the 1996 movie. Just a pet peeve….carry on with the good information.

    • Liam Harrison

      The official way of labelling them appears to be Series for the new series and Season for the classic series, so officially it’s Series 10. A lot of fans continue labelling each new full series carrying on from the classics, so it would be Season 36 (as there were 26 seasons in the classic series). I’m not sure where you got the extra one from, but either way you’re right in saying it’s not Season 10.

  • Is this still on?

  • Just Me

    Moffat really thinks most of the audience doesn’t know he exists?? Love him or hate him, I think we pretty much all are aware of his presence on the show.

  • abby sanderson

    I hope Peter stays I am loving his doctor incarnation

  • Mr Krabs

    “BBC staff have recently been informed that showrunner Steven Moffat’s commitments to his other hit show Sherlock mean that there will be no full series of Doctor Who in 2016.”

    Go Jump off a cliff Steven Moffat

  • Just Me

    aww crap, Gatiss is writing Who again? He’s great with Sherlock, but I have absolutely hated every single DW ep he has ever written.

  • Stacey Shea

    Sarah Dollard: “I don’t kill the companion this time.”

    Lmao well thats good news

  • drno

    no faith in moffat. feel bad for capaldi and matt smith. top notch actors, sub-par forgettable writing. I just hope this next companion is a classic era type companion. Without a convoluted back story and just along for the ride. I mean companions these days get entire seasons dedicated to their personal and love life (even get picked up and dropped off at home), and I guess now get eternal life and their own TARDIS complete with a immortal travelling mate lol. Sure will be glad when we get proper Doctor Who back.

    • ASH565

      Sorry but last series is officially the best reviewed of the new series. That’s a FACT. You may not have enjoyed it but the fact that every review from critics here and in the US found it to be the best acted, written snd directed series says your opinion is well in the minority. Wait until Chibnall’s drivel comes out and then remember how brilliant Moffat’s version of Who was.

      • drno

        lol. it’s most definitely your kind of doctor who I see. nothing wrong with that. To me moffat is awful, and RTD was slightly better than him. Looking forward to seeing what the new guy does. Hope we don’t get more badwolfgirlwhowaitedtobeimpossible companion garbage. Its suppose to be a sci fi show, not a companion focused romantic dramedy.

        Critics love a lot of things that are questionable in quality. Only sheep judge quality by what critics think. The same goes for ratings. The Kardashions are ratings gold. Try to binge that show lol.

      • Charlieboy

        We already have Moffat drivel, so Chibnall’s drivel won’t make a difference. Clare was awful. None of the NuWho companions have been any good! The show is always about them!

  • Namnoot

    You missed touching on the question of Clara coming back as we had Peter Capaldi hint at Awesome Con that she might be (and even before that during an interview for the Doctor Who Fan Show). Jenna has said she doesn’t know, though she doesn’t expect it to happen “for a while” whatever that means.

    • Charlieboy

      I hope she never returns!

  • Sami Rahim (Bronie)

    I want the daleks… but some arnt organic. Yes, proper robot daleks. That means dalej factories. That means biggest ever swarm. But when the doctor is about to die some daleks turn around and shoot other daleks. Then open up to reveal missy tourchwood and another bunch of people who are not new.
    Oh and rowin Atkinson, aka mr bean.

    • Charlieboy


  • Greetl

    Some really great stuff coming out from the Canadian first leg of the Who tour as well as a terrific interview with Pearl in the Guardian today. The more I hear about how fresh and different Bill is compared to the other new Who companions, the more convinced I am that 12 and Bill is going to be a classic Doctor/companion combination. I love that Bill will be a companion who sometimes makes mistakes and gets cranky and is stubborn. Far too many perfect petal companions under RTD and also series 7B Clara on occasion. I much prefer someone like Amy who is flawed but is acts like a living breathing young woman.

    The intro episode is also going to be a soft boot. Steven Moffat promised his last series would have a completely new feel and from the information coming out, seems to be living up to his promise. Also further gushing about the brilliance of the Christmas script, this time from Peter Capaldi, who thinks it may be Steven Moffat ‘s finest. High praise indeed considering he had the privilege of acting in Series 8’s Listen and Series 9’s Heaven Sent and Husbands of River Song last Christmas.

  • Greetl

    Even more brilliant news coming in. The Mike Bartlett script is a ghostly one and Steven Moffat reckons it is absolutely brilliant. I thought Doctor Foster was one of the best written things on tele, so no surprise it has turned out so well AND TA DUM – a writer for Classic Who is delivering a script. What a brilliant gesture by Moffat in his final year. Lots of speculation about who it might be. Thinking series 10 really might even top series 9 and boy is that an amazingky high bar. Fantastic, Geronimo and Shutity Up all rolled in one.

    • Charlieboy

      The use of a Classic Who writer isn’t going to make any difference. It wont be a “classic” script. it’ll be changed to suit the rest of the series. Its an empty gesture!

  • Rick Roth

    Does anyone else think the amount of time between season 9 and 10 is ridiculous?

    • Greetl

      Nope. BBC’s fault in taking too long to find Moffat’s replacement. Moffat has done them huge favour by agreeing to stay on.

      The good news is that it will be worth it. Brian Minchin and Steven Moffat were giddy with excitement at the recent NYCC about how good series 10 is going to be.

      • Charlieboy

        Although, I hate Moffat. This whole thing has been a mess.

        The BBC should have produced a 2016 series, with, or without Moffat.
        The decision concerning a new producer should have been taken earlier, as Chibnall wasn’t available until later.

        The BBC is a farce!

  • Charlieboy

    Thank God. Truly awful characters!

  • reddog694uk .

    Dr Who was getting more gritty and seriously interesting right up to reading this article. Matt Lucas ? Really ? Farming out scripts to writers with no previous experience of the genre ? Really ? That’s like putting Eartha Kitt behind the wheel of a formula 1 racing car 5 seconds before the race starts. And what happened to 2016 ? We have absolutely no Dr Who this year whatsoever ? The Yanks are still laughing at our total lack of resources aren’t they ?

    • Charlieboy

      Why can’t a new writer join the series? Its drama! Thats all.
      Eartha Kitt??? How old are you???

  • Charlieboy

    What a load of rubbish.
    Half truths, rumours, and myth.