Everything we know so far about ‘Doctor Who’ Season 9

Doctor Who will return for a new season this autumn.

This news summary will be updated regularly as more details are revealed, with the latest updates at the top of each section. Rumours and unconfirmed reports will be marked with a *.

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Showrunner: Steven Moffat.

Executive producers: Steven Moffat and Brian Minchin.

Writers: Steven Moffat, Toby Whithouse, Catherine Tregenna, Jamie MathiesonPeter Harness, Sarah Dollard, Mark Gatiss.

Directors: Daniel O’Hara, Hettie Macdonald, Ed Bazalgette, Daniel NettheimJustin Molotnikov, Rachel Talalay.

Main cast: Peter Capaldi as the Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara.

Season 9 filming begins: Monday 5 January 2015.

Season 9 broadcast begins: Saturday 19 September 2015.


Doctor Who 9 Peter Capaldi Twelfth


Steven Moffat: “We are going to resolve the matter of his face. He’s going to try and figure out where he’s seen that face before.”

Peter Capaldi: “The cosmos is there for the taking, thrilling, epic and enticing, and [the Doctor’s] to play in. But he’s almost reckless in his abandon. It’s almost like he’s running from something, something that if it ever catches him will turn his life upside down.”

Jenna Coleman: “[The Doctor and Clara have] got to a place where she’s no longer split between her life and Doctor Who life. She kinda throws herself into the TARDIS and her life with the Doctor and joins him in reckless abandon.”

Peter Capaldi: “There is an epic sweep to this season and I think the villains and monsters reflect that. Great new ones, brilliant old ones, and some very scary creatures looming in stories with real emotional ambition.”

Peter Capaldi: “[The Doctor and Clara] suddenly realized that they are the most fortunate people in all of time and space and are hellbent on adventure.”

Brian Minchin: “[Season 9 is] the glory years of Peter Capaldi’s Doctor and Clara.”

Brian Minchin: “…this year [the Doctor]’s having the time of his life, having dangerous and exciting adventures in time and space. They’re having the biggest, most dangerous adventures they’ve ever had and they’re having great fun doing it.”

Steven Moffat: “[Peter Capaldi] is on amazing form at the moment. I was looking at some of his first series stuff and thinking ‘it’s magnificent, but it’s nothing compared to what he’s doing now’.”

Steven Moffat: “As ever, Doctor Who is a combination of complete daft silliness and loads of people getting slaughtered in the early evening. Tonally, [Season 9] very much the same [as Season 8].”

Steven Moffat: “I was looking for the Capaldi moments every episode [in Season 8], saying ‘We need a Capaldi moment, that moment where he’s not Matt Smith, he’s not David Tennant, where he’s a dangerous, unpredictable, volatile character’. So now, having done that, and having blasted our new Doctor at them, we can go other places with him [in Season 9].”

Steven Moffat: “We took the Doctor/companion relationship to a place that’s just more real in [Season 8], much more damaging and with more consequences. And whoever the companion is [in Season 9], you want to continue that idea.”

Peter Capaldi: “…we’re starting to have conversations about next year and I’m like ‘There are some amazing things coming along there!’ – Steven is telling me and I’m like, ‘Wow! Yeah!’ We’ve got some great ideas coming for 2015.”

Steven Moffat: “[The return of River Song will] now be story-driven. If we’ve got an idea that she fits perfectly then there’s no reason why we can’t do it, but I quite liked where we got to at the end of ‘The Name of the Doctor’, with him saying goodbye to her. So we’ll see.”

Steven Moffat: “We’re not going to do splits [in Season 8], and the same format will repeat exactly [for Season 9] the following year [2015] like that. So it will be the traditional form.”


Prequel: ‘The Doctor’s Meditation’

Doctor Who 9 The Doctor’s Meditation

Guest cast: Daniel Hoffmann-Gill as Bors.

Written by Steven Moffat.

Directed by Ed Bazalgette.

Premieres at cinema screenings of ‘Dark Water’ and ‘Death in Heaven’ on 15-16 September.


Episode 1: ‘The Magician’s Apprentice’


Written by Steven Moffat.

Directed by Hettie Macdonald (Filming block 2).

Guest cast: Michelle Gomez as Missy, Jemma Redgrave as Kate Stewart, Kelly Hunter, Clare Higgins, Jaye Griffiths, Daniel Hoffmann-Gill as Bors, Jami Reid-Quarrell, Aaron Neil as Mr Dunlop, India Ria Amarteifio, Joey Price, Dasharn Anderson as Ryan, Harki Bhambra as Mike Jameson, Demi Papaminas, Jonathon Ojinnaka as a soldier.

Official synopsis: “Where is the Doctor? When the skies of Earth are frozen by a mysterious alien force, Clara needs her friend. But where is the Doctor, and what is he hiding from? As past deeds come back to haunt him, old enemies will come face-to-face, and for the Doctor and Clara survival seems impossible.”

Doctor Who 9 Michelle Gomez Missy

Steven Moffat: “A final message from a dying scientist. A plea from the deadliest corner of time and space. Only one man can answer, but he has gone missing from all of time and space. Where is the Doctor? As the skies of planet Earth stand frozen, Clara Oswald enters into a dangerous alliance. The Doctor is gone from the universe – friends and enemies alike can find him nowhere. When even the Daleks can’t track down their ancient foe, and the Doctor’s old friend and nemesis, Missy, is forced to ask for help, does it mean that the mad man in the box has truly disappeared? What fear, or what terrible shame, could possibly drive the Doctor into the shadows? The answers are more dreadful than Clara’s worst imaginings, and she finds herself embarking on a journey into the Doctor’s worst nightmare…”

Steven Moffat: “It features lots of Daleks and this time we mean it! Clara receives a mysterious summons and has to team up with Missy to search for the Doctor in a very, very old place.”

Steven Moffat: “Why not start with a blockbuster? Why leave it till the last two weeks? So yes, it’s like starting with a finale, and having a big, grand, movie-sized story…”

Peter Capaldi: “[The story features] the Doctor being in a very traditional battlefield, in which he tries to help a victim of war… but it backfires.”

Peter Capaldi: “[The story] places the Doctor in a conflict that is central to his being, as well as containning some subtle tributes to the ’60s, and truly wonderful guest performances.”

Peter Capaldi: “The Doctor [is] about to make a mistake that has cataclysmic repercussions.”

Steven Moffat: “[Clara’s journey in Season 9] is very pronounced. She continues to complicate and that relationship between the two of them is incredibly strong.”

Steven Moffat: “There are certainly surprises, but she’s still the same evil Missy she was last time.”

Michelle Gomez: “Things have been a little beige since I left Missy behind, so I’m delighted to be putting my lippie back on. I’m positively dying to see the Doctor again!”

Steven Moffat: “Everybody hide – Michelle Gomez as Missy was an instant hit last year, so she’s straight back to plague the Doctor and Clara in the series opener. But what brings her back into their lives is the last thing they’d expect.”

Daniel Hoffmann-Gill: “I was [playing] a Stone Cold type heel, pretty aggressive.”

Jenna Coleman: “Just when Clara was feeling more comfortable in the relationship, it’s thrown something totally new up.”

Steven Moffat: “As to changing it up with the companion [being a young female from present day Earth] … Wait and see. We absolutely could vary it.”

Jenna Coleman: “[The Doctor and Clara] are a bit addicted to each other, and to the dynamic they share. In a way, it’s actually quite dangerous now, because she realises there is no going back for her.”

Peter Capaldi: “I think [the Doctor] probably will be different again when he comes back [in Season 9] … we’re still pushing to find out who this character is – there are more mysteries about him.”

Jenna Coleman: “I couldn’t walk away with the story being unresolved and there’s so much more to do – I think [the Doctor and Clara have] finally just reached a point where they really understand each other!”

Doctor Who Tenerife Michelle Gomez


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  • Gioia

    I wonder if they’ll be a new companion? The companions usually stay for less time than that incarnation of the doctor.

    • JamesJournal

      Who knows. Donna and Martha lasted just one year plus guest spots. Rose was two years plus guest spots. The Ponds two years and change.

      Clara would be smack in the middle if she was written out in the XMAS special. But if she stayed until the end of Series 9 she’d have been on the show slightly longer than Amy and Rory.

      • Liem Green

        I heard that Jenna who plays Clara is going to be in Series 9 but not the full series. Like she will be in Episode 1-7 and she will get out

    • Mskby

      God I hope so. Clara was great with Matt’s Doctor, but I’ve really not seen the chemistry with Capaldi and I’m kind of over her now.

  • CyberLeader

    We’ve had Daleks, Cybermen, Zygons, Sontarans, The Great Intelligence, Silurians, Ice Warriors, Autons and even the Macra return to the new series, but I would love to see more classic monsters return. For example, the Rutons, the Menoptra, Axons, the Jagaroth, but most of all I would really like to see the return of the Rani. I just think it’s important to bring back the Classic monsters for the newer fans

  • Fuckface

    … im kinda wanting to see The rani return, children these days are more into the dalek’s but they need classic monsters to show them there are more threats to the doctor than just the recurring monsters.

    • John Johnjohnjohn

      The Rani was shite – two weak episodes and an appearance in the appalling Dimensions in Time. Romana or another female Time Lady, please (apart from River).

      • Guest

        The title Time Lord or Time Lady only applies to Gallifreyans who have graduated from The Academy. River may have Time Lord characteristics but she isn’t one. Time traveler or Child of The TARDIS since she was conceived there.

        • Lou Anschuetz

          Let’s not forget that the Doctor had a daughter. What’s she been up to? Lots of potential there.

          • David Dickey

            didnt she die shortly after being born?

          • blake

            Nope, she regenerated (without changing her face).

          • Brennan

            i would love to see that

          • DoctorWho???

            Yes she died, but then at the very end of the episode she woke up, stole a ship, and took off to see the universe. Pretty much the identical was the Doctor began his travels. I had two thoughts at the time, one was that she would pop up down the line, which I think will still happen. I’d say an episode when the Doctor gets a signal for help, turns up in a battlezone and finds his daughter having a ‘doctor’ moment, saving the planet. The other would be her own series, not sure I’d like to see that. But at the time I thought they were the two main ways Moffat could have gone with her.

          • Karen S.

            I was thinking the same ting. When she flew off I was expectring her to run in to the doctor zt one point or another. :p

        • DoctorWho???

          Yes she died, but then at the very end of the episode she woke up, stole a ship, and took off to see the universe. Pretty much the identical was the Doctor began his travels. I had two thoughts at the time, one was that she would pop up down the line, which I think will still happen. I’d say an episode when the Doctor gets a signal for help, turns up in a battlezone and finds his daughter having a ‘doctor’ moment, saving the planet. The other would be her own series, not sure I’d like to see that. But at the time I thought they were the two main ways Moffat could have gone with her.

          • zappa24

            There’s a lot of work to be done to make that a series. For one, they’d probably need to reintroduce the character on Doctor Who. Before that, they would need to see if Georgia Tennant would want to come back onto Doctor Who, much less do a whole series. Of course, given the nature of her parentage, there are ways around it if Georgia said no. Either way, it would take some time to get enough interest via Doctor Who appearances in such a series going so that it would be viable in its first couple of seasons.

        • DoctorWho???

          Sorry guys, lost my glasses, my post here that starts ‘yes she died’ was not meant as a reply to this one.

  • Wizza

    When compiling “everything we know” about a series, surely even the safest of assumptions should be omitted until confirmed? Episode broadcast on Christmas Day, number of series 9 episodes, Moffat writing the first episode…

  • timmy

    Cultbox, Jenna going in the Xmas Special is still just a rumour! As confirmed by Capaldi himself. Some numpty in The Mirror saying it does not make it fact. Get an asterix on that now.

    • timmy

      (And the quote about River Song, if anything, implies she WON’T be returning, as there’d have to be a good reason for that to happen. So she shouldn’t be listed at all.)

      • Tony Perez

        These are NOT fixed points in time, they are in flux so they may or may not happen, or they could both happen and not happen.

        • Guest

          Moffat was asked about River’s future in the show. he said her story is basically over and will only bring her back IF the story calls for it. He said the same about Capt Jack and he has not returned since.

          • Jim Ryder

            or if the twat thinks he can boost viewing figures.

          • guest

            Time to stop watching then?. I see you throwing your toys out of the pram in most of the Doctor Who fan pages like a little boy.

          • David Somerfield

            childish and rude comment Jim.

          • Liem Green

            I have

            1: His place in the show at the moment isn’t very suitable
            2: The actor is too busy being a figure or what not
            3: He didn’t return in ANY of Matt Smith’s story so….
            4: He hasn’t been in Dr Who since the 4th Season. WE WILL BE IN THE 9TH NEXT YEAR

      • Thomas Sargent

        But HOW is she mentally linked with Clara even after she “died”

        River: Spoilers

        “Name of the Doctor”

      • Liem Green

        Even though she hasn’t been in it since The Name Of The Doctor, Moffat did say that her place is open if she wanted to come back. I hope she does because Clara met River before so a very good friendship could evolve if River starts being a companion in series 9

        But Clara might be getting out
        ——– Damn It

      • Smittywerben Jagermanjensen

        i feel river has to return though. not sure what episode, but i believe it’s the one where amy has the angel in her and she’s counting down. river said “I’ve seen all of the doctor’s faces.”

        • Liem Green

          Yeah. And I did say, Moffat has left her space open if she wanted to return. I hope she would in Series 9. The best bet is she might be in the final episode or the final couple if she does return. I’m just guessing. She could be in in the final two episodes and maybe a episode earlier exp. Episode 8 or 7

  • FR Garetson

    I want to see the guardians of time. (White & Dark. Reference: 1978 the Tom Baker “Keys to time” episodes. It’s about time we had a fresh antagonist in the reboot series. I think Moffett & Gatiss would do a wonderful job revising them. Endless possibilities. A hero is only as good as the villain is bad. The Doctor needs to find a new equal adversary.

  • Christina Edenfield

    I’d love to see more weeping angels! I won’t blink!

    • me

      i indeed have seen what you have done there

  • Sulayman Khan

    For series 9 there has to be a dalek story and I wanr the traditional form of having 3 two parters

    • David Tomlinson

      Yeh, I love two parters. They usually had one near the start, on in the middle and one at the end. I loved how they used to leave me wondering

    • DoctorWho???


  • Sulayman Khan

    And we haven’t really seen when the doctor gives the sonic screwdriver to river song

    • whovian

      We have in a mini-episode

    • DoctorWho???

      Good point, great point actually, I never thought of that. So she has to come back at some point. That’s good, the show had more excitement mixed with drama and comedy when she was there. But getting the writers to put something together that fits the new Doctor and her, that could be hard. Especially for this team of writers, who just don’t seem to have the Dr gift.

  • Angela

    I’d like to see the return of Gallifrey, the Master, Captain Jack Harkness and good writing. Please and thank you.

    • John Johnjohnjohn

      Gallifrey – yep. The Master – yep. Jack “Jack” Harkness – no shitting way.

      • DoctorWho???

        Why not Cap Jack? He wasn’t bad. Not sure how he’d work with the new Doctor though. But anything would be better than what we have now. Please do something about the writing. The stories so far have been awful, I always watch, hoping that it gets better, but sadly NO. It’s as if they’re trying to bring in new fans, but they don’t seem to understand how many old fans they are losing. Guys, you’ve got a great cast, but you’re giving them rubbish to work with. It’s almost childlike, and it’s the first time I can remember knowing what will happen before it does. Like watching a Walt Disney movie.

        • iBooa the First

          Deep Breath was decent. The second half was quite good, actually.

          Into the Dalek wasn’t very creative, but it wasn’t bad.

          Robot of Sherwood was nope.

          Listen was fantastic in my opinion, though the final scene was a bit odd.

          Time Heist wasn’t bad, though it also wasn’t very creative.

          The Caretaker was fun, even if it wasn’t the most thrilling story.

          Kill the Moon had some good elements. Some.

          Mummy was amazing! My favorite episode of the series.

          Flatline wasn’t perfect, but it certainly wasn’t bad. Go Mathieson!

          Forest — also nope.

          Finale — Missy was brilliant. In fact the characters were all pretty good. The script itself was lacking, but it wasn’t bad. Not Wedding of River Song bad, at least.

          Overall, the writing is a huge improvement on Series 7. Love or hate Moffat, he did pull it together from last year.

      • kazuya

        Captain Jack Harkness is epic! Why not? Lol

        • Emma Adler

          I would love to see the dynamic between Twelve and Jack and Clara

          • zappa24

            Yeah, I’d love to see Clara ignore Jack’s flirtations and have him wondering why his mojo wasn’t working.

      • Hemsworth

        i think Jack wouldn’t really fit in the story that is going on now… but come on! Why not? If they find a way to write him in, it’d be great!!! Accept it!

    • JBL

      GOOD.WRITING. Yes, that’s certainly been missed. More Jamie Mathieson, less Moffat. Let Gaiman do a really scary Great Intelligence episode, something to rival “The Web of Fear” instead of making the fiend nothing more than a second-rate Master stand-in.

    • me

      the master and gallifrey (supposedly) ARE back

  • Jackat Harbor

    You missed out a quote by Moffat in last month’s Doctor Who Magazine, IIRC When he previewed “Kill the Moon” he said this wouldn’t be the last time we’d be hearing from Peter Harness “and that’s a promise”
    So I take it Harness has already been commissioned for Series 9

    Also there’s that Gatiss quote about writing two Capaldi scripts. Back in June, One was Robot of Sherwood…

    Of the Moffat regulars, Toby Whithouse and Chibnall have been too busy *this year* So for better or worse expect them next year

    Also according to a Rachel Talay interview, the production office are very aware of the lack of women writers. So expect a woman writer soon. Hopefully Debbie Moon

    • DoctorWho???

      Great idea, woman writer, should always be one on the team. And a good mix of writers who specialize in drama, horror, thriller AND comedy, always need to have a good mix of them all for a great Dr Who.

  • David Tomlinson

    I want to see a brand new companion. Male or female, I don’t care, just a brand new companion. I have nothing against clara, as I think she’s great, but if think we need someone new.

    • DoctorWho???

      Yep, agree, but I’d be a little worried if they bring one in right now. Because the writers just seem to be so off their game. I wouldn’t be surprised if they made the new one a child, because they seem to be writing as if they worked for Walt Disney this season. They could go with a companion that isn’t really a companion, one that turns out to be some kind of link to a previous Doctor. Like Dr 10, Tennant’s ‘double’ was left behind with Rose, what if he dies there, but then searches for and finds Dr 12…no…wait…stupid idea, sorry I was having a mad doctor moment.

  • Kian Drury

    I want River back saying something like “Now that’s the sexy mature face I remember!”

    • Amador Cuenca

      That would be epic!

      • I want River to be at 12’s regeneration into 13 saying something like “goodbye grumpy, hello Doctor”.

        • craigg

          Hes not the 12th he is the 13th doctor

          • Meekrob

            War Doctor doesn’t count.

          • DodgerZero

            Yes he does!! I don’t care what Moffat claims or if the War Doctor doesn’t have a number. He was still a regeneration of The Doctor, it still uses up one regeneration making him the real number 9.

          • kazuya

            That simply confuses everyone, so the “Official” count doesn’t include the War Doctor, make the War Doctor number W or 8.5 or something XD besides, not everyone watched the Doctor Who movie.

          • AlanHK

            The “count” is the number of the actor who starred as the Doctor in the real world. Otherwise you have to include a dozen other incarnations who were shown back in “Brain of Morbius” in 1976, for instance.

            Practically, you can’t go back and renumber all the references made in the last 7 years anyway.

            In the series, there is just “the Doctor”, he doesn’t have a number, doesn’t call his earlier selves “nth Doctor” the way we, viewers, do.

          • aiden

            In the brain of morbius when the doctor and morbius played a mind game we saw the doctors first 3 incarnations but morbius competed against him and we saw morbius previous incarnations not the doctors…

          • AlanHK

            Well, that’s a retcon, the show itself didn’t say that. Anyone who watched it would think they were all the Doctor.

          • Chris

            You need to watch that story again. Morbius was winning in the mind game and was driving The Doctor’s memory back to see how long he’s lived. Those incarnations were pictured as past incarnations of The Doctor. This was done before the 12 regenerations rule was established. The images of The Doctor were of the people from the production team.

          • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

            Some of the extra faces seen in The Brain Of Morbius were Morbius himself. It was a mind battle between both of them showing some of their earlier selves.

          • AlanHK

            An interesting retcon. But at the time it was shown, it was clearly intended to be previous versions of the Doctor.

          • Where do you get “official”? The BBC credited Hurt as “The Doctor” along with all the others at the end of Name of the Doctor. Period. Done.

          • kazuya

            It’s not counted though. I’m not talking about the number of doctors, I’m talking about what number the doctor is counted as. In the “official” count the eleventh doctor is never referred to as the twelfth doctor, and so on.

          • themaster6305

            he’s right

          • PlayerEx3reme

            The War doctor does not count as the 9th doctor because he didn’t go by The doctor and if you can’t remember Clara said she didn’t recognize the War doctor because She didn’t see him in The Doctor’s Time stream and the doctor said that’s me but it’s not the doctor

          • mike

            The ‘War Doctor’ was a choice made by the Eighth Doctor. After
            crash-landing on Karn he was helped by that planet’s mysterious
            Sisterhood and Ohila allowed him to influence his next regeneration. Who
            or what did he wish to become? The Doctor made his decision quickly…

          • The BBC credit him simply as “The Doctor” along with all the others on “The Name of The Doctor.” There is no other authority on the matter, and therefore, Hurt is 9 and Capaldi is 13.

          • suzie

            he took a potion…to become war doctor.. doesn’t count

          • Chris D

            It does count. He took the “potion” to control his regeneration. “I don’y believe there is any need for a Doctor now. Make me a warrior.”

          • Weresmurf

            That’s a word, he however regenerated. It doesn’t matter if he calls himself Doctor, Frank, Bob, Surgeon, Nancy of Philharmonic Orchestra. It’s the *REGENERATIONS* that count. Otherwise, every time he regenerates he could call himself:


            and each would be a brand new regeneration set.

            So again, it’s the regenerations that count, not the bloody title. Why is that such a hard concept to grasp?

          • Liem

            No no no no…. A time lord has 12 regenerations. It went like this..

            1st Doctor: William Hartnell
            2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton
            3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee
            4th Doctor: Tom Baker
            5th Doctor: Peter Davison
            6th Doctor: Colin Baker
            7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
            8th Doctor: Paul McGann
            War Doctor: John Hurt
            9th Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
            10th Doctor: David Tennant
            11th Doctor: Matt Smith
            12th Doctor: Peter Capaldi

            Concluding this, the Doctor can only have 12 bodies but at the end of Matt Smith, the 12th Doctor, he cheated the rules and regenerated to kill the Daleks in The Time Of The Doctor

          • Weresmurf

            Except that the Time Lords can grant further regenerations. As they did with The Master in the original series and did with Matt Smiths character, saving him. And yes apologies, 12 regenerations for 13 incarnations 🙂

            1st Doctor: William Hartnell
            2nd Doctor: Patrick Troughton
            3rd Doctor: Jon Pertwee
            4th Doctor: Tom Baker
            5th Doctor: Peter Davison
            6th Doctor: Colin Baker
            7th Doctor: Sylvester McCoy
            8th Doctor: Paul McGann
            9th Doctor: John Hurt (Otherwise known as the War Doctor)
            10th Doctor: Christopher Eccleston
            11th Doctor: David Tennant
            12th Doctor: David Tennant (Because he’s vain remember)
            13th Doctor: Matt Smith
            14th Doctor: Peter Capaldi

            That’s exactly how they explain it in the show. 🙂

          • Πανδώρα Άγαδακις

            He was dead. The potion triggered regeneration. THE ONLY reason he’s not #9 is because you got in the habit of calling CE #9 and your little brain can’t handle the dissonance. Re-watch the last episode in season 7 and listen to what 10 and 11 say about it. Listen to what the Castellan says. It’s unambiguous.

          • Liem

            He was forced to drink the potion, so he was forced to regenerate like the 2nd Doctor at the end of The War Games.

          • phb

            It does. for **** sake. people would think you hadn’t even watched doctor who

          • Geo

            The elixer”can trigger your regeneration” her exact words. Not “Grant” a regeneration. Fuckers need to actually listen to the dialogue

          • Patrick

            So first of all he didn’t need the potion to become the war doctor, like lsd is claimed to do, the potion opened his mind to the ability he has always had to control his regenerations, (Shown in 4th doctors incarnation, Romana actually changes multiple times before settling on the face of the princess whom they had saved 1 episode prior) The Doctor however was not a very good time lord student and did not learn all of the skills of his race, and therefore needed the small boost to control HIS regeneration that the potion provided. He chose to be a warrior instead of a doctor so in title he was the first incarnation of “Warrior or War Doctor” and Eckleston is the 9th incarnation titled “Doctor”, but existentially “The War Doctor” is the 9th incarnation of the being who uses the title “Doctor”. The fact that he took the potion is a moot point.

          • Lawton

            It does count, the potion only triggered the regeneration and guided it, but was not the energy itself.

          • Christopher Mitchell

            did mat smith not say at the end of the day of the doctor he made the rules of regeneration to the darkles? witch just at the point we got the new cycle of regeneration from the time lords. there for this is the first face of a new 12 life’s making Mat smith doctor 12 and this new chap 2.1 and Missy = Mather as a new doctors counter part now has new 13 cycles to. sub note the writers make it up as they go on so hay ho, welcome new faces to the show

          • *cough*bullshit*cough*

          • Geo

            it DID count. It merely allowed him to control “what traits” he became invested with. Her EXACT line was “This elixer can trigger your regeneration”. She didn’t say “give you one” the dialogue was very clear. besides, time has proven you wrong

          • Amber Hesselink

            Everybody is right. Why? because it depends on your point of view. He was the 9th incarnation. But he was also the incarnation future incarnations do not consisder part of their docter line. Being the doctor, is not so much a biological fact, it’s more a title he gives himself based on what he stands for. In his 9th incarnation he let go of what he stood for to end the war. Hence he is not considerd an actual doctor in that manner of thinking. I can see both side’s their views, but I think we kinda all agree here. It just depends on if you see the doctor as a title he used based on what he believes in, or if you see the doctor as his biological excistance. When based on bioligy then yes he is the war doctor is the 9th. Based on ideals and believes the doctor lives by (and on which he names himself doctor) that incarnation was not a doctor and then the 9th we met in the episode Rose is the actual 9th doctor. So basicly, everybody is right in this argument, it just depends on what people define under the title Doctor. And I disagree with people who say this is confusing. It’s not all that confusing. We all ( or most of us) have parts of ourselves we rather not have or pretend never we never had (or things we have done we are not proud off we rather forget). 1 thing people can not argue about is that yes, the war doctor is seperate and real incarnation that came after the 8th doctor. BUt again, the war doctor did not follow the the usual’s doctors way of living, but picked that usual way of living up again after the war doctor. SO again, when based on way of living, the war doctor is not the 9th doctor. When based the amount of incarnations then he is the 9th doctor. Sorry for repeating, just making sure people are getting this so we can all stop having fights about this online and just enjoy the line up of doctors for who they are. 🙂

          • drixarch uchiha

            No.. pay attention kids it’s very simple Matt Smith was the 13th regeneration of the doctors body as a timelord only has 13 lives the war doctor does count end of story also the metacrisis doctor also counts so stop arguing… capaldi is the start of a new set or regenerations that was given to him by the timelord high council

          • nobes

            Matt Smith is the 12th incarnation of the doctor Peter Capaldi is the 12th incarnation of the doctor

          • Tim B

            Actually if everyone wants to be so incredibly technical that sleep is lost over numbers then factor in that David Tennant’s incarnation as the Doctor used a regeneration and cheated out the face change when he sent the remaining energy into his hand that was in the jar he obtained from Jack Harkness. And yes that does count, even Matt Smith’s Doctor acknowledged that only minutes before he received the new set of regeneration. So if a number is to be applied to EVERY regeneration, that would actually mean 9th was actually 10th, and Tennant became the only actor to play TWO “numbered” Doctors, being not even 10th, but 11th and 12th, and Smith was 13th and Capaldi is now the 14th Doctor. I’m as devoted a fan of Doctor Who as anyone else, but if it seems to me that it’s way to involved for the labels of 10th 11th 12th etc to be adjusted just because some people are too OCD (or in the case of some, just anal and argumentative enough) to feel it’s important that they don’t like the way it’s being handled. Reminds me of all the “Couch-Coaches” who watch a sport and think they could/should be the one calling the shots. If you aren’t the one chosen to be paid the big money to be in charge, SHUT UP. XD Can’t we all just be happy we still have new Doctor who to look forward to??? Pick something important to gripe about. Jeez!

          • Timelord H

            Sorry to dredge up an old comment section but felt the need to add my own two cents. Keep in mind this is vastly simplified and written late at night for me.
            Gallifreyans are the species, while Timelords are a sub-group or culture of that species; It’s like saying humanity is British, or Democratic, or [insert group here]. The biological Gallifreyans had an early technique generally regarded as Reincarnation, back during the Dark Times of the universe when magic was prevalent.
            Then Rassilon invented Regeneration through some complicated process I can’t remember. The number of 13 regenerations isn’t biological or genetic, it’s an ‘arbitrary’ number Rassilon picked to prevent Timelords from living forever (Or whatever reason he did this.) Regardless, it is rumored that Rassilon achieved immortality, or that there is a secret to immortality. Regenerations can be stolen, or more given to others, as evidenced in both the movie and the Tennant-Master saga.
            Now, keeping this in mind, we turn to the Doctor. The Doctor wasn’t always his name; it was something he picked up shortly before he left on his journeys. In fact, during his school years he went by the nickname Theta Sigma (The Master went by Koschei). He picked the name of the Docctor due to his desire to help other people or insert reason here. Of course, counting based on The Doctor is infactual, the best way is to base it off of incarnation.
            When the 8th Incarnation, or the 8th Doctor Paul McGann was ‘killed’ in a crash alongside the Time War, the Sisterhood of Karn (all-female magic-practicing cult of early Gallifreyans from the Dark Times) sustained his lifeforce and offered him an elixir to trigger regeneration into a warrior for the battle. This was when he dropped the usage of the name of the Doctor.
            Vast forward to his next regeneration into the 9th Doctor, but his 10th incarnation. The War Doctor does not count as a Doctor, because he did not help people. This was Eccleston, followed by Tennant.
            Tennant, or the 10th Doctor, was involved in both the 11th and 12th incarnations, as he was prematurely shot, but was able to maintain the same body through timelord-voodoo-magics (Thanks, Romana.) When he regenerated into the 11th Doctor )=(matt Smith) he was entering his 13th incarnation, thus his penchant for survival, fear of death and regeneration, and general longevity (900-1500 is a conservative estimate).
            THat was why on Christmas he was afraid of death in the end, but due to the Intervention of Clara the Timelords, through whatever means, likely the same ones applied to the Master, ‘gifted’ the Doctor with ‘enough’ regenration energy to again change into the 12th Doctor, 14th incarnation.
            Of ocurse, we don’t know how ‘much’ energy they gave him, as evidenced in the moon episode where Capaldi remarks that she could shoot him, and he ‘might die, or I might come back. Hell you might have to shoot me 13 times, or maybe I’ll just keep coming back forever.’ Meaning they either gave him 1 regeneration, a new cycle of 13, or unlimited regenerations.
            Of note is the Missy/Master regeneration, but that’s a story for another day.
            Tl;Dr Ugh, to be honest I can’t even… Just read it…

          • Lara Harris

            Well done. Covered it all got it all right. Used the explanations given by the Doctor himself and canon… People STILL will argue the toss with you cause they’re idiots.

          • jacksen

            13 regeneration 13 faces Thats how i count it even go look for yourself. And there as been 12 doctors Cos the war doctor Wasnt called the doctor In the time war and mr sand shoes regenerated twice don’t forget so in conclusion 12 doctors 13 faces 13 regenerations

          • Aznkorean

            Well 12 regenerations + the original doctor = 13

          • grace

            matt smith would be the 12th regeneration of the doctor

          • Πανδώρα Άγαδακις

            This is the show’s biggest problem today. Not enough critical thinking from fans. Moffat counts wrong…and they argue the point. OK. If WD doesn’t count, why does (and SM wrote it) the castelan on Gallifrey say, “My worst nightmare- all 13 of them”? The whole conclusion last year was that the WD *does* count. “You were the Dr on the day it was hardest”. But Moffat says the sky is green and all the sheep bleat “just like the grass”.

          • Doctor

            He’s referring to all 13 reincarnations of the Doctor.

          • THE_YONG_ONES

            Actoly it dident yose up his regeneration in the night of the doctor he drank some thing that added one more regeneration so he canchange into a war doctor beacuas he whanted to be in the time war and no thits count ecalstion as number 9

          • conan

            actually he didnt use any words that would imply you were not an idiot because that would be misleading

          • That one random guy

            You guys have been arguing about this for over 44 comments so far so it would be nice if all of you would SHUT UP this is getting really extremely annoying.It honestly doesn’t matter, but, if you honestly feel it’s a big deal, ask Steven Moffat. except oh wait he doesn’t care much for people who have to ask such stupid questions.

          • random

            No, war doctor was 8, so now is 12 doctor…

          • CMSteamPunk

            This again? Really? It was explained on screen, therefore is in continuity and official. So your opinion doesn’t change that.

          • Zone

            Yes he does, why the Time Lords had to reset the Doctor’s regnerartions or he’d be dead. War Doctor and Meta Crisis Doctor both count.

          • Harvey Wren

            ‘The Dummies Guide’.

            Hartnell = 1st incarnation.
            The Doctor’s first regeneration led to: Troughton = 2nd incarnation.
            The second regeneration led to: Pertwee = 3rd incarnation.
            The third regeneration led to: T. Baker = 4th incarnation.
            The fourth regeneration led to: Davidson = 5th incarnation.
            The fifth regeneration led to: C. Baker = 6th incarnation.
            The sixth regeneration led to: McCoy = 7th incarnation.
            The seventh regeneration led to: McGann = 8th incarnation.
            The eighth regeneration led to: Hurt = 9th incarnation, however he was not an incarnation that held the title ‘the Doctor’ and he does not count in the line-up of the Doctor’s incarnations, only in the line-up for incarnations relating to each body that’s regenerated.
            The ninth regeneration led to: Eccleston = the 10th incarnation of the body/9th incarnation of the Doctor.
            The tenth regeneration led to: Tennant = the 11th incarnation of the body/10th incarnation of the Doctor.
            The eleventh regeneration led to: Tennant = 12th incarnation of the body, but because his body didn’t change, he’s still the 10th incarnation of the Doctor.
            The twelfth regeneration led to: Smith = the 13th incarnation of the body/technically 11th incarnation of the Doctor because of 10’s ‘vanity issues’.
            The thirteenth regeneration led to: Capaldi = the 14th incarnation of the body/technically the 12th because of the 10th, again, but some also say he’s the 1st of a new line of regeneration cycles.

            And I so hope I got that all correct, because that would be embarrassing, given the time I’ve spent writing that damn thing out. XD

          • mia

            david tennant regenerated twice so it depends if u want to count him as two doctors.

          • drixarch uchiha

            There is no want here as it happened… you have to count him as 2

          • Noface Andy

            …as did the Hurt doctor.

          • Πανδώρα Άγαδακις

            Do any of you bother to listen to the actual dialog before drooling your salivary glands of wisdumb on us??? “I didn’t regenerate. Didn’t need to. Look at me. Why would I?” How do you manage to dismiss that???

          • Proshonjit Mitra


            The dialogue goes this way,
            “I used the regeneration energy to heal myself.but as soon as that was done, I didn’t need to change. Why would I? Look at me! So to stop the energy going all the way, I siphoned off the rest to a handy bio-matching receptacle, namely, my hand, my hand there. My handy spare hand.”

            This means he did regenerate.

          • kazuya

            Rule one, The Doctor lies…

          • bui

            he is two doctors

          • conan

            technically speaking he was only one doctor because his regeneration was on a friday

          • conan

            your forgetting the time the 5th doctor regenerated into the same doctor

          • Cryer

            This is WRONG. The 10th Doctor never changed his incarnation. He siphoned off the energy before any change of incarnation occurred. Why do so many people misunderstand this?

          • conan

            regeneration and incarnation are loosely used but the regeneration is what is numbered with a limmit as it says when his wife uses up all her regens to save him thus meaning you dont have to reincarnate to use up your regens

          • Darrell Locklear

            batman superman and the doctor were discussing string theory………

          • The Surgeon

            No, you’re wrong. The 10th Doctor regenerated twice. If he hadn’t, the Doctor wouldn’t have run out of regenerations when he did. He only got a new set because he used up twelve. Moffat said it himself in DWM.

          • Cryer

            No, you’re wrong. Please read my comments more carefully. The energy fro one regeneration was lost as he siphoned it off into the hand. So he still lost one regeneration’s worth of energy. But he didn’t actually regenerate or change incarnation, he just lost the energy for one.

          • bullethead

            the doctor has 13 lives which means 12 regenerations william hartnell is original body then he can regenerate 12 times and when mcgann changes it is explained that the potion actually kills the body but also lets him control the change so in actual fact it is a regeneration and tennent and smith also accept at the end that hurt is the doctor because they actually say so, so the order is as follows 1st-Hartnell
            4th-Tom Baker
            6th-Colin Baker
            this makes 13 lives
            12 iterations and 12 regenerations
            14th-Capaldi start of new cycle which leaves another 12 regenerations this is all explained in doctor who episodes and interviews

          • Noface Andy

            Okay if the ‘War Doctor’ doesn’t count, then neither should the McGann doctor? And what about the whole thing to speed up the count by suddenly coming up with the Tennant Doctor regenerating into himself (which was the bad plotline as far as I was concerned)? The storyline went that he used up all 12+1 and he now has a new 12 to go, so stick with that


            NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOURE WRONG ***********

          • Noface Andy

            ALL the Doctors count.

          • Stephen Coppins

            Technically, he’s the 14th Doctor.
            War Doctor counts as a regeneration.
            So does the regeneration when Ten got shot by the Dalek.
            That’s why the previous Doctor needed the Time Lords to zap through a new regeneration cycle for the Doctor on Christmas, Trenzelore.

          • Πανδώρα Άγαδακις

            1/2 right. Maybe listen to the dialog with 10 before jumping to the conclusion? “I didn’t regenerate. Didn’t need to. Look at me. Why would I?” How do you manage to dismiss that???

          • nojn

            No you listen!! **** *****. listen to the 11th doctor in time of the doctor

          • conan

            i listened he said your dumb

          • Scaroth

            He says he used the regeneration energy to heal himself and then siphoned the excess energy into is hand and thus didn’t change his appearance. It still used a regeneration (as stated in Time of the Doctor) Plus it makes sense otherwise the Doctor could just remove his hand whenever he regenerates and regenerate forever

          • John Hardt

            Steven Moffat was tired of people kept asking about the regeneration rule. So, he blew it up by making Matt Smith the 13th Doctor. It is the same thing they did when Russel Davies did the restart in 2005. Sylvester McCoy’s Doctor was nearly 1,000 years old, but the changed that because he did not feel he could see a character that was over 1,000 years old. Cannon is whatever the current showrunner says that it is.

          • The Doctor

            Does this line sound familiar? “No Sir! All 13!”

          • conan

            yes but if you remember correctly his brain is fucked up sometimes

          • Jamie Camui Gowa Billington

            It was still a regeneration so yeah he is the 13th Doctor

          • Tydeus

            Yeah the War Doctor counts, at the end of Day of the Doctor, they both say he is the Doctor, so he’s the Doctor. Although so is the Meta-Crisis Doctor, so technically Capaldi is the 14th Doctor.

          • War Doctor DOES count. Check the credits on “The Time of The Doctor.” Hurt is listed in line chronologically under the title of “The Doctor.” There is absolutely no way even the BBC or Moffatt can erase that at this point. Capaldi is 13.

          • Anonymous whovian

            Yes he does. He’s still a doctor.

          • pal

            click here to watch <<< GOO.GL/77oswO

          • empontario

            He’s 1-2 first doctor of the second set of regenerations.

          • conan

            the next doctor will be a negro

          • Chris

            You are right he is the 13th Doctor, but fans will call him the 12th because he is the 12th actor to regularly play the role of The Doctor.

            On another note it would have been nice to see more of John Hurt as The War Doctor with perhaps a season or two devoted to the events of the Time War, but a famous movie actor would have been too expensive for the BBC to pay on a regular basis.

            There was also another actor with the same last name as Hurt (no relation) aka William Hurt to play The Doctor, but that had nothing to do with Doctor Who. I just find it interesting due to the names. ;-D

          • Abe Dein

            No, Capaldi is the 13th face but is the 14th regeneration. Tennant regenerated in the series 4 finale to himself

        • Courtney

          I love reading this whole feed. In Matt Smith’s final episode, the Doctor told Clara that he would die on Trenzelore. When she said that he would regenerate he told her no, that he was the last regeneration and explained the ones that counted, including Tennet’s double regeneration. That’s why she was so surprised to see him young again, and then regenerate into the new Doctor, Peter Capaldi; She fully expected him to just die.

        • Rowena Ravenclaw

          Hartnell: First Doctor, 1st incarnation.

          -Regenerated into Traughton: Second Doctor, 2nd incarnation.
          -Regenerated into Pertwee: Third Doctor, 3rd incarnation.
          -Regenerated into T. Baker: Fourth Doctor, 4th incarnation.
          -Regenerated into Davison: Fifth Doctor, 5th incarnation.
          -Regenerated into C. Baker: Sixth Doctor, 6th incarnation.
          -Regenerated into Mccoy: Seventh Doctor, 7th incarnation.
          -Regenerated into McGann: Eighth Doctor, 8th incarnation.
          -Regenerated into Hurt: War Doctor, 9th incarnation. This incarnation DOES count as the Doctor, only after he regenerates, he doesn’t remember that that he didn’t blow up Gallifrey, so thats why the rest of the incarnations don’t count him as the ‘Doctor’, but he really was. In the end, he didn’t break the promise. This guy DOES count as the Doctor, he’s not “8.5” or something, he’s the War Doctor.
          -Regenerated into Eccleston: Ninth Doctor, 10th incarnation.
          -Regenerated into Tennant: Tenth Doctor, 11th incarnation.
          -Regenerated into Smith: Eleventh Doctor, 12th incarnation.
          Smith regenerated into Capaldi: Twelfth Doctor, 13th incarnation.

          • Jiminy

            When Ten got shot by a Dalek, he DID NOT regenerate, so that doesn’t count. Ravenclaw got it all right.

          • The DW fan

            when he was shot by a dalek that does count. so does the war doctor. CAPALDI is the 14TH DOCTOR!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • Kapowdee

            When Ten was shot by the Dalek, he did yes regenerate, but he was still the SAME Doctor. You only count the INCARNATIONS if you’re referring to the changes. So…..there is only technically 13 Incarnations of the Doctor. I personally don’t count the War Doctor as one, more like a 0.5 of an incarnation, because he wasn’t THE Doctor. It’s all really a Wibbly Wobbly Timey Whimey thing. But anyway, there was only 13 all up, not 14 as you see it The DW fan

          • Tex

            you do bring a good point but if we think that we can also thing of the 10th and half as another 0.5 so it does count as a whole regeneration. Since it was not a complete regeneration thanks to the hand that was in the tardis .

          • Kellie Wonderly

            The war doctor he didn’t go by the name The Doctor though.

          • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

            Capaldi is 12th Doctor (in terms of actors) but 13th incarnation (start of new regeneration cycle). Tennant regenerated twice, but counts as one incarnation. There isn’t a 14th yet. Unless you’re including the Valyard who is meant to exist as a darker transitional version of him in between 12th & 13th regenerations.

          • Proshonjit Mitra

            It bloody well does count as a regeneration. However, since the regeneration did not produce a NEW face of the doctor. The numbering remains the same.

            “I used the regeneration energy to heal myself.but as soon as that was done, I didn’t need to change. Why would I? Look at me! So to stop the energy going all the way, I siphoned off the rest to a handy bio-matching receptacle, namely, my hand, my hand there. My handy spare hand.”

            – Tenth Doctor (David Tennant)

            This means he did regenerate.

            This was made canon in the Time of the Doctor, if you have even watched it.

          • Cryer

            There was no change of incarnation so BY DEFINITION he didn’t regenerate. He just used up the energy for one regeneration.

          • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

            Regeneration is renewal by it’s definition. He regenerated his body to repair the damage inflicted by the Dalek, thus renewing his body, but keeping his physical appearance. He didn’t have to change his appearance thanks to his severed hand. It hasn’t ever been stated that regeneration has to involve a change in physical appearance. The Doctor was able to do what he did solely because of his severed hand, otherwise he would have had to fully change (if only every Time Lord had a severed limb handy). He did regenerate. Besides, it was the Doctor himself who told us so. I’m sure he knows better than us mere mortals.

          • Cryer

            Ok… so by your logic the 10th Doctor regenerated when he wiped the scars off his face in The End of Time? After all, that was him healing himself. Also, River was regenerated in The Angels Take Manhattan when the 11th Doctor used regeneration energy to heal her hand? I guess the 10th Doctor regenerated when he grew his hand back in The Christmas Invasion as well?

            It has been heavily implied that a regeneration involves a change of incarnation. This has been strongly alluded to in the show with characters using the words “regenerations” and “incarnations” interchangeably.

          • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

            When Tennant’s scars disappeared his regeneration process had started. It was being in the glass box beforehand that destroyed his body (why he was allowed to do his companion tour before the regeneration happened seems to be a mystery, but the scars disappeared because the regeneration started). I’ve always had a problem with Smith healing River as it was the last body in his cycle. It must have been a continuity slip up as they hadn’t come up with the storyline that explained his last body yet. When Tennant grew another hand his body was still in it’s regeneration process (as he explained in The Christmas Invasion). The same thing happened to River in Let’s Kill Hitler when she was shot by nazis. Both Tennant & River explained in those episodes that their bodies were still regenerating. The point I was making about not needing to change his appearance was that having his severed hand nearby meant he could regenerate just enough to heal, but not change form. But it still counted as a regeneration.

          • Cryer

            So can you explain why the terms ‘regeneration’ and ‘incarnation’ have been used interchangeably many times in the shows past?

            Also, you missed by point about the healing. If you are defining regeneration as simply the healing of the body then those healing events fall under your definition of regeneration and are regenerations themselves. It doesn’t matter than they were close to changes of incarnation because you said that regeneration could be healing alone, which makes all of those healing acts individual regenerations by definition.

          • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

            Tennant getting rid of the scars was a sign to him that his regeneration was starting & River healing after being shot by nazis was also linked to her regeneration because she was still technically within her regeneration period. Both things were mentioned by the characters & set in stone by the series. If the series made a point of this, then it happened. We can’t contradict it ourselves unless we write for the series. What they say, happens. Apart from certain continuity gaffs such as Smith being able to heal River’s hand of course. Things like that we just have to let go, as there isn’t anything we can do to change it. I’m just going to enjoy watching it as I have done since I was a toddler. We now know what happened with the Doctor’s regeneration numbers & I hope the show continues for a long time yet. The show has been there for me my whole life when family wasn’t. I’m willing to forgive anything they might contradict themselves with. After all, they’re only human. No one is infallible.

          • Cryer

            Exactly, we have to accept those events and that is why your definition of regeneration doesn’t make sense. It doesn’t fit with what has been previously stated in the show. It is much more likely that a regeneration has to involve a change in incarnation and therefore the 10th Doctor didn’t regenerate in Journey’s End, he just wasted the energy for one regeneration 🙂

          • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

            I think both could be true. He wasted the regeneration energy to stay the same, but he repaired the damage inflicted by the dalek. In a sense, he regenerated the damage done, but not enough to fully change. I’ve wondered if maybe the energy he used to heal River’s hand might have been all that was left in him by that point, as he used the rest of his last regeneration energy to heal the dalek wound. Maybe as he didn’t change in series 4, he had just a little energy left to heal River. When I think of it that way while watching The Angels Take Manhatten, it’s not pissing me off as a continuity gaff. As for my definition of regeneration, I go with what the show tells me.

          • snowybab

            matt Smith does confirms this, he is telling clara, magnificent little speech.

          • Libstar

            You’re right, I remember him saying he was self-conscious so he regenerated into the same body! Also, I remember when I was younger I asked my mum who many regenerations the Doctor has, and she said thirteen. And so, counting the War Doctor and Ten’s regeneration looking the same, that’s how it adds up to thirteen, which is why the Time Lord’s had to regenerate the Doctor. I wonder though, will they regenerate him next time he needs them, or will he have to rely on someone else?

          • Steven Mark Delaney

            What about the Doctors Daughter (Tennant). And the Clone (Smith). Do they count??

          • Emma Adler

            Warms my heart to see Whovians arguing about which regenerations are canon. Good to see the fandom is alive and well

          • conan

            his wife used all her regens to save him and he did not re incarnate yet regenerations were used there for you do not need to re incarnate to use up your regenerations, simple story common sense

          • JFrost

            Yes he regenerated!!! The only reason he didn’t change was because he shot all of his “regeration fumes” into his old hand which kept the same DNA so he didn’t look different.

          • Smokeme

            I think everyone has forgotten Rule #1 The Doctor Lies. leaving everything wide open.

          • Proshonjit Mitra

            You missed Tennant’s Meta Crisis Regeneration. Because if you choose to NOT count that. The total number of regenerations upto Matt Smith’s Doctor counts upto 11 (12 versions of the Doctor) making him the penultimate incarnation of his first regeneration cycle.

            A TimeLord has 12 regenerations (13 versions of the same person). This has been confirmed time and again on the show. The latest being the “Time of the Doctor”.

            So the new list:

            Hartnell – First Doctor
            (Regeneration 1) Troughton – Second Doctor
            (Regeneration 2)Pertwee – Third Doctor
            (Regeneration 3) T Baker – Fourth Doctor
            (Regeneration 4) Davison – Fifth Doctor
            (Regeneration 5) C Baker – Sixth Doctor
            (Regeneration 6) McCoy – Seventh Doctor
            (Regeneration 7) McGann – Eighth Doctor (Eighth Incarnation)
            (Regeneration 8) Hurt – War Doctor (Ninth Incarnation)
            (Regeneration 9) Eccleston – Ninth Doctor (Tenth Incarnation)
            (Regeneration 10) Tennant – Tenth Doctor (Eleventh Incarnation)
            (Regeneration 11) Tennant – Tenth Doctor (Partial Regeneration/Creation of Meta Crisis Doctor ie Twelfth Incarnation)
            (Regeneration 12) Smith – Eleventh Doctor (Thirteenth Incarnation)



            (Regeneration 13/1) Capaldi – Twelfth Doctor (Fourteenth Incarnation)

            Also about the Day of the Doctor, there were 13 versions of the Doctor saving Gallifrey. 13 out of the 14 mentioned here, coz one of the them was only a half-human Doctor trapped in a parallel universe, anyway)

            And why does the numbering matter so much?

            The Doctor doesn’t call himself with numbers anyway, neither does he call other Doctors with numbers with the notable exception of a few occasions.

            Rather than arguing about numbers. We could rather enjoy the show, you know?

            There are several plot holes in Moffat’s storyline, this ain’t one of them.

          • Cryer

            He didn’t regenerate in Journey’s End. He just lost the energy for 1 regeneration which is why he needed a new cycle.
            Sooo many people misunderstand this, including you.

          • Wizza

            You lot do realise that you’re all arguing for pretty much the same thing, only with unnecessary slight semantic differences? I really thought this numbering nonsense had stopped now…

          • Cryer

            They are necessary. The subject is important to some people. Just because it doesn’t matter to you doesn’t mean it’s nonsense. There have only been 12 regenerations, people saying there have been 13 are wrong.

          • Wizza

            It’s arbitrary semantics regarding a fictional construct, the state of which has been explicitly stated within that fictional narrative. There is no argument. None.

          • silver

            The Doctor himself says that the bit in Journey’s End counts towards his regenerations. He did regenerate, just because he didn’t change his face doesn’t mean he didn’t regenerate, he was shot by a dalek for crying out loud he needed to heal himself by regenerating but stopped himself from changing by putting the excess energy into his hand. He was a bit vain back then.

          • Cryer

            According to many definitions, including ones heavily implied by the show, a regeneration (by definition) involves a change of incarnation. So if he didn’t change his incarnation then he didn’t regenerate.

          • Rendal Constantineau

            right, he spent the energy so that means it counted as using a regeneration.

          • Cryer

            Not according to the Doctor Who wiki definition of regeneration.

          • conan

            thirteenth doctor simon cowell

          • Emma Adler

            I’m not sure if this counts, but:
            Tennant/Tate regenerated into Tennant: Tenth Meta-Crisis Doctor, 12th incarnation

          • Just me

            ten points for Ravenclaw

          • Libstar

            Nice reference! 🙂

          • Kat

            I like how u said first cycle end bc Capaldi is actually the first regeneration of a newcycle. So thre is still 11 incarnations left

          • Kellie Wonderly

            So did The Doctor only get an extra incarnation or did he get a whole new regeneration cycle? That’s my question.

          • Catherine Edmends


          • Rendal Constantineau

            He says when he is in the “reset” and about to finish regenerating that it’s taking time because it is a whole new regeneration cycle

          • passionmaster

            This is right, but you left out one Regeneration.

            – It’s right, Eccleston played the Ninth Doctor, but he was in his 10th Body, it was his 10th incarnation. Then Eccelston regenerated into Tennant who was the Tenth Doctor, but in his 11th Body, it was his 11th regeneration. But then in The Stolen Earth / Journeys End, he got shot by a Dalek and regenerated once more. He use a full regeneration. He used all the Energy, the use one full regeneration. But the reason why he didn’t chanced completely, why he didn’t chanced his Body, Face and character was because he used half of his regeneration Energy to heal himself. The Other half would have chanced him into a new Person. But before that happens he let off the left over Energy and it got absorbed by his Hand, he lost at the Christmas Invasion. But he used a full regeneration energy, so this also counts as a regeneration, because he used a whole one, only that let go of half energy and transferred it into his hand, so he would only heal, but not be chanced into a new Person. So Matt smith is in his 13th Body, because the Meta Crisis Doctor is the 12th Body, and therefore the Twelfth Doctor is the 14th incarnation of the Doctor.

        • Tori Gibson

          i hope river never comes back she got a proper goodbye she’s done with.

        • William Coetty Schneider

          Actually if you follow the dialogue the 2nd doctor said he had regenerated about 26 times thus far. Pay attention to old who and continuity issues

          • kazuya

            Rule 1: The Doctor Lies

        • Artichoke25


        • Frank pasciucco

          How about in a Christmas episode the doctor can do a Wonderful Life ish saga so how the doctor touch lives all over the universe if he never stole that tardis

        • lENDl Night

          So it doesn’t matter what THE GUY writing says? Fuck that. If you start writing Doctor who for BBC, you can make the doctor say next time “Hey, this is my 666th regeneration”. The war “doctor” was a man made regeneration, a war machine. Sisterhood of Karn was the ones to do that. It was not natural.

          • Trevor Anthony Thornicroft

            The sisterhood said they could “influence” his next regeneration. It still counted. They just influenced what kind of person he’d become.

        • Emma Adler

          Nice username

    • shannon

      It’s not certain if she has the new set of Doctors in her blue book, so I think it would take awhile for her to realize it’s the Doctor come to fetch her out of Stormcage for another adventure/date. He’ll know her, but will she know him? that would really make the episode fun for us fans.

      • zappa24

        Except, River’s timeline is meeting the Doctor’s timeline in reverse order. If we see River again, it will mean we are getting closer to her meeting the Doctor for the first time, but she will have already met him and know what he looks like until we get to her first meeting with him (which would be his last meeting with her).

    • Simploma

      There’s a long overdue character return that I’d like to see that’s Jenny (the doctors daughter) It wouldn’t have to be the same actress coz Jenny regeneterated at the end of the episode but kept the same face

      • zappa24

        Well, they could contact her easily enough given that she’s Davison’s daughter and Tennant’s wife.

    • Jess Caron

      More importantly, her knowing that the reason her life was directed by the Silence was because the Doctor saved Gallifrey! Otherwise, she’ll never understand that it was to prevent a great war, she’ll never know that Gallifrey stands!

    • martann

      I would love to see River make an appearance! It would be cool if captain Jack popped in too.

    • Carla Luz

      Ugh. No. Missy>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    • Vegas_Bob

      She will be back for the Christmas Special. . .A river runs through it

    • Chuck

      She will be — in the Christmas special

  • Anonymous

    *whispers* ireallywanttoseeanewshowrunnerthatsnotmoffatinseries9tbhoops

  • Jordan Johnson

    Natalie Gumede (Coronation Street, Strictly Come Dancing, Death In Paradise) is a brilliant actress. One of my favourite in fact, which is why I am doing this. She probably appears in the christmas special as a different character, but I want the actress to appear in Series 9 as the next companion.

    For those of you who do agree with me, may I ask that we all gather to get this trending on Twitter. Just use the @ logo and then bbcdoctorwho, then @ logo nataliegumede, then #doctorwho #series9companion #nat4who and whatever else you want. Thanks and let’s do this fellow whovians and lets get this trending and lets get Natalie to The Tardis!!!!

  • Gordon

    I would like to see something new, like an TIMEKEEPER that can correct timelines that the Doctor scewed up, but only interfers when something realy bad stuff happens some like that with Rose or River Song. The Timekeeper could give River her Regeneration back or so. That would bring up a whole new Storyboard.

  • Ryan Bootylicious Baby Bob

    I want a 1950s Circus adventure with a sinister clown, a Blackpool adventure with the Sea Devils and for the two-parter to be set in Los Angeles in 2015 and 1946 where old friends are summoned by the Master to kill the Doctor but it goes wrong.

  • .

    I want to see all the most recent doctors together and I want to see how well they work as a team because they are all inspirations. I would also LOVE to see some weeping angels

    • Hapless Student

      We still have to see 12 come and save Gallifrey in his Tardis.
      Christopher Eccleston dosn’t seem to want ANY part of Dr. Who any more.

  • .

    It would also be nice to find some more out about the doctor

  • mere

    I want superwholock. Like really figure something out

  • Ci’an

    I want to see Matt smith come backs ome how some way

  • David Somerfield

    Frankly for all the moaning and whinging here about bad scripts, at 62 years of age I have seen every episode that has been made and there’s nothing wrong with the current scripts. I think too many people see themselves as film critics to be honest.
    And with a line like “No I don’t want any Americans in here, they will end up praying everywhere” (to paraphrase) I thought that was the line of the season. And very brave considering the huge US audience. LOL

    • bugeye58

      I’m 66, and American. I have seen every episode as well. There have been good scripts and weak scripts in every series. I’ve heard the same criticism every time there is a new Doctor, so I think part of it is the reluctance to let the previous Doctor go, coupled with unfamiliarity with the quirks of the new iteration.

      And I promise not to pray everywhere!

      • Πανδώρα Άγαδακις

        Unless you’re naked.

    • Brenda C

      I’m American and that line made me laugh. 😀 I’ve only watched the new Doctor Who (relative newbie introduced to The Doctor by my 10 year old son) and this has been my favorite series out of the 8 I’ve seen. Loving Capaldi’s Doctor. He seems to fit the part so well.

      • David Somerfield

        I am glad you guys can laugh at the line as it was obviously meant as a laugh 🙂
        Brenda I agree about Capaldi and I admit that as a huge fan of him as an actor I was worried about this. Then it dawned on me just what really works with Doctor Who and can’t with any other franchise that I can think of. It must surely be the only program where the star actor can be changed on a regular basis and still keep going. The actors have to make certain that they change the character enough to stimulate some curiosity and interest by the viewer BUT maintain a little of the Doctors character which to me is his eccentricity. Lots more to discover about this Doctor with Capaldi at the helm and I am so looking forward to it.

        • DoctorWho???

          Yep, agree totally. But every Doctor has been great in their own way I think. I think Capaldi is awesome. But I am not a fan of the new series…YET. I’m sure that it grow as have all of them. The shows are written and done before we see them…obviously lol. It was too late to make small changes once the series hit the air. I’m not a fan of the writing in this latest series but I am very REAL fan of the show and I know that the new Doctor will be a massive hit. I am looking forward to where they take him, and I am along for the ride.

  • Briizy

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Clara, almost as much as I loved The Ponds… WHAAAAA!! What will I do with my life once the Christmas episode is released? I hate having to wait half a year or more for the next season… Capaldi is a TimeLord cant he film the show in the future and release it in the past at the perfect time? re-runs it will have to be…
    Neil Gaiman NEEDS to write something super scary, he’s so good at that!!

  • Kristi

    Please NO MORE RIVER

  • Joe Cogan

    “Penultimate” means next-to-last. That would make it Episode 11, not 12.

    • Josh

      Except there’s 13 episodes next year.

  • Tracy Chalker

    River back please! She mentioned to 10 he had such a young face, and mocked 11 for his young face. Also, unless I have it wrong – and the fans will surely burn me – she has not gotten her sonic ‘given’ to her yet from the Doctor. More, there were many hints and comments from her about how they traveled together – including him teaching her how to drive/control the TARDIS. Despite how nice the goodbye was for 11, the story itself is far from complete.

    • Jenn Marie

      River wasn’t taught by the Dr. to control the TARDIS, the TARDIS itself taught her. Forgot which episode it’s in, but that’s what River says.

      • DoctorWho???

        In the double episode when River first met Amy, the Doctor had to ‘catch’ her in space. Then they chased a ship that crashed with an Angle onboard. Amy asked her who taught her to fly, she said she was taught by the best and the Doctor said ‘well’ learning back looking rather proud. And she said ‘shame you were busy that day’. It was pretty obvious that she did mean it was him. But that’s the beauty of the show, there are so many things that we can take two or three ways. That’s what gives Moffat the ability to surprise us, he has more than one door he can open and they all makes sense when he opens them.

        • MrsSong

          The Doctor was busy dying that day, so the TARDIS taught Melody, “The Child of TARDIS” how to fly her. It’s in Let’s Kill Hitler.

      • Lara Harris

        Let’s Kill Hitler.

    • DoctorWho???

      Agree, Moffat writes these things with the gift of….pardon the corniness here…a time traveler. He knows where he’s going with it, he can make small changes but he knows when he writes a story that in 2 or 3 seasons that story will come back. That’s one of the things that makes the show so good. We see it coming sometimes, but most of the time when it happens, it’s an explosion and in spite of some people saying ‘oh I knew that was going to happen’, the fact is we seldom do. And he makes sure to drag it out, he makes sure that a comment in one series is very subtle and goes almost unnoticed. He knows how to do it, he’s been doing it for years so most of the time it does not give itself away too soon. Because the fans would be on to the story line in a second. So I think River will be back, there are some rather childish and rude comments about her here, but the fact is the ratings were always high when she was in an episode. And Moffat KNOWS that, and the same goes for the Captain.

      • Liem Green

        I hate Steven Moffat. Ever since he became the leading producer and director, Doctor Who has gone rock bottom. He has ruined Matt Smith’s era and he is ruining Peter Capaldi’s. Ever since Russell T. Davies stop doing episodes, I haven’t really enjoyed DW.

        Although I did enjoy a couple of Moffat’s but Russell always excited me with his episodes. I know it’s not all about this but Davies episodes was more Scary.

        I loved the Daleks and the Cybermen. But Moffat’s stories were bad. Steven Moffat hasn’t done every episode but since The End Of Time which was David Tennant’s last story. Doctor Who has not been as good. David Tennant was my best Doctor. I miss him. 🙁

        • Mark S

          Oh please! Get over yourself. RTD is gone. Tennant is gone. They ain’t coming back. If you don’t like it don’t watch. And as for your opinion on Moffat, that’s just it: it’s YOUR OPINION and one i absolutely do not agree with.

          • Liem Green


          • That one random guy

            You need to calm the tarnation down, (yes, I play town of salem) I would like to mention that there is no need to try and prove your point with bad grammer, and that you are only making matters worse, and that if you can’t take somebody disagreeing with your opinion, you shouldn’t be posting yours.

    • MrsSong

      There was a minisode in which Doctor gave her the sonic and she was happy about him taking to see those Singing Towers, since he had been promising forever to do so. It was the 11th Doctor.

  • Jim Ryder

    Dear god not bloody River Song…nails on a chalkboard…great while she just acted, but the catchphrase bs was awful and the everyone being cleverer that a 2000 year old timelord, as long as they have ovaries is so boring. You left the handbrake on which is why it makes that noise….yawn.

    • DoctorWho???

      Dude!!!!! save the women hating comments for other sites. We try to have fun here and share ideas. Seems you don’t like smart women. Personally, I loved that line about the handbrake, it was meant to be funny dude, that’s why it was a good line. And the ‘everyone cleverer than a 2000 year old timelord’ there have been a lot more MALE characters who the Doctor himself has acknowledged where brilliant but you don’t seem to be bothered by them…what a surprise. That’s one of the many things that is so good about this show, men, women, monsters, they can all be smart. It was almost an impossible task, to write a female into the show who was brilliant and gave the Doctor a run for his money but at the same time didn’t appear to be overbearing. That happened with Romana years ago, they messed that up, she was a bit arrogant. But they’ve done a great job with River, unless you are a little bit of a sexist that is. Enjoy the show dude.

  • Peter

    I just want Clara gone already. Her character was completely ruined. And I wish that Moffat would give Capaldi some better scripts…

  • Chelsea Therrell

    Please bring river back… please

  • Guest

    Can you peeps take out the rumored guest casting of both Alex Kingston and Roger Moore? Nothing happened and they didn’t show up for Series 8. let the BBC office confirm things first. thanks.

  • Cynical Classicist

    A finale that would be surprising… 8 suddenly appearing? The Valeyard? Please not Rose and that stupid Hand Doctor. Rassilon? Davros? The Dalek Time Controller?

  • favoritecamel

    Journey Blue as the new companion. I think it would fit perfectly with how the soldier story line of Series 8 unfolded in the finally.

  • Long Time Fan

    Please keep Jenna Coleman for AT LEAST one more season! She’s great!!

  • bugeye58

    I’d like to see Jenna back for season 9 I would welcome the return of River, as she was always one of my favorite characters of the rebooted series.

  • Bulldogboy

    Really don”t like Jenna Coleman saying they start filming in January, I miss her already

  • Micah Mahaffey

    Peter Jackson??? Please have him Direct an Episode!

  • Eric Unright

    I want to see Sean Pertwee play his father’s role in a “the two Doctors” episode

  • acmwhofan

    Bring River back and ditch Clara. At the very least the doctor breeds a companion like Donna who could hold her own with him. Improve the writing. If Tasha Lem wasn’t River Song then Moffat needs to take character writing 101 and learn how to create a new character.

  • punk

    Remember season 4 episode 10 when that monster repeated every word the doctor said ,It would be great if that monster come back so that the new doctor can deal with it because it was the only monster that the doctor did not know the origin of and was also defeated by it …..Hope they make one episode where that monster come back again …waiting for it

    • me

      Best episode ever, IMHO.

    • DoctorWho???

      Great idea Punk, that was a cool ‘monster’ and it had a real fear factor to it. I think it would only work in a similar place though. Somewhere ‘alone’, where no hope of help is out there. That’s the best way to use a character like that, very scary if used the right way.

    • Smittywerben Jagermanjensen

      that was a really good episode. the other people on the train really pissed me off though lol

  • JimT

    I don’t think River can be brought in. Even with her unique “temporal nature,” her history, her life is “fixed,” to borrow the term. This new regeneration cycle, while rewriting the Doctor’s ending, comes after the entirety of her interactions with him. I think her story is closed.

  • timelord

    The new Doctor Who series isn’t as good as the old classic Doctor Who series, even the old black & white ones. We need more sci-fi action & adventure – not love stories and inconsistencies that are completely different from the old Doctor Who series. Also, why is The Master a female, when the old classic series shows him as a guy? There were also a few episodes in the new Doctor Who series which shows the Sontarans easily bested by simple weak attacks, when they’re supposed to be skilled in combat.

  • master

    If you would like some ideas for season 9 how about bringing back some old favorites like the Rani and bring back some of the older monsters like the true cybermen from Telos and please remove the idea that the Doctor picks up the companion at the beginning of a story and drops her/him at the end of the story its turning the Doctor in to an intergalactic taxi driver which takes a lot from the story plus how about a non human companion which we haven’t seen since the days of Peter Davidson with Nyssa and Adric i think less stories on earth or involving humans would do a lot to help the program as it is a program about a time lord who can go anywhere and as we know from when Jon Pertwee played the role the character of the Doctor is not just earth based. I would like to see the original Cybermen from Mondas come back to the screen and not the new human based Cybermen

  • The Esquire

    I really disliked ‘Kill The Moon’ so bringing Peter Harness back sounds like a bad idea. How about bringing back Jamie Mathieson? The episodes Mathieson wrote were awesome!

  • Doctor14

    I bet the cliff-hanger is a New Doctor for 2016

  • Paci

    Showrunner/lead writer: Steven Moffat.

    Just leave pls :'( you did so much pain to this show :C
    Moffat is good writer his episodes was not bad at RTD era but as a showrunner ….

  • YourPrivateCarnage

    Much as I’d like to see Ian reunite with the Doctor, however briefly, surely Susan offers far richer possibilities, particularly given the Doctor’s somewhat awkward abandonment of his only granddaughter?

    “I’ve made many mistakes. It’s about time that I did something about that.”

  • themaster6305

    I think they need to bring the master back after that cliff- hanger and make him/her a companion of the doctor’s

  • PlayerEx3reme

    Make The Master a guy again, the Mistress is just weird

  • Sarah

    I want River and Weeping Angels!!!

  • Ella

    I would love to see the Return of River, SPOILERS: Clara is actually staying on to Dr Who (according to the news last Friday), even though I thought she was going to leave in the Christmas special because maybe she was pregnant with Danny Pinks baby? Only because it would explain the whole Orson Pink thing! I’m so glad Clara might be staying though! 😀 can’t wait for the Christmas special and season 9 🙂

  • McParadigm

    I am amazed that there hasn’t been more discussion about the fact that the Master’s sex change was so obviously tossed in to warm people up for the inevitable female Doctor…creating precedence in the most gentle of ways to minimize complaints later on.

  • Guest

    When I started watching Doctor Who I loved it. But the only doctors I like seeing are Matt Smith and David Tennant with there company. I only saw one episode of the twelfth doctor abnd could not finish watching it. It was not like the 10th and 11th doctor. There was no joking around or laughing like the other two had. Wish they could come back, maybe when this guy finally leaves I will start watching it again

    • Ella

      You DO know there were other Doctors before Smith and Tennant, don´t you? Capaldi is great and follows the tradition of classic Doctors

      • Karen S.

        I get where you’re coming from I had trouble liking Peter Capaldi in the beginning. He took a few episodes to like. Unlike tennant en Smith who won me over the first episode. But Peter is not a bad DOCTOR. Just different. I like it, it just took me a few episodes. :p

    • Smittywerben Jagermanjensen

      they even said they were going for a more no b/s type doctor. this shouldn’t of been a surprise.

  • AlanHK

    Actors and writers saying they’d “Love to work on the show” and they get listed as being in season 9? Doesn’t even qualify as “speculation”, pure wishful thinking.

  • CarolR.

    All I saw was River Song*. Ah, sweet hope.

  • Álvaro Monteiro

    Wold be wonderful if Roger Moore star as a regenerated Rassilon! Better: Rassilon before Timoty Dalton’s Regeneration

  • Kateri O.

    What I’d like to see is a companion leave the Tardis but stay in contact with the Doctor. Kind of like what Martha did briefly, or the Brigadier back in Classic Who. A bit of a home base for him back on Earth, if you will. Maybe going on one-off adventures when the need or desire pops up, but not remaining. I’d also like to see a bit more historical Who, since it’s always a hoot to see history, legend, and sci fi mix. For whatever reason I have this picture in my head of the Doctor falling in with Paul Revere.

    • jecky

      There was a reference to throwing boxes in the Boston tea party so that might actually happen ?

  • Cindy Morgan

    I want both River and Capt. Jack back. There is so much that could happen with the interplay between personalities since River’s personality is the antithesis of the new Dr.’s personality. Better yet would be bringing Torchwood back with Gwen of course and a new cast of partners. Hmmm giving River a role in Torchwood, not there is a thought.

  • Fritz O’Skennick

    I want to see Carol Anne Ford come back as Susan & regenerate & join the Doctor, I can imagine some tension & anger over the whole Gallifrey thing & him leaving it so long before coming back after Hartnell promised he would & her stuck on Earth for a few Centuries after her Earth husband had died… I would also like to see him become progressively darker, find Gallifey & have the deal with the Timelords that brings the Valeyard storyline full circle as the darker aspects of his nature seperate from him like a parasite from its host & go after the 6th Doctor… I would also like for him to run into Jenny… Plus tons of other things, but I fear I’d be writing all night…

  • If they get William Russell back, I sincerely hope the writers take every opportunity to have The Doctor call him “Chatterton” or any other variation of the name that William Hartnell used by accident during the first few seasons. It would be such an awesome throwback for those of us who have watched the early episodes!

  • Sue MacNeil

    Laughing at the continuing controversy over the number of the Doctor…Doctor:”Clara, pick a number, make it a good one” Clara: “twelve”….just sayin!

  • DOCTOR WHO`s biggest fan

    I want the cybermen to fight the daleks again but this time they actually stand a very good chance and if the ycould do the instant upgrade because in nightmare in silver that wars epic but the ending was lazy

    • DOCTOR WHO`s biggest fan

      Also I would like to see one of the old companions return like possibly Evan one of David tennants not to stay but just for like a two parter or something

  • pal

    click here to watch <<< GOO.GL/77oswO

  • Jewels Ten

    Danny Pink – want him back.

  • Dany George

    actions instead of defeating enemies by words..

  • Matthew Higinbotham

    Weeping angel episode

  • Courtfan

    More episodes written by Jamie Mathieson! No romances for Clara. Lots more adventure and FUN!

  • Antointte

    I think most people would like to see River Song again but maybe this time, she doesn’t know who the Dr is and he knows everything.

  • Liem Green

    I thought of what stories could be in Season 9. I’m not wanting Steven Moffat to get any ideas I just wondered because I think of my own stories and this is what I would have had….

    Episode 1: The Return Of The Doctor
    Episode 2: The Cave Of Sea Devils
    Episode 3: a Death Of The Zygons
    Episode 4: The Truth Of Clara Oswald
    Episode 5: The Day Clara Dies
    Episode 6: Attack Of The Daleks
    Episode 7: Towers Of Robots
    Episode 8: The Armaggedon Trap
    Episode 9: Doctor Who?
    Episode 10: Premonitions Of Death
    Episode 11: Revenge Of The Ice Warriors
    Episode 12: The Secret Of The Doctor
    Episode 13: The Final Hour

    This is just my sequence…….

    • starwhale

      I like episode 5 haha…no seriously.. they need to get rid of clara.. she’s been a companion for too long now, and it ruined that whole ”clara oswin” story thing… because it doesn’t make sense anymore..

  • Liem Green

    Sorry Episode 3 was meant to be called The Death Of The Zygons


    God. Please no River Song. Let that horrible character be forgotten and left in the dust.

  • nobes

    I have nothing against Alex Kingston (River Song) but I don’t she will go well with the doctor know I think her time on the show as River passed when Matt Smith regenerated

  • Ac

    I’d love to have Captain Jack back, I think him and Capaldi would work great together. We’ve seen the doctor and Jack being buddies in season 1 (I still think the best Tardis crew in New Who is Eccleston/Piper/Barrowman) and then we saw Tennants doctor disliking the Captain in season 3. Let’s see the serious and stern Capaldi take a grandfatherly role in his and Jacks relationship, the 12th doctor isn’t as needy as Tennants and therefore wouldn’t mind giving up some of the attention. The Doctor (Torchwood is gone and he’s supposedly just an aimless wanderer now) would take Jack in and give him purpose again, like he did the first time they met. Also John Barrowmans amazing charisma and humor can always come in handy, so pls bring him back

  • Abby

    I want the Doctor’s Daughter, Jenny, back!

  • Abby Bentley

    I would like to see Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter, again.

  • Kelly Reed

    I want River Song back, because her good-by never happened because The Doctor didn’t die at (Christmas) Trenzalore.

  • Amar

    I would like ROSE back

  • Maria

    Does anyone know if the christmas special is the last episode after season 8? and if the season 9 is not on hair yet?
    Thank you 🙂

  • Maria

    I mean on AIR lol, in BBC America

  • I’mTheDoctorSoBasicallyRun

    I Don’t see why they just don’t get rid of Peter Capalid! No offense to you who don’t agree. I just think that a younger version of him sooner the better! Old doctor again!? I think we’ve had enough old doctors for 50years…I honestly don’t agree with their choice of picking Peter Capalid.WHERE’S River Song? She’s Amazing! She has to return it’ll be epic!

  • Wesley Lankshear

    i’d like the doctors daughter to return

  • Sret Nom Gib

    I’d like the production team, to try their best to come up with the NEW daleks. Not the daleks themselves of course – but a genuine effort to create an original threat. Not easy I know; but amongst all the chumblies and the like, such a mindset created the cybermen.

  • Faith Crump

    My gosh I have to wait until Autumn *sobs quietly in corner*

  • Doctor Whovian

    The war doctor doesn’t count, it’s that simple people

  • Christina McDonald

    Here’s something that seems completely silly….creating a series and not making sure you are keeping track of all the details and information. Or making “stuff” up as you go along, adding here subtracting there, taking what used to be fact and saying nope now this is fact. It would not have done any damage to the storyline to have made sure that it followed what makes sense. Every good writer/director knows….keep track of all the bits because your fans will notice when you shift from the canon and when you make a big mistake. I just wish they’d go back to having the series make some sense.

  • Bram

    I love doctor who it’s just when the hell is it coming on tv!

  • John Smith

    I want 2 part episodes. Scary, chilling, dark episodes like “Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead.” Me favorite ending of an episode in DW is definitely the one from “Forest of the Dead.” Rivers performance was incredible, by far the best performance ever. We need her back. I’d also like no more Danny Pink. Sure he can make things funny, but he seems to be a distraction from the rest of the action. Although Orson Pinm would be interesting. This season needs to have more emotions and less silliness. I’m fine with Missy as long as she’s not way too sIlly. Sure she’s supposed to be unhinged, but she could be much more sinister. I want episodes that make you think but aren’t too complicated, like the Confusion that has plagued seasons like 6.

  • L5D

    lets have a dalek free series! Lets bring back the Celestial Toymaker, The Voord and the Zarbi to name but three adversaries that merit a return!!

  • Malmborg Implano

    I don’t think bringing back River Song is a good idea as (a) there are plenty of people like me who didn’t like her during her first go-round, and are groaning at the prospect of having to put up with her again, (b) she’s too much like Missy, or should I say, Missy is the charming, mysterious trickster that River Song was supposed to have been but unfortunately couldn’t be because the actress playing her was so revolting.

  • Coco


  • Sunflair

    I want to see what was under the covers in Listen. I think that episode has so much potential.

  • Artichoke25

    In Silence in thé Library/Forest of the Dead, upon meeting the 10th Doctor, River Song said that he was the youngest she had ever seen him, which indicates that she had seen him in several incarnations over the courses of their time-jumbled romance. So far we’ve only seen her Interacting with one other incarnation, number 11. So 11 could well have said goodbye to her, not knowing that on her timeline, they had had many more meetings in many more of his regenerations. Plus there’s the fact that he sent her off to the library with his sonic screwdriver, so that she could be saved to the library computer. So sometime in the future of this series, preferably during the lifetime of Alex Kingston, we will hear the words ,”Hello, Sweetie,” spoken, and see River head off with that screwdriver, and perhaps see her rescued from that computer.

  • Alinor


    • Alinor

      I absolutely don’t want River Song back. She was all right but her story is over and the show has moved on from her. Having her back would be a retrograde step. I realise that others might not agree with me, but this is just my opinion.

  • Shane Stoneley

    Bring the Captain back! 10th Annivsery!

  • Jason

    The 2nd Doctor is the first regeneration. David Tennent used up an additional one making Matt Smith the 12 face and the 12 Regeneration.

  • capaldi sucks dick

    get rid of capaldi and bring back someone young capaldi sucks hes dragged the show down and i dont really want another season with him in it

  • hail

    I really want to see a father figure out of Peter… I’m waiting to see him become protective, and ask questions regularly.. like a father would… I don’t know… maybe it’s just me.

  • TransmatTrev

    Pertwee’s WhoMobile 😉

  • feetlebaum

    I want River… that’s it – that’s all…

  • Robin Hartman

    Call me crazy, but I want to see Danny Pink
    Come back.

  • Guest

    River song, her story is not finshed.

  • Lydia

    River song her story was not finished yet.

  • Ardnael

    There needs to be a new Doctor fangirl, maybe one that mentions Sherlock or Supernatural!

  • Peloquin

    A giant steampunk dirigible destroying everything, but the Dr. finds it has the mind of his old robot dog, K9. Of course, K9 must die again.

  • versace

    they should leave a doctor in the role longer than 3 series. That is hardly enough time to develop a character.

  • Karl John Harrison

    well i have an idea to keep dr who going so there no silly regenerations,,so it can go back to 1st regeneration..but what i want to know is why are uk seasons on programs sooo much less than usa seasons..we only have around a shows a season usa has 13 to 25

  • Chris Benoit

    Who honestly cares?

    After that pathetic excuse of a series 8 with only about 3 decent episode, I don’t care enough to give anymore time to this half-heart, badly written show anymore.

  • James sinclair

    WOW!!!! I can not wait till the Autumn. I want to watch episode 1 now.

  • azul

    I Hope Clara is gone early in the season, time for a new and better Companion.

  • Doctor Song, thats Who.

    River please. Heck, give her regenerations if Alex can’t come back. I just fell in love with his wife and i hated that he just let her go like that. i keep hoping futilely thatll he’ll surprise us and “save” her properly sometime afterall.
    the show isnt rightw/out her

  • Cindy Coss

    What I would love to see, besides River, is Jack. Jack is invincible. It would be awesome to see him again. However, I don’t think Jack and Capladi’s Doctor would get along as well as Jack and Matt or Jack and David. It would be weird.

  • Kevin

    How about from the classic era, Glitz, can you imagine the friction between The Doctor & Glitz, unfortunately that may mean the return of Mel

  • Leave Comments

    River wins all the time. Is there ever an episode where her presence does not enhance the show? Bring her back at least once.

  • Nerds Rule

    Its a nerd fest. 12 or 13th doctor is that realy relavant?

  • whovian57

    there’s all sorts of adventures waiting to reappear, revisit, or re-investigate. Like will the Doctor, in whatever regeneration, ever run in to Sally Sparrow (10th Doctor) again? Will the Doctor’s Daughter (10th Doctor) ever return to spend a bit of Quality Time with Dear Old Daddy? Donna Noble & Martha Jones, and Mickey – they’re still out there somewhere – will they ever meet up with [any] new Doctor? And what about the Almost Doctor from the 11th’s ‘Almost People’; did he survive the meltdown? Or is he floating about somewhere, trying to re-appear? Craig & his family (the little guy must be what, 3 or 4 yrs old now?) and captain Avery sailing about the cosmos in his Ship without sails – they’re just a couple more adventures waiting to happen.
    All these people (including the Almost One) who were so important & helpful to our Doctor in his previous lives – where are they now and just imagine what jolly adventures are waiting to be invented……..(sigh) oh if I were a writer!

  • Emmanuel trujillo

    Should the WD be a doctor he really didn’t blow up galifrey he just moved it so I guess he’s still a doctor even if he dosnt remember doing it .Peter Capaldi is the 13th doctor.

  • Brendan Thompson


  • Brendan Thompson


  • Izzy

    I just want river to be in it. Like i need more river,and her with that doctor would be funny

  • Noweepingangels

    Would love to see Jenny, David Tennan’s daughter, and find out what she has been up to.

  • Wayne Hagues


  • Al Luttrell

    I hope Peter Capaldi can stay on the series for another 3 seasons. I think he’s going to be one of the greatest Doctor’s in the new Doctor Who series. He’s funny, mysterious and I think with having the Doctor having a mysterious personality makes him genuine as the Doctor. He fits all the characteristics of a perfect doctor. I want to see him stay on the show longer to know him better. He’s the right match. The series can use a great man like Peter on the show as the Doctor longer than the former Doctor’s . He’s my favourite Doctor. Not to hurt other fans of the previous doctors. I also think Jenna Coleman is a great match for being a companion to the Twelfth Doctor. I hope she can stay on the show for at least two more seasons.

  • Finean

    I want Steven Moffat either to quit or get better at his job. And I want him to explain how the hell the Master even came back in the first place BECA– USE HE DIED IN THE END OF TIME PART TWO!!!!!!!

    • robvanriot

      No he didn’t. He was transported back to Gallifrey along with Rassilon and the High Council. And then Gallifrey was saved by the actions of the three Doctors in the 50th anniversary special; ergo the Master survived. Your inability to follow the plot is not Steven Moffat’s fault!

    • Whoworld

      explaining how the master lives has never been important in DW not even in the classics. it is something you come to accept…sort of…or make up your own fan !

  • Maggie

    What about River giving him all her regenerations, I rather thought that would give him the extra times round, while totally eliminating any opportunity for River Song.

  • jamesm551

    why are they all 2 parters

  • Wayne Hagues


  • Wayne Hagues


  • Wayne Hagues


  • Thomas Roberts

    I’m still waiting for the futuristic sonic screwdriver shown by river in the Tennant episode

  • the Bear

    “The girl who died” and “the woman who lived”. . . *sigh*

  • Mat Greenfield

    I really want to see both River and Jenny return to the show at the same time. Now that the Doctor looks older, it won’t be as visually jarring to see him with a twenty-something daughter (it would have been a bit hard to pull off with Matt Smith) and it would be funny to see her and River have a bit of a step-mother/step-daughter rivalry. It smacks too much of crappy “beleaguered husband” sitcom antics to ever happen, but still.

  • Wayne Hagues


  • AshleyC

    Okay though, in Season 5 Episode 4, River says to the Doctor something like “I love it when you go all baby face.” If we are to believe that she has only seen the Matt Smith and David Tennant faces, that doesn’t really make a lot of sense. She also says she knows “all of his faces.” BUT, she can’t have seen any of the faces before 10 because otherwise 10 would have known her. In conclusion, it would be very poor writing for them NOT to have River come back, very soon. 🙂

  • Roo Holman

    William Russell should definitely do a cameo.

  • the oncoming storm

    i can’t believe that idiot keeps killing off characters, just to bring them back again in ridiculous ways. makes me wonder what rabbit he’s gonna pull out of his hat to explain how missy comes back. especially after her being turned into powder in the end of last series. this is just another reason i have no respect for his writing.

  • Wayne Hagues

    Please Bring Davros Back With The Darleks In Season 9

  • Samaraham

    What about the return of those evil snowflakes from matt smith episode or a drought all winter insted of snow and a person called barly is the evil cyborg behind it with a portal to the sun making the drought please

  • LoloV

    Looking forward to hearing River say “hello, sweetie” to our new Doctor!

  • Patrik Persson

    Capaldi was never worthy of the title”Doctor”, in my opinion. Mabey that’s just me..

    • Cryer

      It’s just you.

  • Josh

    Sarah Jane had her own program one villain called andravax I would love to see him in doctor who

  • Reggie Burke

    Get rid of Clara please.

  • Dragon Sword

    I think that it would be awesome to finally get the Doctor to meet his family on Gallifrey, his real wife and kids. That would pave the way to the Son of the Doctor series – or daughter. Also they need a final Doctor who people really love, to make a legendary ending episode. I don’t really like the new Doctor to tell you the truth.

  • Michael Song Lim

    if season 9 is as unwatchable and cartoonish as season 8, I’ll probably jump ship, and just keep up with the Christmas special from time to time.

  • evildonkey

    CultBox please stop calling new era series ‘seasons’ only the classic era is referred to this way. Though I’d have gladly kept it as seasons so we’d be on season 34 now.

  • Adrian Brockway

    What I’m still looking forward to (it’ll happen 1 day as long as the writers haven’t forgotten her) is the reunion of the Doctor and his ‘Daughter’ – we know that she can, sort of, regenerate and she headed out into space all on her own. She could be anybody and anywhere by now ..

  • The Doctor


  • Chris Peachey

    i wish people arguing the 13th gen thing , after all missy is now the masters 17th.

  • Chris

    It would be interesting to have a story line based on the Doctor’s child that comes back from her travels. (Remember that one episode?)
    She’d be a secret protector of him– rescuing him when all goes hopeless!

  • ferg

    what happened to Dr Who it used to be about science and adventure now it’s all about love and relationships it’s only a matter of time (lol) before Moffat commits the ultimate crime of regenderition !!!!!

  • Ken Sears

    River, River – we want River!! Bring her back…save her from the Library!

  • N H

    what do i think on the upcoming season 9.. Is Mr Moffat still in charge? Yes! Oh Dear!

  • Morgat Pierre

    Four years ago, in « A good man goes to
    war” we learned who was River Song: Melody Pond Amy’s and Rory’s daughter. In
    this episode, I think there is a big spoiler for season 9. In the prison of
    Stormcage, River said to Rory that she was with the Doctor in London in 1814 and
    Stevie Wonder sang under the London Bridge. It was the last great Frost Fairs but
    she said also that it was another doctor, a doctor of the future. I think really that it was twelve and I think
    that River Song will come back on the episode 9 and 10 with Jane Austen and
    wrote by Mark Gatiss who take place 1814.

    In the season 8, there is a double Easter egg
    in the episode “The Caretaker” when the doctor said to Clara he spent a month among
    otters after an argument with River Song and after he said to Clara that Jane
    Austen has wrote Pride and Prejudice
    in 1796 and not in 1797. I think that it is a link with Lost in Austen. I explain my idea: in Lost in Austen, on the episode 1, when Amanda Price arrived in the
    house Bennet, she still wears her clothes of the XXI century and one of the
    girls, Kitty Bennet, said to Amanda Price she wears a strange tunic, in this
    case a T-shirt. Amanda answers her “This is otter-hunting kit”. Meanwhile, Mr.
    Charles Bingley comes to the Bennet’s house. The young man is introduced by Mr.
    Bennet (Hugh Bonneville) presented to the living room and 4 girls present
    namely Jane Bennet, Kitty, Mary and Lydia as well as Amanda Price who replaces
    Elizabeth Bennet. Mrs. Bennet (Alex Kingston) is naturally present, and it is
    on this occasion she met Amanda. The presentations made, Mr Bingley told his
    hosts that he knows Hammersmith, as it is a place where fox hunting is
    practiced. Kitty comes and bouncing off just before the conversation held with
    Amanda says ” well furnished with otters (VO)”. Mr Bennet steps in
    and closed the discussion by saying, these are the words that “Elisabeth
    is to be found Presently disporting in the otter-strewn thoroughfares of
    Hammersmith (VO ) “. Mrs. Bennet is so shocked …

  • sevans

    How to take a cult phenom and kill it in one round? Remove the charming aspects of the Doctor’s character and give Capaldi an impossibly unlikeable persona. They insist on writing him as caustic, with an arrogance toward humanity that borders on loathing.

    The “new” Doctor has more in common with The Master (or the Grinch) than the enigmatic Doctor who had a nurturing, curiousity toward humankind. Gone is the humour peppered with omnipotence tempered by compassion. Welcome bitter, nasty guy. I feel for Mr. Capaldi who was given a very difficult Tardis to fill. Maybe they will let his heart grow a few sizes…

    • Pyro411

      I’d say he’s closer to Colin Baker “Sixth Doctor” or William Hartnell “First Doctor” than he is to The Master or The Grinch.

      However he’s still an idiot acting on best intentions as many people love him for being 🙂

  • Daniel Burnett

    Why would you put Shona as a rumored guest when she specifically said there were no plans for her to come back? You got my hopes up for nothing 🙁

  • Anti

    I will be happy if River Song never comes back. Couldn’t stand her. But seriously, they had her goodbye scene, she was the 11th Doctor’s Wife, why do we need to resurrect that. I don’t know why new characters can’t be added, and I don’t get why the Doctor needs to have a love interest. Really sick of Moffat’s fan pandering.

  • Iwatchthedoctor

    If River is coming back then she meets The Doctor for the first time ever. Either as the one who looked after her as a child, or as the one she has adventures with while being in jail. Before getting married to Matt Smith and then going to the Library to meet David Tennant

  • Paul Greystoke

    The war doctor does count. It has to as it was a regeneration. The doctor himself didn’t count it because it was an incarnation he was ashamed of.

  • Tara

    I think the only way Clara’s going to leave is by dying…sad really, i was just starting to like her…

  • Clara Johnson

    You know if Moffat wont bring River Song back to Doctor Who, then why not give Alex Kingston’s River Song her own series? I mean I have seen on countless sites people saying how much they want her back on Doctor Who and also bringing up that maybe they should give her, her own series, it proves that she is very popular with the fans, why not give us fans what we want, for once! Moffat saying, he liked how he left thing with her in the last episode with her, well I don’t care how much he liked it, I don’t like how he ended her time on the show! I feel there is so much more he could do with that character, it seems like such a wast of a great character! I mean they could at least give her own show! I wonder if moffat knows they’res at least a dozen River Song pages on Facebook, and fans on Tumblr have pages devoted to her as well, I would say about a dozen of those too! She has almost as much of a following as The Doctor himself,lol! She deserves her own show!

  • Phoenixfeuer

    I think something along the lines of the three ghosts but instead of it be to change a scrooge maybe show Clara more her lives. .. maybe. And I think river coming back again would be fantastic.

  • martann

    For me Missy was not an “instant hit”. I dint like that The Master is a woman now, its weird. Are Timelords like frogs? They just randomly change sexes willy nilly? I would hate if The Doctor was all of a sudden a woman. Yuk…. This coming from me, a woman.

  • stef0608

    Meh… I really hope I don’t see River. I was so sick of that story. And is time for Clara to leave.

  • Emma Adler

    Maisie Williams’ character “moves in cosmic circles”. I really hope she’s playing a new regeneration of Susan or Jenny

  • Jeff Bosco

    Isn’t discussing what “number” the current Doctor is on fairly arbitrary? Who is to say that Hartnell was the “original”? Could there not have been regenrations/versions from prior to him showing up at Coal Hill School?!?!?!?

    • Cryer


  • If missy is back that’s all I needed to know Michelle is amazing …

  • Aaron Brookes

    Getting so close now! I just want Capaldi to go back to his governmental leaking ways and tell us more about Season 9!!

  • sphericalstrake .

    I wish UK websites and tv channels would stop using the word season.

  • Kellie Wonderly

    I absolutely can not believe how long Whovians have been arguing on here about The Doctors reincarnation count. It’s just funny.

  • Mitzi DeMarco

    I can wait actually. I actually cannot wait to see series 5 of “Trollied” and I also can’t wait to get “Pleasure Island” on DVD. A film that features Samuel Anderson. Lately, I have becoming sick of DW. That’s mostly because, just like “The Walking Dead”, it’s everywhere and I just get sick of hearing about it all the time and seeing it everywhere. This is why I miss the 80’s, none of this hoopla existed back then.

  • Aaron Brookes

    I think something is going to happen to Clara in the episode before the solo one (if the rumours and reports are true and not a ploy). It would set up the Doctor going into a dark place inside himself for answers and maybe looking for a way to help her.

    Still, never know and personally I can’t wait for the new season.

  • Lucy

    I just want David Tennant back, he was the best doctor with the best story-lines and personality

    • Henry V

      That’s not how it works! Personally I couldn’t stand him and his awful gurning and couldn’t wait to see the back of him (although he took an awfully long time to regenerate). I had to endure his time in the Tardis before a better actor and a doctor more to my liking turned up. Capaldi is brilliant and last year is generally regarded as being the best and most consistently well written and acted since series 5 and critics who have seen some of series 9 already reckon it could be the best in the show’s entire history. So, hop back on board, open your eyes and mind and give it another go. If you only watched for David Tennant, then you’re not a fan of Doctor Who, you’re a fan of his.

  • RagsOnYouSchwags

    lol, the # of regenerations doesn’t matter since the end of Matt Smith’s Doctor, as he was infused by energy from Gallifrey through the dimensional rift on Trenzelor. Also, I don’t remember which episode in season 8 it was, but Capaldi’s Doctor said he doesn’t know how many regenerations he has now, but speculated that he might even be able to regenerate “forever”…which, of course, is brilliant by the writers so they needn’t worry about a limit 🙂 ps – Missy is awesome!

  • Erin Rogers

    i thought river would have showed her face in season 8

  • Wayne Hagues


    • Insider

      From an “insider” I have been told that Davros will return and will give a rebirth to the Dalek race. The argument against being, why fix something that is not broken……but the new breed of dalek have an even more evil aspect, improved weaponry and the ability to “Time Morph” making the Doctor’s battle against them, even harder as they can go back in time and review and rectify their mistakes

  • Bitsyxox

    what time does it air?

  • Jonathan Wint

    Time reasserting Clara Destiny.. Master(Missy) Did something to really enrage the doctor.. Used the Word Hybrid… And Clara got Nanites Teck running through her.. prophecy to great warriors races shall merge.. Not Time Lords and Dalek, Human and Dalek she is the Hybrid, Not one of those Pale undercover imitation but something NEW Its her Fate..Was tried before few times but this time it will work.. The Prophecy a creature greater than both..